To those who are covering Onision for cash and views please stop because it's very disrespectful.towards the victims. I want to applaude Repzion, Mikenactor, Drama and Opinions ,my friend Deity, Repzilla, and muunntay for the amount of hard work amd research that has went into their videos those who just want to cash in like Negative Reactions and The Quartering shame on you! What bothered me waa he never mentioned the allegations and with Negative Reactions shame on you for brushing this off as Onision being an internet troll and discrediting the victims insinuating this is a #metoo type of situation it is so much bigger than that please show some decency and self respect and respect.

#IstandwittgetheFrenchpeople! ❤
Source: Fox News and Global news
Side note: Hey you guys more content coming please be patient I still have to react to Bilie Eilish''s two music videos I did a video on ROsie O'donnell roasting her I have to put that up and I still plan on doing a video on Jessica Yaniv I wanna ask you be patient became I have been having trouble uplading my videos thanks. 👈🏻 Left Onision- youtube channel- Side note this is the last video I do on Onision until he does something really crazy if that happens then expect another video.




Side note: I have screen shots of you guys saying really nasty things so it's over for you just except defeat! Sixd note: We all know who made the fake acct and it wasn't Julie I never heard Julie rave about Ahsoka Tano like That Star Wars Girl has.. Just sayin...

My honest thoughts about being called a public figure. This is something I honestly haven't given much thought about only because I have been on here just doing my thing and making videos.

Side note: I have had other experiences but, I thought I would tell you the experience I had as an adult. Another thing, to take note of specifically for SJWs I am sorry but, Santa Clause/ Father Christmas/ St. Nick/ Kris Kringle is A MAN! Grow up and Get a life! find something else to destroy! Don't touch Christmas or anytging Christmas related! source: Side note the United Nations also needs to stay away from Lewis the koals or else I am gonna raise hell!

I won't stop protesting till you have done something for the homeless and the people living in the inner cities! Next online protest will be this weekend. Share this like crazy and get out and protest until they have actually done anything to help their community or environment! I don't have any money to do stuff so I will be here protesting but, I won't stop getting the message out and my point across cuz YES things still need to get done in regards to Prison Reform that is what this about also, make them listen!
Yes if Onision is not deplatformed by the end of December I will ask everyone to boycott YouTube. Side note: I don't support deplatforming however I will make an exception for this scum Onion boy needs to go say goodbye to your career on youtube Onision! Side note: Playtime is over YouTube you work for the American people get back in line! Know your place and get Onision off your platform! Or I will call for boycotts and protests against your company the American people are watching! 👀

My cover photo is a joker meme that says: Sorry Onion, but, I'm the only joker! 👈🏻 oops video here where he just looks scary crazy because his meltdown is scary.👈🏻 Def Noodles's video he made on a video Onision made threatening violence against other content creators and people who don't like him


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