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We created this channel after numerous attacks by Youtube censors who unfairly and repeatedly ghosted, d-listed, shadow-banned and ultimately censored videos on their platform. Like our Youtube channel, this features content from different sources whose intention is to highlight anti-collectivist ideas. Our hope, through sharing information, is to protect the principles of individual Liberty and free markets. Most of the features are not original - they come from various filmmakers, journalists and content creators who express similar concerns about the dangers of collectivism. Where possible we link you to their original pages. We counter deceptive propaganda and reject the social engineering of the anti-American 'world government' agenda. We honor the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. We steer clear of sources from rhino-republicans, neo-cons, neo-nazi's, leftists, 'alt-right' leftists, racists and otherwise fake Americans. The opinions expressed in the videos do not always reflect those of the curators. Verbal abuse, promotion of violence and criminal activity of any kind is prohibited here. While political correctness is frowned upon, civility is requested. Be respectful or begone.