Redpilledsuperhero source: source: Gamespot Hey you guys! 😊 Keep an eye out for upcoming videos I plan on doing videos about self love, and cyberbullying other videos will include Alabama passing a bill to chemically castrate pedophiles the asteroid conspiracy theory, a response video to Alec Baldwin calling Sarah Huckabee Sanders a mouthpiece for fascism and my response to Disney's new Chip and Dale cartoon. source: Side note: Hi guys these videos are not uploaded in order watch this one first before the Jimmy Kimmel one they were both filmed last night I uploaded them this morning because I had issues uploading the videos which were meant to be uploaded last night thanks! 😊 source: Whimpy filled with nonsensical dribble Kimmel is at it again leave it to this loser to stick politics in a conversation where it has no place sounds like Kimmel has his head stuck in outerspace ! He has no idea what Trump means when he said he wasn't given any credit. It's a metaphor Whimpy filled with nonsensical dribble Kimmel! Get with the program! The only thing I am aggrieved by is your comedy you're not funny so stop trying!

A size 12 Tonya for your information is an average size and it is a healthy size why are you calling Average sized women fat Tonya what is your problem why are you so hateful? I don't have a problem with Nike putting a plus size model on display so why should you? Who are to tell me or Loey what we should do with our bodies are you a doctor?! Don't think so! Sit down! It's one thing to talk about the mannequin but, it's entirely different to drag Average sized women into it and shame them and for your information Tonya I do exercise and so does Loey so, who are you to tell us our bodies are prediabetic are you serious?! Looks like you must be the token girl for these SJWs! Get a life Tonya! source:

Source: Keeping this real as much as I possibly can because, this is my final attempt to try and reach across the isle because, if this doesn't work I am just gonna bow out.

Side note: Yes this video which is a two parter is directed at both parties and not just one because, both parties are guilty of doing the same thing with the Republican inciting physical violence is an exception because the Republican party isn't doing that however both parties are screaming at each other and both parties are calling for boycotts like Liz Crokin called to boycott Disney because of one incident that happened because a man was removed from Splash Mountain for holding up a Trump sign one incident and it's like oh Disneyworld will seize to exist she said, that is a radical move it is not somebody who is conservative at all but, on the side where they're not pro capitalism you shouldn't want any business to fail and that is a huge failure on Liz Crokin's part. Now, Brandon Tatum due to one incident again where BLM decided to come in and make a scene because they felt Starbucks was racist now Brandon Tatum turns around and says oh I am gonna boycott Starbucks! Not a pro Capitalism move! Just the few conservatives that I was Low key referring to. Side note: I don't censor myself so I was referring to those who attack people for being pro freedom of speech when they're anti freedom of speech are obviously seeking attention.

This may be as close to identity theft as you can get stealing Sheri Lynn Stoner's. source: ShowbizEntertainment YouTube channel

Buzzfeed is up in arms about the Straight Peide Parade. Buzzfeed is falsely claiming that Chris Evans has exposed Straight homophobia. No Chris Evans exposed himself and his stupidity again but, that is not surprising. source: Fact Checking for Buzzfeeed Homophobia- is an irrational fear of homosexuals the two straight pride parade organizers have every right to Express their freedom of speech the same as members of the LGBT community do please stop throwing that word around when you apparently have no knowledge of what it actually means. More fact checking for Buzzfeed 👈🏻 in this Splinter news article you will see that one of the writers of Splinter who is also a member of the LGBT community scolding Chris Evans for his insensitive tweet her name is Louisa so stop lying his tweet backfired on him and you know it! source: Blacklight hip hop news YouTube channel👈🏻 You can view Pearl's interview with Peter here When your mind is open your heart is too! ❤ Remember that guys! 😉 Side note: I do think Peter Midani might be Michael Jackson. Why? Cuz he sounds exactly like him bit, that is my personal opinion and you don't have to take my word for it! 😉

IRON MAN HAS GONE ROGUE I REPEAT IRONMAN HAS GONE ROGUE SOMEONE MUST STOP HIM! He's gone rogue he has betrayed the American people STOP him! Stop IRONMAN! source:

Keep in my climate change is one of the biggest conspiracy theories of all time yet we truthers are called conspiracy theorists? Yeah right! source: Variety source; Marvel will probably learn the lesson in the future that if you go SJW woke you get broke they're doing this in the name of Wamen and toxic masculinity! Don't make me puke please! 🤮 source: source: Merriam Webster source: If you are constantly deflecting and taking your anger out on others due to whatever personal issues you are having this might be the video for you. If you want to learn more about self accountability I put links in the description box so you can read up on it if you like. 😊 source: Here we go again with this smear campaign against the male species it's made it's way to animals now which is animal abuse at this point! 🤦‍♀️ I send prayers to this female anaconda and any other animal that's been used to push some sort of agenda to prove a point that includes animals that have been illegally tested on as well like mice, dogs, and monkeys. 🙏🏻❤ Project Mockingbird is in full effect you guys and you're seeing proof of that say your prayers because, everyone will need it in these end times. I failed to mention my channel isn't for snowflakes so please go back to your safe space and basement dwellers back to the basement with you to turn your brains to mush by playing video games watching porn, and listening to fake news and participating in satanic rituals with your sodomite cult leaders one of them being Steven Crowder. This channel is mainly for people that are thirsty for the truth and tired of news networks like CNN and MSNBC etc. Lying to them you don't like my videos or my Channel ? Fine I am not here to please you anyway I make videos for the love of making them I am one person don't understand why do much hatred has been directed towards me I am not that important I'm just one woman one human being who is doing what she loves gotta problem with that? Then you can go somewhere else I am not your babysitter and definitely not here to entertain you. Those who have supported me thank you I appreciate it! ❤


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