Side note: I hope me dad will be there it's going to be fun! ❤☘🐦~Captain Clover Mae Sparrow Of course I mean an someone impersonting me dad I guess... Not me dad himself why are there so many imposters? Me dad should come for me birthday that would be better cuz then we can throw a party that would be fun eh mates?

Greg... Just stop that gaslighting won't work on me. Angry Young Man might as well be Onision he sounds just like him! 😂




Side note: I take it, by Chris Pratt's recent statements that he has been watching my videos for that I'm humbled I am humbled that anyone watches my videos really thank you so much! ❤ Side note: Chris the people who aren't crazy SJWs just want you to be honest that's all Hollyweird is loaded with fakery and you always seemed pretty legit to me and many others honesty is policy! 😉❤ source: thank you Chris Pratt for calling out Cancel culture after all look what it's doing to Johnny Depp just... Terrible it's ruining the lives of innocent men! Hate to say it but, I think the Q movement plays a tiny role in Cancel Culture as well.👈🏻 source: Chris Pratt- twitter check poem out here 👈🏻

Side note: What kind of bothered me was I don't understand why he isn't demonitized he is getting ad revenue on his channel and now celebrity shouts Odk something isn't right I never needed shout outs fron celebrities to know they're watching my videos in all honesty I don't care if celebrities watch my videos or not so that was a little sketchy and he is suppose to be a Q follower?? 🤔 Ok.

Side note: I suggested to the directors of Once Upon A Time tha they put Captain Jack Sparrow on there because they were asking for suggestions of characters that we as fans would like to see on the show. I wanted to see how Captain Jack Sparrow and Killian Jones aka Captain Hook would play off of each other. Side note: I came pretty xlose to almost launching a petition that would get Captain Jack Sparrow on the show

So women are wearing blankets on their head now very strange... Aye mates.. Have a good time 2 morrow and don't get into too.much trouble! 😉 Remember Dead Men tell no tales ☠ ~ Captain Clover Mae Sparrow ❤☘ Side note: My character Captain Clover Mae Sparrow was created to play off Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow. According to celebslikeme I look like Johnny Depp also so that is another reason why.

Side note: My Christmas wish is still for a puppy but, that might not happen.

Side note: If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide please call the suicide prevention hotline there are people that love and care about you that want you on this earth. 👈🏻 link here👈🏻 more vids and info on Peg👈🏻👈🏻
Rest in Peace Peg Entwistle 🙏🏻❤

Side note: In the picture above is a picture of me and Lady she was the sweetest cocker spaniel. I wish I could've been able to adopt her sadly that was just not that case. I love her! I wish I could adopt her. I wish I owned her. 👆🏻👈🏻 This is my gofundme page I tried to launch and even told people about it on youtube and got mocked for it! 😢 👈🏻 link here
🙄 Hiding Evidence my butt! He is not and he has the right not to hand over his criminal record leave him alone! Side note: I want to add ONE MORE THING your ex boytoy Elon Musk wants to start an interplanetary war so who is the demented one here? Sounds like you Amber you sociopath!

Captain Jack Sparrow has an affair with a beautiful Irish woman and in turn gave birth to Clover Mae Sparrow aka Captain Clover. Copyright prohibited ©️
Side note: Talk like a pirate day is next week but, I do like to have fun by preparing a wk before.


Side note: Both happened:1st I heard about the plane going into the two towers on the intercom in class I was in 5th grade then, I went home and it was on the news. Horrible sad day in history.

Side note: my mom went ballistic yesterday and threatened my livelihood I am special needs and, that is not right! The reason, is because I wouldn't answer the phone because she wanted me to cancel my doctors appointment to find out whether or not I should get the nexaplanan removed. I did not end up getting it removed but, the doctor did suggest therapy due to my depression. Thanks to my boyfriend we found a holistic medicine place that takes medicaid I am gonna call the therapist tomorrow really excited I am opposed to big pharma I don't want to be popping more pills. 👈🏻 link to the video here
Side note: Shout out to Matt your videos always make me smile and laugh.


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