Taken in mexico, not me driving

Nice black out on monsoon as mercenary, good redemption video from my first solo that was free

Gaming music video, song (xxxtentacion king of dead)
player is me, no lunar long run to the point where you are so strong it becomes easy.

Gonna do a few of these with songs i see fit and different characters.

If you beat him on the new update and collect an item he drops, he will spawn every time you activate a teleporter, for the duration of the teleporter

Beat it, HAHAHA difficulty, no bs, made a single mistake that almost cost me. Hype.

Not as hard as I would of hoped, The shrine spawned on Hard, was hoping for a hahahaha

Beat golden titan as title shows, as mul-t no lunar items and on monsoon

He replays his legacy inside his own head, further driving himself into madness.

This raw is unedited dota complaint by refpsi summarizing the absolute state of a game that has been ruined by valve.


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