Redpilledsuperhero source: Side note: Star Wars is for F***ing kids?! Why don't you tell that to my 41 yr old cousin who is a grown man and loves star wars bet you won't because you're too much of a coward to do so! Can't wait till some scandal is resleased about and we have to find out you're gay that'll be hilarious! 😂

Not only is there Wizard of Oz programming and Alice in Wonderland programming there is also Hunchback of Notre Dame programming this is what a lot of Christian Extremists have is The Hunchback of Notre Dame programming in them I am starting to see it a little in the Catholic Church especially with Pope Francis and Holly Baglio is showing signs of it which is one of the reasons why I unsubscribed it got too much for me and, I was starting to get scared because from my end she went from one extremist view to another and it was scaring me pretty bad and ended up feeling uncomfortable after her last livestream unfortunately it isn't her fault I still love holly and will continue to pray for her.👈🏻 Read this ya'll Claude Frollo programming is very real jyst as I suspected! As I read more about it I got scared out of my mind! 😱 source: SJWs on both sides of the political isle are ruining halloween and they just need to do us a favor and not reproduce!

I can't be friends with someone who hates muslims because I am friends with people that are muslim as well as Jewish so have no tolerance for this kind of thing and some red flags went up before in regards to Holly but, I gave her a chance because I believe in giving people chances and in the end she just ended up letting me down tremendously because I looked up to hear but, in all honesty I can't be friends with someone who hasn't denounced the spirit of fear and talks trash about Muslims and the Quran then claimed she has done her research yes, maybe the research that she has wanted to do but, when presented with facts that contradicts her claims about certain things she tunes out, and I have had friends do that to me in the past and that is really hurtful and disrespectful kind of like a slap in the face when I have always felt like my purpose was to help people I get metaphorically spit on and told that I need to read my bible more or by other Christian extremists here is a good one you need to get saved. Wow! That is all I can say and since some of you automatically think you know everything then fine you're on your own because you definitely have shown that you don't care about me and you don't need my help just don't come crying to me when I end up being right and you have refused to listen. 👈🏻 watch the official Onward trailer here!

Working on a new project that just might involve Halloweentown??? Don't know, but, we'll see! 😉 The time line so you get the jist of what's happening
2006 was Marnie's 1st year at Witch University
2007 was Marnie's second yr at Witch U Ethan and Marnie start dating officially
2008 Marnie's 3rd year a Witch U Marnie and Ethan's second year of dating
2009 Marnie's final year at Witch U Marnie and Ethan's 3rd year of dating and graduation at Witch U
2010 Marnie and Ethan get married Marnie officially becomes Marnie Dalloway and Aneesa is a bridesmaid at the wedding then go off on their honeymoon
2011 Ethan and Marnie have their first child
2012 Ethan and Marnie have their second child
2013 Ethan and Marnie have their 3rd child
2014 Marnie runs for Mayor of Halloweentown with Sophie as her campaign manager and gets elected
2015 Marnie gets inaugurated as Mayor of Halloweentown and begins first term
2016 Ending of Marnie's first term election cycle starts up again and is running against Luke. Luke runs for Mayor for second time he lost but decided to run again but, loses again and Marnie wins the election
2017 Marnie's second term starts as Mayor
2018 Marnie's second term ends and Aggie Cromwell dies election cyccle starts up again and Kalabar's son is running against Jack Skellington's daughter Adriana Skellington Kal loses Adriana is elected Kal doesn't take the loss so well and vows to get revenge on Halloweentown again.
2019 Jack Skellington's daughter Adriana is inaugurated as Mayor of Halloweentown

I wish Hollywood would do more movies involving the topic of mental health it isn't discussed very often and needs to be addressed more. 👈🏻 If you want to know more about what Tuberous Sclerosis is here is a link and I will put a libk to the TSC website so you can find out how you can help people that have the same thing I have.👈🏻 Here is the link to the Tuberous Sclerosis website

You will include my character I have already launched the petition you aren't going to continue to spread farl eft feminist propaganda! Sign the petition if you want Captain Jack Sparrow to stay in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise Captain Jack Sparrow actually raked in a lot of money for Disney so really they should be kissing Johnny Depp's butt Johnny Depp shouldn't have to kiss Bob Iger's but, I kniw once Clover starts gaining in popularity Bob Iger will be kissing mine! nice website is back up and running must have been some kind of glitch. 👈🏻 Here is the actual petition. 👈🏻 here is the petition calling for Bob Iger's resignation sign it if you want this loony tycoon out of here!

©️ Copyright is prohibited : This character is created and owned by :Alexandria Armitage. Plagarism can result in a law suit. Please create your own character and not steal from others. Disney is allowed to borrow my characters which is why I tagged the #waltdisneycompany but, they can't say the characters are theirs they are mine and if they are going to borrow my characters I do demand credit

Side note: I demand you turn in your resignation by December! Walt Disney was about originality and you have no original ideas! Guys if you want to sign the petition to remive this loser I will put it here in the description box.👈🏻 Sign here if you think Bob Iger should go and if you have had enough of his virtue signaling and poo pooing on original ideas.👈🏻 Here is my official Instagram tribute page to Captain Clover Mae Sparrow you can follow and check it out if you want! 😉😊❤ Captain Clover Mae Sparrow and Effy Hatter the daughter of the mad hatter as well as Alentria Mulheim the Phantom of the Opera's daughter are my own original ideas any plagiarism can result in a lawsuit. ©️Copyright is prohibited! This means you can not take any of these characters and use them as your own! Disney is allowed to barrow my two characters but, if they I do they must give me credit..


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