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Mainstream media and political "elites" treat coronavirus "pandemic" as the worst thing since Black Death in 14th century - endless stream od scaremongering in news 24/7, state of emergency, arresting of (white) people that don't obey, preparation of social credit system/covid pass, unconstitutional changes in laws, destruction of freedom of movement and speech...
So what pandemic was worse - black death or covid-19? Let's see the numbers...

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Awesome JP confirmed we can freely spread his funny (but actually pretty scary) video.

One of many many examples of how mainstream loves to manipulate presentation of data (to scare population, push their agenda etc.).
When any graph is presented to you, always keep eye for the scale, which part of the graph is shown, what colors are used etc.
Best manipulation always uses fragments of truth - it doesn't lie, it twist. Be aware of that.

This is brilliant example of our current insane reality. Real Spanish doctor sitting in actual hospital at the very moment of the interview talks about the ridiculously empty hospital beds, about the nonsense that positive coronavirus test is taken as a "deadly pandemic" measure (the number of people seriously sick is something completely different), about the media (ntentionally) causing panic, about the unnecesity of vaccination when large portion of population already catched it and nothing happend to most of them...and the reaction of the mainstream presstitues? Confusion, anger, strawman attacks...all the usual.

Although I'm game developer myself for the last 20 years, my formal education is medicine. I've spent 10 years in medical schools, hospitals and pharmacies. I would say my knowledge of medicine is at least above average. But in discussion, I have no chance to talk some sense into people like these two reporters too. They are like NPCs with simple script, unable to change their programming. It's incredibly frustrating. And dangerous.

Please share this video. It could help open other eyes.

Original uploader of video - Ivor Cummins

Something horrible happend in one of the safest places on Earth...

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This actually WASN'T said by Jordan Peterson.
It's just text typed in - the web app that smartly combines neural networks created by Google and NVIDIA.
Creating this whole video took me only about 5 minutes.
Imagine what will be possible in few more years...

Just trying this platform with the help of my brave cavalier Ellen Ripley :-)


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