What happened to Ollie Jones is the reason Chris Evans that you need to shut up! please sign the petition this whole situation is making me boiling mad and sad at the same time this grieving dad deserve to have his dead son's dying wish granted O just can not believe people like Chris Evans just disgusting he doesn't care about children it is a front that he puts on because like Disney and Marvel Chris Evans only cares about kids when they're alive to spend money on his action figures and movies that is just horrible and disgusting! All it took was a little kid for it to me the final straw that broke the camel's back when it came to Chris Evans at this point would just like to ask him to pack his things and leave because I never want to see his face again there are plenty of film opportunities in the middle east that he can pursue goodbye and good riddance to you go ruin someone else's country and someone else's life like you ruined little ollie's like he was alive now you're poo pooing on his memory by being SILENT! You should be ashamed of yourself this is abhorrent and disgusting behavior! source; source:
That is hilarious the racist calling The President a racist White Savior Chris Evan's to the rescue ooo I am so scared please man don't make me laugh!

Thank you Bette Midler for premoting my channel and proving me right everytime you open your mouth you and your fans supporters, and defenders spew racism and can't handle your words being thrown back in your face! You are the dog eating it's own vomit! source: Bette Midler- Twitter source: Bette Midler- Twitter Bette Midler just proved the saying "those who don't do teach" to be true continue to prove me right with her mysoginistic and incompetent self just keep on going Bette it"s also maybe you stop bullying people who actually doing something versus your self proclaimed lazy self trust me if you have done anything legitimate you would signed Ollie Jones's petition instead of verbally attacking James O' Keefe and Charlie Kirk! Seriously?

Let's face it Derk Libby of Cinemablend if you actually cared about diversity then why aren't you campaigning for Laverne Cox to play Ursula? Fun fact: Ursula was modeled after a drag queen so why not get a trans actress to play Ursula so inclusive you are sir referring to people who disagree with you as Nazis and trolls one would be ashamed! source:

Out of all the things this woman can get angry about she gets angry over an OPINION! Are you kidding me?! She should actually get angry over something that's real like Disney denying Little Ollie Jones his dying wish to have Spiderman mounted on his headstone! These people disgust me truly!👈🏻 please sign this petition after watching this video it is crucial that the petition gets to 20,000 signatures would love to see Ollie Jones recieve his dying wish! 🙏🏻❤ source: source:

Side note: Where is Brie Larson in all this and why isn't she condemning these death threats and threats of violence? Everyone please here is the petition! 👉🏻 Tell Disney and Marvel to put their money where their mouth is!👈🏻 be ollie's hero please sign so this little boy can get Spiderman mounted on his grave!

AOC still doesn't get it here is my short but, sweet response to her saying the drug and human trafficking at the border is a manufactured crisis!
Source: Fox News Channel source:

Thank you for those of you who signed let's continue to spread awareness and keep this petition going if we can get up to 20,000 that would be amazing Ollie's dad would be very happy! 👈🏻 Sign petition here so we can get up to 20,000 signatures.

Give Ollie jones his Spiderman headstone I demand it and you cast Dove Cameron as Ariel in a Live action little mermaid series or Bob Iger you can step down and you too Kevin Feige this is intolerable you produce a garbage product and try to alienate your fans by calling them racists?! Oh heck no! source: 👈🏻 some info about Ollie Jones👈🏻 here is the petition to help little ollie get his dying wish 👈🏻 my campaign for Dove Cameron to play Ariel in a live action little Mermaid tv series sign if you want it to happen! source: names included in little black book: Alec Baldwin, Chris Evans, Maria Shriver, Ted Kennedy Jr,, Michael Bloomberg, Andrew Cuomo, Bob Weinstein, Peter Soros, John Cleese, George Hamilton, Mick Jagger, Chris Tucker, Michael Jackson, Jimmy Buffet, The Duke and Duchess of York, Barbra Walters, three Rothchild family members or 4, Elizabeth Hurley, Ivana and Ivanka Trump and Courtney Love. source:

Well believe it or not Jodi Benson has bent a knee to the outrage machine known as the left wing media UNBELIEVABLE what great lengths they will go to cause drama and chaos! source: Buzzfeed And.... It looks like Carlos Maza deleted his tweet antagonizing the #NotMyariel people nice way to cover your tracks! 👍🏻 Jerk!

The media lied about Cameron Boyce having epilepsy so what else are they lying about? source: GMA- YouTube channel source: 👈🏻 Still waiting on more people in the Mainstream media to talk about Ollie Jones I wonder if they ever will for those watching this video please sign this petition on behalf of Ollie and his dad who is grieving right now he deserves it he deserves to have his dying wish grant and it is cruel what Marvel and Disney are doing but, will continue to spread awareness and push forward that is all we can do. Special needs kids like Cameron and Ollie shouldn't be ignored.👈🏻 Petition here please sign if you can source: Funny I though another media knows outlet said the coroner wasn't gonna release an autopsy report?! So which is it? They do this everytime! Why? Cuz they don't care! Excuse you you rude selfish people in the media if seizure and medical condition are used in the same sentence that means it's epilepsy! source: business insider Abigail how much longer are you going to use your great uncle as a shield? I can tell you right now he would be so angry about what you are doing denying a 4 yr old's dying wish to have Spiderman on his grave! source: part of Walt's legacy was making children happy including little Ollie Jones this isn't right Disney or Marvel it's cruel what you guys are doing! 👈🏻 To people that watch this video can you please sign this petition so little Ollie can get his dying wish to have Spiderman mounted on his grave? Thank you! 🙏🏻❤ we need to put pressure on a lot of these celebs to put their money where there mouth RDJ included CRICKETS 🦗🦗🦗coming from his end too when it comes to little Ollie absolutely disgusting! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Get a move on! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Slap back into reality they really want to be a super hero now is the time to step up and do the right thing I hope RDJ does same for Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland. 👈🏻 This! Not important because it's not new been around for a long time Ollie's dying wish however that is important so stop Abigail Disney stop virtue signaling! It's nauseating! Side note: Also Abigail when will you make a statement about the fight that broke out at Disneyland probably not right? You figure it's not your problem? What an evil woman you are! source: please sign petition here to grant Ollie Jones his dying wish and get Marvel and Disney to change their mind. 👈🏻👈🏻 source: nypost.con please continue to share the mess out of this article and the petition so we can light the fire under Marvel and Disney's butt🔥🔥🔥 and these celebs who claim to be holier than thou when clearly they're not! We need to continue to hold them accountable! source: Jim Carrey twitter in his artwork Jim Carrey is questioning whether Americans are intelligent or not I have an answer leading directly to you from Buzz Lightyear himself " Although the air is breathable there seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere."- Buzz Lightyear voiced by the awesome Tim Allen! ❤ 👈🏻 pic of Jim Carrey inserted "Hi my name is Jim Carrey I'm worthless bum and crackhead and I know it but, I would much prefer to stay off my meds and shout obscenities because, that's way better than trying to sound the least intelligible!"


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