9 swords 12 defense 8 warfare. Tourney from start to finish. Also, I'm somewhat intoxicated while doing this so git gud. LEARN MASTER STRIKES TO WIN AT KCD!!!

Things that didn't happen for 1000, Alex.

Lots of weird SH** being talked about while we sip on some dank coffee and booze. Give it a listen my pals!

No we don't. Listen to the stream.

Mysogyny and other topics, as usual. Can we get a special guest on? Will Redbeard Succeed? The tension is building!

I give my 8700k the conductonaught/kryonaught treatment thanks to thermal grizzly. (not sponsored).

Bringing in the new year!

Why are kids eating tide pods... seriously... hahaha. First video in a while, sick as shit but still making content.

I talk about what has been going on and what is going to go on.

Something something, inside outside, blah blah

With CoffeeWithComment as our special guest!

Live recording with 40oz as guest

We talkin newz and shiiieeeeettt


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