Been waiting for this for a LONG time. As a victim of the first Nioh I needed to see what else is going to be ripping me out from the back on March 13th, as well as what I would LIKE to see in the game (Hopefully those request polls get put back up like they were for the first game). Anyways, enjoy watching a Nioh Veteran get their butt-cheeks turned into pancake batter in the most fun way possible.

NOTE- Yes I had to re-upload, unfortunately my Track Pad zooms in by itself due to a defect And I tried to recalibrate it but to my despair I can't fix the damage already done. SOOOOO It's like this. Next time I'll do a triple check to make sure the computer doesn't do anything Like this again cause this is frustrating and brain wracking.

Been abstaining from games for a while, and came back to find a huge patch for the game (Along with free DLC woohoo), so getting back into learning a character I thought I knew that got major changes. Just some casual matches i got from a group I joined that plays pretty regularly, and going to start hosting regular joinable rooms from now on for people who enjoy the game that want to get used to the new patch changes and whatnot that can't find games, and hopefully make a growing community of it.

Songs List:
Afternoon of Konoha - Naruto
Granulated Oblivion - DBZ:BT2
Fist Festival - Tekken 6
We Are Finally Cowboys - No More Heroes
Anger Of The Earth - Nomak


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