👇🏻 I made sure I picked the most hateful and mysoginistic comments.
Michael Kivet
I'm 39 and absolutely will not date Women are toxic and a liability to my life, I'll happily live single w/o kids forever if it means I don't have to deal with that craziness.....

Welcome to the adult world ladies! Now you're learning a new word: "consequences."

Ayo Stupid
Men are just leaving the plantation period. I am so glad men are seeing their worth and avoid giving away they resources.

Kuifje & Haddock
So it's all about changing the behaviours of men and not women. No. MGTOW might be seen as a cynicle to you, but, for men, of all ages it's make perfect sense. Feminism is destroying our world, not young men.

Calling men who play video games instead of dating "video game addicts" is like calling people escaping a sinking ship "life raft addicts"

Baby Dog of Justice
Too late, the bridges have been well and truly burned enjoy your burkas...

Gabriel Tams
Men will survive on porn and video games, while living a minimalist, lifestyle and the occasional hook up. How is this a bad thing? Oh, yeah it doesn't allow women to leech off them as easily. Grim news indeed source: Daisy Cousens- YouTube channel

I do my best to explain why women hate Mgtow in this video. sourcs: Howard Dare- YouTube channel The MGTOW group really are no better than 3rd wave feminists because, they think well I have been burned before therefore all women are evil! Wrong also, incredibly offensive! It would not surprise me if some members in the group ended up being gay or serial killers because, they feel like it is ok to live life as a recluse and hide out in mommy and daddy's basement doing whatever.

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You guys he is a radical which is what makes him dangerous and he sounds demented this guy is the guy who assaulted Nigel Farage by throwing a milkshake on him. I hope Scotland Yard looks deeper into him I am not liking what I just researched and I hope you can do this before anyone else gets hurt I am just concerned. This happened to Candace Owens over here in the U.S. as well. I meant .org not .com. My mistake.

I had a dream that Nathaniel Parker died by being shot to the chest with arrows 😱! Good news death in dreams does not always mean something bad it can also mean change and rebirth.
Source: source; A social justice warrior journalist who works for blames the far right for James Gunn firing. This is a good example of why social justice warriors shouldn't have a career in journalism. source: Fox News According to Fox it was a suicide and Kappy jumped off a bridge what a way to remember him by labeling him and the Q movement far right they're not far right they are center right that is incredibly disrespectful! My condolences go out to Isaac Kappy's friends and family I had no qualms with Kappy he was nice to me so, I have nothing bad to say about him. Rest in Peace. 🙏🏻❤ Side note: I had a dream that Isaac Kappy was in danger never showed me anything in regards to a suicide though, if anything ot showed him being murdered. When he said he was meditating to find darkness I do believe that, because I saw that too nothing that indicated a suicide though. I am not gonna rule out murder or suicide though the fact that I did not hear about Isaac Kappy's death til yesterday has me suspicious. Cuz it's like Google was hiding the fact that he died. source: "feminist splaining" -when Male feminists feel like they have to explain themselves to you this includes their beliefs absolutely nauseating! 🤮

I gave this trailer a B because I do see potential that it could be a good movie I just see some repietiton from the first film so, it got me confused with the first Maleficent. source: Rapid trailer- YouTube channel Such a disgrace that Emma Watson, Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain are phonies because being abusive towards one another through gaslighting and manipulation is a form of gaslighting. That is not being supportive when it comes to other women it is abuse pure and simple I know because I grew up in an abusive environment! source: distractify In my last video I stated how I was hoping for a season 5 I honestly hope this happens this is a funny coincidence, because I was about to start a campaign for a Season 5 #SaveLucifer my petition for a season 5. 😊

Playing Detective can be kind of fun sometimes. 😊 Side note: It's pretty relieving to know that Jussie would not be welcomed in Hell because the devil wouldn't want him and guess what? God doesn't want him either. Amazing how some people mistake this for propoganda when it is actually certain TV shows and movies dropping mini red pills and people want to ignore it because they focus too much on the bad because, that is all they want to see. A simple warning on how Smollett intended on mocking the American people by trying to copy a mob distraction like hoax. I was right. The mob can commit crimes to distract I find this a huge coincidence that this is out of Chicago where Smollett's fake hate crime hoax had taken place.

Poor Tom Ellis he almost lost work because religious extremists were getting butthurt over the show they never wanted a season 4 and Tom said he was shocked! source: hypabble source: Hollywood reporter- YouTube channel I actually want to see a season 5 for this TV show #SaveLucifer

I really do fear for humanity. I don't understand why I would need a billboard to dictate if I am going to heaven or helk that is really insulting and offensive.



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