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Birminghamstan, UK Muslim war.

The enemy is not the black man, the enemy is the white traitor.

#DogRight knows what's up. #GOODBOY

C Y B E R N Z Ib z Redux

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This is what liberals call a 'multicultural utopia'.

“Germany is too strong, we must destroy her” Winston Churchill (1936)

Jewish dating website owner complains that too many whites only date whites despite being married to another Jew.

In reaction to the 78 year old pensioner arrested after killing a home intruder.

Renegade Vids Redux

Hundreds of Muslim immigrants march through Dublin, in the Republic Of Ireland, screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’

Enoch Powell explains what today's politicians are thinking.

Marcel de Graaff: “The future of Europe will be Islamic, that is the objective of the Islamic world and that is the objective of the EU elite”.


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