We interrupt regularly scheduled programming to bring you my cute kitten vs catnip. Enjoy

Recess Gaming shows a prime example of how to not play video games in Man of Medan. Man of Medan is video game where you are pretty much acting out a movie. Skipping quick time events and agitating others throuhg dialogue is how to not play video games. So that's how Recess Gaming is playing. Enjoy! (This game is available on Xbox Game Pass).

Cyberpunk 2077 has gotten me laid more than real life in the last month. Anways here's another sex scene from the game featuring Keanu Reeves. This Cyberpunk 2077 video is rated adult and 18+. Check out some other videos on the channel, they're far more clever and funny than this.

Luckily I am playing Cyberpunk 2077 on a high end PC. However I just encountered my first significant glitch and it's a doozy. Have a look if you have a minute to spare.

Cyberpunk 2077 sex scene with Panam in tank . Panam is a digital smoke show and your boy V finally scored lol. Check out the other Cyberpunk 2077 sex scene on the channel plus other cool videos.

Come join Recess Gaming in our investigation to find out how to get rid of Keanu Reeves that lives in my head via biochip.

This Christmas I decided to immortalize my Dad's recipe for "Bigos" a Polish hunters stew made from cabbage, a tonne of different pork, sauerkraut etc. Enjoy!

As a Canadian, 2020 did not lack in peaceful protests based in the USA (My neighbours to the south). The more peaceful these protests got, the less attention MSM gave them, I noticed.

The title says it all "The best tip for men on how to talk to women explained via Cyberpunk 2077" is all you really need to know. Stay tuned for a full length (8-11min) Cyberpunk 2077 video coming soon. Please like and subscribe

So in this episode I need to accuse someone of being an imposter. Come see if I make the right decision and meet my real life cat!

Ubisoft has made me scared to write a description for this video because I do not want to assume anyone's gender, nationality, race or ethnicity. But I do it anyways if you care to check out the whole video. The goal is to offend people with a smile. This is my first Bitchute post with many more to come. Like a fat kid in dodgeball, I'm out!


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I record myself playing a video game, then I add audio (unless I did live audio commentary), then I edit the shit out of the video so I can stand out from the game play/walk through/play through crowd. All with the end goal to make YOU the viewer, smile, think, laugh etc. Keeping it real is the name of the game. So join the team........and if you don't, YOU, yourself is telling me "I don't like keeping it real", which is wrong, do what's right.

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