How I sew in a zipper. Sewing video demonstrating a method for sewing in a zipper that makes the finished product wrinkle free and helps the zipper line up correctly on both sides.

How I shrink a neckline part 2. Showing how to shrink the neckline of a shirt or dress on stretchy fabric.

How I shrink a neckline part 1- useful on knit and cotton fabrics. A method for shrinking the neckline of a shirt or dress.

How I save money on thread. Sewing video by the rebelliousseamstress.

Part 2 of making a t-shirt from thrift store shirt that I cut down to size and made a pattern for. This video shows how to sew it all together

How I make a t-shirt part 1: using thrift store shirts, you can cut them down to size and make a new one using a pattern you make yourself.


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