The Nation of the United Kingdom is Racist and Sexist but above all -

God's plan is to Expose, gently but in full the issues that plague our world so that it can be rectified.

Sleeping Love Awakens when Evil gets Exposed.

Blurred images take on a cacophony of very clear images...

What every day object defines the Masculine and Feminine parts of the Soul.

Who needs 37 Billion £'s.

Choose a spoon - it is the Chosen One.

All original content from Rebel 4 Jesus except wherever the ideas come from and the music playing in the background is by David Bowie and mostly Portishead.

First uploaded to Youtube in August of 2019. Removed by Youtube in January of 2021. No idea why...

What is pain? And how can it be resolved...

Are we obsessed with how the future will Look, when we should be more concerned with how it will Feel.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion on how they are in play Now.

and more...

To be Fought for, to be Treasured and Protected.

Is today the day when the exposure begins? In the Trump Biden debate, Trump pointed out the atrocious behaviour of Big Pharma.

There is present on this world a dark force who are against the Human Race succeeding in maintaining a healthy population living in harmony with nature.

If you were to look one of these beings in the eyes, you couldn't fail to notice them...

Yeshua talked about the Children of the Evil one. Is it possible that pupil shape determines the inherent nature of the being?!

Shout out to Crystal Love4Jesus channel and her great T shirts. As I don't see the Rapture quite like others
I have included an explanation of the 11 dimensional universe and the Dream I had when I saw Father God.

What's goin on with UK Politics, the Fabians have struck and continue the pressure.

The topic of Eugenics has been around for over 100 years. It quickly became unpopular with the obvious side effects of telling some people they shouldn't be allowed to have children...

This then drives any Eugenics program - Undergound...

We find out if the Ebola Virus was created by Scientists as claimed in the Plandemic Documentary.

It doesn't have to be as the prophecy says..

for graphics thanks to

It's hard enough to think, let alone speak coherently amongst all the division mongering and positioning. Yet I still try...

Are we going to see a wonderful coming of age that will put an end to the unlistable number of problems facing us? Or are they about to unleash the next abomination in their plan to reduce the Worlds population to 500 million!?

If this is what they said then why have we worried about the threat of Nuclear attack, because in fear we are easily steered...

It's all about the money money money - POWER

Presenting the four mental states or tendencies and their antidotes.

Cytotoxic idiocy

More in depth discussion on the Micronova and it's implications

The Information is Finally Here!

Every 11,000 years the Sun does something spectacular, it does a Micronova!

The Information is Finally Here!

Every 11,000 years the Sun does something spectacular, it does a Micronova!

Have you been checking the sunspots lately?
They have been quiet for about a decade, people are predicting a mini ice age!
I say differently, storm’s a comin’

Materials used:
Hazel and Hawthorn uprights.
Grey Willow and Dogwood struts
Willow bark for bindings
Long Grass

On the morning of June 24th 2016, I was about to give up, wrong about everything. But I then turned on the radio and was astonished to hear the British people had voted to Leave the European Union...

Jimmy Savile is an innocent man, they waited until he had died because he would have ripped them to shreads.

The current mainstream media would have you believe that there are individuals, out there, that are capable of incredible amounts of evil.

They want you to believe that some of those in power are evil; to keep us in fear, keep us down.

But we demand justice and need someone to blame; what we get is the Scape-Goat

When the news broke about Jimmy Savile, no one really cared enough to look into these allegations properly. Savile had no descendants to defend his honor.

Not only does Slavery still exist today, it never went away, in fact it has increased. Only now it is veiled in a deeply tangled web of deceit and trickery.

Written and performed by Stephen Hartley

Cast into a world of bright blurry colours
delightful cooes squeels and soft covers
then strapped into car seats, high seats and here's tv
off to school now, read and write, learn the world it's history

I was dead inside, by the time I was 15
I fought back and nearly lived but couldn't decide
if God was really alive... so free so empty
36 and dying, was I wrong, could it be

We dont dare believe until we really need

We all get wise as tomorrows become todays
they claim to know but questions outweigh answers
to understand you must unknow what you know
all answers are within, to find first seek but take it slow

I was always being led, shooting stars and words in my head
a big thing was coming, I was ready, to be fed
green mist surrounded me when you first said hello
and took my hand, truth held high, error laid low

We Don't Dare Believe Until We Really Need

This system I have been complaining about publicly for nearly a decade is at great risk of collapse.

The idiotic decisions that have been made over the last how ever many years are now coming to fruition.

It's no accident, this was always the plan!


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Acts 3:16 And the name of Jesus, by awakening faith, has strengthened this man, whom you see and know, and this faith has made him completely well‬