Red Faction

Earth Defense Force

Me joining a public RF server and playing the duration of time remaining on the clock.

I have 4 main things I want to say in this description. First, I want to give a big thank you to everyone who subscribed and I hope for everyone on BitChute to enjoy 2018.

Secondly, This is a video of me playing a port of the map Dust 2 in the FPS game Red Faction 1. The original version of Dust 2 had originated from the Counter-Strike series. This port was created by SEB93 for RF (Red Faction).

Third, this video was captured on a modded server. Therefore, I was not able to show the viewer more diverse types of in-game combat.

Lastly, I hope to someday upload game-play footage of this map on a non-modified server so that all weapons can be used. Do not expect any more uploads anytime soon.

Note: The cover image for this video is just a random one I found online. I think I used the search term Dust or Dust 2.

3v3 on Warlords in the game Red Faction. (October 27th 2017).

Playing a game of RF on the map called CTF-Cool-Rail

A game of Red Faction in a Halloween themed map.

A game of Red Faction on a modded server.

A game of Red Faction on the CTF map Rail Attack 2.


Geo-mod technology in Red Faction (2001).

Playing Pdm-Prove for the first time with pitch correction. I have no idea if I hit more or less with it enabled. The accuracy reports back as 47%, but it is actually 23.5%. It is a PF bug. I have no idea if 23.5% accuracy is reasonable and the server had bad settings on anyway. Yes, I know my dodge/strafing is bad.

A Red Faction match in Warlords. This is the first time in over a year and a half we played a match with weapon stay off.

A game in a rail map.

Another Red Faction video.

Public match of Fission Cage.

Playing Red Faction on the map S. R. O.

Another video on the Pure Faction version of XJ15 in a public server.

A video of the Pure Faction version of XJ15 in a public server.


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This is a channel dedicated to the PC game Red Faction that was released in 2001.