Rebellious Little Shits

Topic: Ballot Dumps, Student Loan Forgiveness

Topic: Aunt Jemima, Good Pillow, Gas Lighting, Diversity Hire

Topic: Instagram, Pride, Vaccination Card, If I Had Covid, Texas Energy, AOC vs Ted Cruz, Solar, Wind

Topic: Gina Carano Fired, Jews In Germany, Looting, Get Woke Go Broke

Topic: Lavern Cox Dating While Trans, Whoopi Goldberg

Topic: Parler, Bitchute, Youtube, Climate, Politics, Ammunition

Topic: Prepping, Politics, Crime, Keystone Pipeline, Media, Cuomo, Trump Leaving SAG

Topic: Marjorie Taylor Greene, Election Acceptance Commercials, Pro Mask Commercials, Selling Techniques, Best Buy Story, Handshakes

Topic: Masculinity In The Home, Hoarders, Storage Locations, Storage Auctions

Topic: China's Masculinity Problems, Gym Class, The Movie Palmer

Topic: Face & Hand Transplant, David Hogg Pillow, My Pillow, Slave Punishment Homework, Multiculturalism

Topic: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Lying, Capitol Riot

Topic: Fauci Double Mask, Conservative Sign Language, Christian School Expelled Future Lesbian, Capitol Metal Detectors, Corona

Topic: Empire Of Dust Documentary, Immigration, Chinese Teachers Exploiting African Children, The China In Africa Rabbit Hole, Foster Puerto Rican Stray Dogs

Topic: Non Confrontational Girlfriends, Subway Story, The F Train last Stop is 179th Street In Jamaica, Queens (Johnny Couldn't Remember, (Song) Here We Go by Wyclef Jean & Khadejia (Johnny Couldn't Remember), Empire Of Dust Documentary, Movie There Will Be Blood, Comedian Patrice Oneal's Name Origin, Ugandan Leader Idi Amin (Johnny Couldn't Remember), Zimbabwe, Farming

Topic: Snow Shoveling Shooting

Topic: Trans Swimwear, Allegedly, Child Endangerment, Shaming Of Men, Bikini Bottoms, Subway Stories

Topic: Stimulus Packages, Savings, Investing, Account Seizure, The Minority Vote

Topic: Cuomo, Vaccines, AOC, Inflation, Venezuela, Barter Systems

Topic: Older Brother Story, Bullies, Capitol Rioters, Road Rage

Topic: Superman, Soft Men, California vs. Florida 2, Vegas Disney, Taxes

Topic: Armor, Tawa, Reloading, Crowd Funding, Social Media, Equality

Topic: Airport Resident, The Terminal, Tom Hanks, Escape Daydreams, Red Light Cameras

Topic: UFC Pot Heads, Fighting Rules, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Wrestling, Car Theft,

Topic: John Rocker, New York, Stacey Plaskett, California vs. Florida, Corona


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