Red Cabin Cooking

Making a Sandwich for dinner , enjoy

Join me as we create dinner , we found some cheap ground beef so now we can make a beef dish , yay ! should be able to get a few meals out of it .

What to do with pork loin chops .... how about stuffing them ! join me as I create yet another yummy dish at the Cabin .

Whats for dinner at the cabin , Pork schnitzel Mushroom gravy over French Fries , let me know if you like to see how I made it .

Making Chicken Enchiladas from canned chicken and making the sauce from scratch . Using some canned chicken , some common spices , a little garlic , I make some good eats , check it out , Subscribe and share if you care too. and remember to All ways eat desert first , this could be your last meal.

Just another adventure , it's so cold my olive oil bottle froze , enjoy this little glimpse into life below zero and the cooking challenges that come along with it . Subscribe for more !

Join me at the cabin on this -8 F morning to make some meatballs , it's Red Cabin Cooking ! Once more winter is here and the challenge of feeding the family in minus zero temps leads to great Adventures ! Tonight it's meatball making time , enjoy the show , comment if you like and help get me some exposure by liking the video and subscribing to the channel.

Part two is stuffing the pork with Corn bread stuffing made with corn bread ,mushrooms, onion and celery , roasting in and enjoying it for Thanks Giving Day . enjoy and subscribe for more cooking adventures in the frozen white North of Alaska.

Cooking the Thanks giving feast , we started 3 days ahead making punkin pie and pecan pie , on day two we prepared the pork then on thanks giving day we stuffed the pork roll with corn bread mushroom stuffing . watch both parts for the full Cabin Cooking Experience.

Join me as I create a Greek Treat of Phyllo dough and nuts on a cold October day . Enjoy and subscribe for more .

Cooking with Greg Show ,Making Potato Soup , a staple dish of the coming Biden Depression , learn how to make this dish and feed a few folks on the cheep ,enjoy !

got potatoes , cheese and an onion ? make this munchie , enjoy yet another cooking with greg show have a happy end times !

Join me as I create yet another batch of goodies to satisfy the munchies . What else you going to do waiting till the bombs start dropping ?

Red cabin cooking presents Cooking with Greg , we whip up a batch of Pork loin. peppers , and onions for the grill . Any kind of meat will work ,give it a try .

Some times you want a pizza , so make it yourself , that way you'r safe from the COVID-19 . enjoy and subscribe for more .

how to make a pie with cheap easy to get components , I created this master pice with some pre made crust and two cans of peach slices . , enjoy and subscribe for more .

another Cooking with Greg show , making Cinnamon Rolls on a cold March day .

Here is a way to make some yummy pastry on the cheap with off the shelf items , using a pre made "packaged" pie shell from the local stop and rob and a can of fruit off the shelf I make some peach tarts to bust that munchie monster , all while complying with all current mandates !!

More Cooking with Greg , in this show we take that pastry dough we made last time and made filling out of cream cheese and Apricots put it all together and create some goodies , come along for the ride .

Welcome to "Cooking With Greg" today we are going to make cookies and pastry dough for Cheese Danish pastry , kill some covid-19 time and learn to cook at the same time.

It's me Greg , back again cooking at the Cabin , this time it's making Jalapeno Cheese Rolls and Onion Rolls with sesame seed topping . Come along and enjoy the show

Sometimes you just have to have some cheese cake , join me as I create a Blueberry topped New York style Cheese Cake .

another Cooking with Greg Show , this time I'm baking Bread , White and a holiday style fruit bread called Stollen , come waist your time wile we all wait for the end ......

The one dish which all Drive-ins/Dinners and Dive establishments are judged , you learn to make this dish and you can strand tall against any cook any where . You can basically Bake and Cook enough to keep yourself alive in the coming months , those high class "Chef's" going to find out what's what when the supply chain come to a screeching halt .

Enjoy and subscribe/share . thanks for watching !

Here is an attempt at creating a cooking show similar to what I use to see all the time on the Boob Tube. Enjoy This time I'm making bread . This is the 4th attempt to upload so maybe it will get through , please remember I also post on Rumble under "Red Cabin Cooking" and lots of times the material will be there days ,weeks before bitchute because it usually is no problem to upload there , here on bitchute it can be a challenge to upload any content .......


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This Channel is about Cooking in my little Alaskan Cabin , We cook simple meals that strive to be tasty yet cheep . I don't have a lot of the common conveniences a regular house kitchen has , no running water , only a electric oven and cook top , yet I put out some pretty good tasting chow . every thing from pizza to full course meals . Join the fun and start making your own munchies along with me.