Accept your extinction event [happening now] or fight with your tribe.
It's your choice to take back your world mother fuckers.

They haven't seen anything yet, that's just the Muslim hordes and Dindus they bring in.

Washington Libs aren't so tough when they aren't bullying brainwashed Maga kids.

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I think it's about time we /whites/ went back to the old way, without ANY influence from the (((parasite)))


Master race antithesis to the jew.

"In standing guard against the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the Lord." - Mein Kampf

They Control the entire government system of the West though Political puppets and International Finance.

Until you are prepared to die you are not truly alive.
What we do, we do because it is the right, proper and manly course of action
to take. We are in defense of nothing. We are everywhere on the attack. 1488 boots on the ground.


We do not wish to rock the boat, we intend to SINK IT


intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.




One of my favorite bond songs, lyrics below:

I lost myself for some time
My whole history I've been taught was a crime
And we're a wicked and malevolent Volk
Our destruction's the only way to go
I gotta chase the lies away, far away
Let the truth shine the way, to again find my way
I gotta chase the lies away, far away
Let the truth shine the way, to again find my way
Ay-ay-ay ay-ay-ay aaay

[Verse 1]
I left out from mama's with my thumb in the wind
Signs in every town, winter's comin again
Strangers multiplying, as we crumble within
But legends are made when you corner white men
Right on the brink of death is where I began my life
Daily walking through the ruins of a once so mighty Reich
Our parents sold our future, without eyeing at the price
But I promise you we do not die without a fight
Reminiscing on the past, we were more than generous
Put others over self on several instances
In return all we received was contempt and bitterness
Now one way or another we shall have deliverance
So I say


[Verse 2]
Can you recall a time we loved ourselves unconditionally?
"Yeah before the jews started writing our history"
Two wars, not enough they added insult to injury
Destroyed our culture, so we're broken mentally and physically
Warriors, majesty, damn Europa you had it
Always forward never scared of a new challenge
Now I don't wanna know how much of our true talent
Is wasted as slackers, substance abuse addicts
Now I came into play and we're trying to find our way
Between anti-white messages 200 times a day
I want all y'all to know, what you did, we remember it
Millions we will kill in the name of our deliverance


[Verse 3]
Nothing could atone for the pain we've endured
The blood we have shed so our nation's secured
We took our wealth and knowledge and gave it to the poor
Only to discover that some never do mature
Now they ship them here, forcing us to call them brother
Knowing full well we'll be at war with one another
To benefit this tribe operating undercover
But once we're reunited it's impossible to touch us
We owe it to our dead and the little boys and girls
To protect their homeland and secure their future in this world
And like our grandfathers we fight to the bitter end
On my honor, blood and soil, we shall have deliverance
So we say

Hitler 1932 Election Speech.

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(((Because they noticed)))

Do the Fash Salute! #1488

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