Mongoose 167

Mongoose 167



Cancer and your antenna: Dr. Derva Davis

Do you know what STINGRAY SURVEILLANCE machines are really capable of? Are you getting caught in this police drag-net fishing expedition? Who else has these Stingray machines, criminals?

Hawkwind - Orgone Accumulator, Remastered.

Tax payers pay for D.U.M.B.'s but most don't even know that they exist. The underground bases aren't the only thing that's dumb.

Plants live on CARBON dioxide. We live on plants: The Institute For Advanced studies.

We are lied to about everything else. Why would Christmas be any different? If you think Epstein killed himself this video isn't for you.


Aphrodite's Child. (A Greek Rock Band) This isn't satan worship. It's about the Apocalypse as stated in the Bible.

Vaccinations are the perfect delivery system for population control/reduction. Read the insert before you get vaccinated. Highimpactvlogs

They will monitor your every move while you are IRRADIATED. Population control is on their U.N. HIDDEN AGENDA 20/30. 5G will affect humans on a DNA level. DEMOCIDE!!! (death by government)

Annie Jacobson: Politics And Pros.

Justine Turdeau/Castro is George Soros's BOY!

The UNELECTED U.N. Wants To Implement Their Undemocratic Agenda 20/30. Global Government. RUN BY THEM!!

World wide ELITE human trafficking rings. - David Icke.

The hunted are killed for sport.

George Herbert Walker Exposed

The CARBON TAX is a CASH GRAB!! Real Science on climate. Space Time.

MIAC 245: Valentina Zharkova

Whistleblower leak: Milly Weaver

Douglas Ducote Sr.

Deborah Tavares On The SGT Report

Steve Quayle on Greg Hunter

It's working really well for them.

The Babylonian Talmud.


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