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The date is the 19th!!!! Finally had enough of a weather break to go for a ride,,been couped up too long. The hero 7 was dead and the 6 was 25%, oh well,, heres what I got! Enjoy. The Nighthawk is done!

Finally got around to finishing up the bike. This was a fun build, my first non v-twin build. Very fun setting it up for someone to be able to get back on two wheels. Its not about the sale and making money,,, its about giving the joy of motorcycles and the smile on peoples faces!!!!

We took a trip down to our local Harley shop to see if we could strike a deal trading in the 08 C50 Suzuki....

Just a progression video of my latest build. Bought it pieced together and most components in boxes. Took her in the shop, cut it up, re-welded the frame as needed, hand sanded and polished the exhaust. Paint and powdercoat,etc. I went through the whole bike. Biggest challenge was the electrical! Wasnt really doing video stuff when I started it but youll get to see the finished bike in the next couple videos.

Trying to solve the helmet buffeting without having to look through a windshield all the time. Memphis Shades offers a huge variety of windshields,,,attempt number three! I prefer zero windshield most of the time,,, the longer trips, it is nice to have a little less wind fatigue. **** working on audio-getting better!! Damn rookie

Rainy day, hanging in the motorcycle bay with my girls. Found an old gopro hero and put it on a stick to see how they would react. No motorcycles today,,,but,, you gotta love Rotty's!! Weve been raisng these beauties for 25 years now! Best family dog around!

*FILMED WITH SESSION 5* New bars and seat on the bolt. Stryker set up with new seat for road trips with wife come spring. Figuring out my new GOPRO hero 7 & session 5. Awesome iSTEADY PRO2 gimbal for the cameras. 1983 Honda Nighthawk Bobber build coming up.........

Cruising to the dyno shop and rambling about all the feminine men today. My opinions on the matter- IF YOUR A LEFTY SOY BOY, DONT WATCH-

Ran with the Dynojet Power Commander and had her tuned on the dyno. Ended up with rear wheel power of 58 HP and 67 TQ. Nothing impressive but she runs smooth and crisp. I hit 92mph on a 7% grade,,,before the tune it topped out at 85 on the same hill.

I was able to get in an hour ride before the rain! Dealing with heavy winds, loud in the helmet and mic. Oh well, not trying to impress anyone!! Just sharing motorcycle freedom!

Just enjoying the weather and colors at the end of summer 2019 heading up the hill to to the house. Nothing special, nice views.

My old Twin cam 88. Grandkids call it "The Dragon Bike"! Custom paint, all the chrome, runs and rides like a dream. Great old girl in awesome shape. No expense spared with this hog! It doesnt have near the power of todays bikes, but, theres no school like the old school!!

Just random video shots on my Stryker trying to get cameras and microphone set correct. Im a total idiot when it comes to this video stuff but learning and enjoying! Better gear coming soon!

Clean old bike with 15,000 miles on her. 88 cubic inch liquid cooled V-twin. Many hours of polishing, adjusting and fine tuning but she runs and rides like a dream.
This bike has been donated to pretty damn good cause up in La Pine Oregon. Enjoy!

My personal bolt.It was a choice between a Harley Iron 883, Street 750 and this won. I almost hate to say it but its a better machine, all the way around. Im constantly changing the look to suit my mood! Here what it looked like during the summer. Just put her on the rack today and begining more mods.

My bad ass muscle cruiser. Not fast by todays standards but once was one of the most powerful cruisers on the market. Its a blast to ride and always puts a smile on your face!

Just a little budget build of the little V-Star. Yes, I know the lens is filthy and I suck at videos!! But, youll get the picture. This bike has less than 4000 miles and runs great. Very sensitive with the damn jetting! Cool little 'run around town' bike---gets 75 mpg!!!! Tons of new parts-- $2750 and take her home!

short video of the bike for sale---too cold for my ass to do a ride video!!!! Great little mid size cruiser. Everything serviced, cleaned and polished. Bike handles like its a dirt bike! Very nimble. Great bike for someone, not me! Traded her in on a new Harley!!


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Designing and building motorcycles of all types, buying and selling motorcycles and riding around northern Oregon. This channel will be for links to videos of the bikes I am selling and random crap of my own bikes. Im not a dealer, just a retired gearhead and welder addicted to bikes and try to sell them for as little as possible for other people to enjoy the freedom of motorcycles.

Personal bikes:
2020 Harley Davidson Electraglide STD - M8-107ci
1999 Harley Davidson Wide Glide-Twin Cam 88, stage 2
2018 Yamaha Bolt- XVS 950
2011 Yamaha Stryker- XVS 1300
2006 Yamaha Warrior- XVS 1700

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I am a rookie with videos!!!! Please accept my apology now!!!! Better gear coming soon