The Rebellious Meat Puppet

It took me 6 uploads and over 1.5 hours to just get this video uploaded. I hate this platform so much because it is soooo sub par and I personally think it was architected that way for a reason.

Look this shit up!! The music is NOT my choice...This a snip from something else I downloaded..when, I don't know. I just am lazy sometimes and don't feel like editing shit out. I don't even like the fuckin Beatles or some of the shit they say in this song...countries are for a reason and unfortunately, people are so different, it's real fuckin hard to live as "one"....unless we have our own countries!! With borders and no jews.

LISTEN & LEARN!! This guy KNOWS his shit!!
Alex On Life

Dude REALLY knows his shit and gets heavily into the shill that Jordan Peterson actually is after the 1hr 20 min marker or thereabouts, but for the first hour to hour and 30 minutes, he's dropping some serious knowledge on folks about Communism, Marxism, how it manifests and the forms it takes and how it's permiated the whole of the western world using very subversive tactics and strategies to slowly work its way into the fabric of our societies (and minds). This guy really knows his shit. You've got to pay attention and be present while he's explaining this or if you're lesser aware, you might miss a very valid and important point.

Please, download this. Upload it to your channel so all your subs have a chance to see it. Share this in as many ways as possible. Listen to what she says and look at where humanity is at. We need to find the causal factors and rip them out by the roots!! I'd bet if this hit the ears of most people, even if profoundly asleep, they're going to likely be drawn to listen.


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