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This video discusses the "interference theory" of human origins. Definitely a video worth giving a chance if you're open minded.

Mark goes much more in depth on this topic on his website for those of you who may be interested:
Podcasts #158-169 are all part of the cosmic abandonment series.

Neil Sanders discusses why the Jones Town cult's "mass suicide" was really a mass murder and how the CIA has it's fingerprints all over the cult.
This video serves as a stepping stone into further topics relating to the Jones Town Massacre for those who may be interested.

Uploaded for preservation and educational purposes.

No one can watch this entire video and still believe the official story of 9/11. Anyone who claims to have watched this in it's entirety and also claims to believe the official story is either a complete idiot or a liar.

Uploaded for preservation and educational purposes.

A full length video investigating one of the most controversial additives to tap water: Fluoride.

This video is rather long but for anyone who has doubts of a hidden hand's role in JFK's death it's a must watch.

TRIGGER WARNING: If you're an order follower this video will trigger the shit out of you.

An excerpt from Mark Passio's presentation on order-followers where he explains how order followers blindly assist in humanity's enslavement.

A full length presentation by Mark Passio aimed toward breaking down and explaining the true meaning and purpose of the second amendment.

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