Rebellious Little Shits

Topic: Baby Formula Shaming

Topic: Johnny's Friends With Benefits

Topic: Asian Americans Getting Physical Against Hate Crimes

Topic: White Republicans Love To Mimic Black Culture

Topic: Mexican Couple Has A Nazi Themed Wedding

Topic: Thirteen Year Old Indian Girl Raped By Three Men Then Raped By The Reporting Officer

Topic: Dave Chapelle Attacker Faces No Felonies

Topic: Gender Affirming Surgery For Terrorist Prisoner

Topic: Rare Hepatitis And Liver Damage In Children

Topic: Substitute Teacher Fired For Blasting Obama To Students

Topic: Russian Tennis Players Banned From Wimbledon

Topic: Gay Ukrainian And His Family Beat Up His Gay Lover For Being Gay, Classifying People As Endangered Species

Topic: Illegal Immigrant Mexican Murders A White Woman

Topic: Security Expert Gavin De Becker On Joe Rogan, Porn Traps

Topic: Alabama Teachers Out Transgenders To Their Parents

Topic: Documentary "All Wars Are Bankers Wars", Don't Say Gay Bill, Russian Protestors, Slave Labor

Topic: Homes With Guns Are Unsafe According To A Study

Topic: Black Teacher Sues Racist Tenth Grader

Topic: Amy Schumer Joke Thief

Topic: Runner Dies In A Half Marathon, Ammunition, Ukraine Female Propaganda, Anthony Johnson, Black Community, Women

Topic: Cracker Barrel Employees Code Word For Black Customers

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Topic: An Executive Statement On Fast Food Employees & High Gas Prices

Topic: Tucker Carlson On People Becoming Poorer


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