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In this weeks Episode of the Redneck Rabbi Spot I share my view of how I believe as Americans we are losing on. I also reveal to you all what I sense what will become of most of us.

In today’s Episode I share my fears about where I see this Nation heading if we as Americans don’t stop it. I share how not only colleges but our own Government has turned it’s back upon the promise of God now.

In this Episode I share my view about what I think of Nikki Haley, Gavin Newsom, and Ron DeSantis I also share what I believe each other would bring to this Nation. Which is why I truly believe that people like this are dangerous.

In this Episode I share why I believe when the rapture will happen. I also share my views about what I see happening to Israel with this Regime.

In this Episode I share my thoughts on many things concerning thanks Giving and the Nation of Israel. I also share how we here in America are selfish foolish in who we are protest for now.

In this weeks episode of the Redneck Rabbi Show I express my concern on how many believe the Rapture will be before the Tribulation force happens. I on the other hand try to share with you how I believe everyone will go through the tribulation force before being raptured.

In this weeks Redneck Rabbi Show I talk about a lot of things on here but truly focus upon a Government shut down. I ask why not just shut it down instead of funding a Government that doesn’t care about it’s people.

How is it that after 75 years we here in American is still facing the Hatred of the Jewish People. Why is it we believe the Jewish people are Liars, murders, thieves, and rapist with nothing to back it up.

Hey in today’s world so many things is going on around us and it’s not easy seeing or believing what is going on. In this Episode I talk about my views of what I see and hope many of you see the same thing.

In this Episode I share my fears for my people Israel both in our Home land promised to us by God and here in American. I go on to share why I believe what is happening to Yisrael will start happening Here in America.

I share with each of you why I love Bible Prophecy so much and how we are literally living in Bible Prophecy times again. I share my concerns for Israel and what I believe will happen to America.

Here is a question for everyone and that is why are the Jewish people so hated by the world and by it’s people. I share why Israel or should I say the Jewish people different from the rest of us.

Think about this title for just one minute because in it you learn more of what I see should be happening from what really is happening. I also share just how evil people can be and how ignorant others want to be with my Jewish Brothers and Sisters.

In today’s America we send our children off to be educated and ready to work in this world. But for some reason we instead have let the Colleges raise our children into Hamas Followers instead of Parents.

I share my believe on Why would people support Hamas After what they did and what I think Israel should do to win this war. But Question is what will this lead too.

In this Episode I talk about the end of days and how we as believers need to be ready for it. Because what we will face because of it will lead us to victory with this war against Democratic Communism.

In this Weeks Episode of the Redneck Rabbi Spot I talk about how both parties love keeping it’s Citizen Docile so we don’t riot against them. I also talk about the Lord Yeshua HaMashiach or Jesus the Christ as well concerning somethings.

In this episode I share not only my views about what is going on, but I also address those who are calling me a Trumptard is a badge of honor for me so please just stop.

For many of us we see what is happening in this country ranging from mental health issues to the Borden and our Spiritually Sickness we as a Nation need to face these. In this Episode I Speak about the republican debate what I saw and how we should see them.

You ever wonder what will become of this Nation and how will we who believe in it fight for it. I talk about this and much more in this Episode of the Redneck Rabbi Spot.

In this Episode I share my feeling and concern on the directions that this Nation is actually going. I also give everyone what will happen if we don’t follow after God.

I give my view of how I see a Marriage between a man and woman and how I believe homosexuality is just wrong. I also share my insight about this Nation too.

In this Episode I share my religious views and my own personal views about where we are heading. I even reveal to you all what I see come for us Patriots.

I share my views on Aliens and how through this impeachment inquiry as a way to rid themselves of Biden and Harris. I see that through this Impeachment inquiry demo-rats can save face on getting rid of this regime puppet.

Welcome all of you to the Redneck Rabbi Spot where I the Crazy Redneck Rabbi try to share what I believes in. Where I share my prospective on how much of Communist America we live in.


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Welcome to the Redneck Rabbi Show where I speak about faith, politics, and things we should be doing to correct what is going on in America. I believe in God, Guns, and a constitutional republic not this democracy that we always hear about from everyone.
I talk truth from what I see so if you can't handle it stay off of my page, because I don't need some basement dwelling sissy telling me I'm a domestic terrorist just because mommy doing raise him or her to handle hard truth.