Giving my daughter the real info she needs.

For my new subs these are NOT current events. These were events from my past after taking the Red Pill and creating my 1st channel The Sane Madman 103, but if you're in a relationship they can STILL happen to you today.

Even though they're trying. They can't kill the message!

You got to put your foot down eventually.

You will go through them.

Old, but true video.

Looks like Big Daddy's about to SPANK some thots

All journeys begin with proper info and a single step.

Too many men STILL believe they're not paying for women.

The gynocentric foot soldiers are coming out so keep your heads on a swivel.


Let them die off. Keep going your own way!!!


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Just a married man who found and took the red pill. I'm hoping to help more men young and older to see that marriage is NOT worth it.