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Bill Gates has poisoned, killed and maimed 1000's of children around the world, with his "Vaxxines" while making billions off those deaths. More info on that here:

#BillGates #COVID-19 #CoronaVirus

"You've been LIED TO from the DAY YOU WERE BORN.
You do not have to agree with the LIES.
You can CHOOSE to see YOUR TRUTH -
That's all you have to do."

Police Officer Greg Anderson - and former US Rangers Operator - puts his own life and job on the line for you. His original video had MILLIONS of views and removed. Greg was FIRED from his job for telling the TRUTH - The Role of US GOV is to PROTECT YOU, NOT OPPRESS YOU.

How The Deep State Took Control of Your Life Until It's Too Late

Debunking the Main Stream Media (MSM), WHO and CDC's Dr. Fauci.

Critical Thinker Alan Watt shows how Globalists designed UN to become as the Future Global Government.
"Rules by Experts" "Unbeknownst to the Public"

How the Bankers Control The World Through Wars

Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD, exposes the WHO and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

How you are being manipulated by Social Media - similar to drug addiction in the brain.

Famous Banned briefing where Dr. Erickson & Massihi present their evidence to the media. Original vid had 5m views prior to removal by YT

Bill Gates has proof that VAXXINE an MODIFY BEHAVIOURS - make you docile and obedient.
Tested overseas, will be mandatory to all global citizens.
You're about to become stupid, docile and sterile.

Tom Barnett videos are systematically removed from YouTube (as many others) - if you disagree with the main narrative, you too, will be banned (or more).

Dr. Shiva (inventor of email) exposes the deep state plan behind forced vaccines, 5G and Covid-19

Dr. Andrew Kaufman explain why Covid-19 bis a cover story, designed to get you scared and into submission. 5G will then be installed and activated, causing you and everyone around great physical and emotional harm. PLus your water and food are polluted - by design.


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