This is Germany. The time was a new beginning for a nation of 80 million people whom had for decades previously been wiped out economically by the creation of a new Central Bank in America. Privately controlled by the Rothschild family the citizens no longer had a treasury and there was much misery and deaths to occur from their mishandling of the non-Jewish population whom were native to the land. Jews had always shown great hatreds of anyone not of their group, had been using the newspapers and televisions to promote hatreds against the native population and so with Adolf Hitler coming to power he removed them from being able to make anymore newspaper or television movies in Germany, then restored the economy by issuing debt free money. The resulting war announced by this extremely wealth immigrated group of people got them imprisoned but was a stand for the freedom of all European nations with this separation from banking controls. What makes this group of people different than everyone else you ask; you wonder, is it because of the Arabic blood in their veins? No, it is not because of blood and today many of them have the same color of skin as those of us of the White Race so that you find it difficult to tell us apart from them; it is that this group teaches all of their youth differently than everyone else and in whatever nation they are in. Their teachings are studiously focused upon every one of their children beginning at age 12 that they can treat other people as animals, may enslave other people and by working as a group become Kings over all people. In their beginning this was not a religious group but they had special schools teaching them ways of life so that they have always worked together to enslave other people. They brought the African slaves to America but looking back into their entire history you will find they were expelled from over 100 countries for enslaving other people. Expelled from Spain in the year 1492 Jews then immigrated into America and Germany. Through the issuance of money through our Central Bank they own all 8 of America's movie studios and news sources. As they promote lies and hatreds against us of the white race they do the same to divide others, as a group. Germany extricated herself from their controls by issuing debt free money and refusing the Gold Standard. They were happy now but you may see that today most all of those people native to the land were murdered and the people replaced with immigrants; this is the power of the banks. America came under the controls of these banks in 1913 when President Woodrow Wilson signed our Currency Law with the Jews. When General Eisenhower ccame into Germany with his armed forces he made a public radio announcement: "We come not as your saviors but as your conquerors". He wanted to begin false propaganda of a Jewish Holocaust but of course Jews had not been getting murdered in the prison camps by Nazi's. Nazi's had been transferring them from prison to prison to keep them safe from Allied bombers. Americans had been told the lie that this was a religious group being persecuted and was the catalyst to get people into the war so the want of America was to go along with the story. As citizens of Germany came forth to declare that this story was not true they were arrested and tortured, many put to death on the spot. The soldiers and other civilians of Germany were placed into Eisenhower's own Death Camps established all along the Rhine Meadows in Germany. Here prisoners were tortured and killed, many forced to sign prewritten "confessions". Russians working with American and British forces then built a chimney at one of the prisons as a way to lie to the rest of the world about Jewish bodies being burned. The evidences are available to anyone seeking for truth but courts often do confiscate these evidences. People today may know themselves, the qualities within their race and decide for themselves what to believe. Believe a foreign group who has enslaved you with their system of money or, believe in your race.

These are old videos of National Socialist Germany needing a newer look but showing the celebratory feeling felt in everyone for being economically free. Abandoned is the name of the song, by Ensiferum.

This is a look at culture in its making. Blue Stone.

I took different favorite music and cartoon videos and muted them and added the best songs by Art of Infinity to it to make this video. Enjoy.


A look at the changes made within the last 100 years, the creation of a nation, Israel, and of the United States of America and Britain after the establishment of a new Central Bank.

War was announced against Germany 1 month after Adolf Hitler began issuing debt free money, first by "the Jews of the world" which the newspapers said were 14 million worldwide but only six hundred thousand Jews in all of Germany and second by the U.S. when it was they wanted to reestablish the controls of their Central Bank over the nation. Citizens controlled by these banks will never have equality of freedom and will always be policed by people with guns and prisons; they may be prosecuted for crimes without verification they did the crime and convicted in trial courts without proof of guilt. Germany made exception, ended upper and poor classes and restored their economy. 100 million nonJews died as a result of this greed for wealth to those certain few at the top.
Winds of Plague.

This video takes a look at Germany after an immigrated group had declared war against the nation. It was that this group of people had secured for themselves great power and wealth after the creation of a new Central Bank signed in 1913 by President Woodrow Wilson. The citizens began dying in the hundreds of thousands of starvation and so it was that Adolf Hitler began issuing debt free money when he came to power, effectively removing this groups controls over their nation. The declaration of war made them traitors and there many acts of war begun by this group. Not wishing everyone in the group any harm he established a way to get them out of Germany, transferred to Palestine in an Agreement with the Prime Minister of Israel within 5 months of there declaration of war. This was the Havaara Transfer Agreement and would begin the loading of these people onto trains which took them to great ships and delivered into Palestine with their wealth intact. At the moment this group numbered no more than six hundred thousand within the entire nation of 60 million people and many of them began immigrations into America at that time. Hitler had refused them any controls of the newspapers and publication houses which angered many of them, but their acts of war included lying to people of other nations about German citizens which could not be toloerated in a nation on its way to economic recovery. By 1939 America sent its own Declaration of War to try to reestablish their controls of the nation through the Central Bank, but Germans had had enough of debt-slavery. This group within Germany numbered no more than 200,000 by this time, remaining. Their transfers to Palestine had to come to an end in 1941 due to American and British bombers targeting the prisons thinking they were military bases. Hatreds had been created wrongfully against the nation of Germany by Americas News Sources, all of which are political parties serving the interests of the Central Bank.
The Wishing Tree.

This is mostly music from the album Goa Year 2011 Vol. 1 with added songs by Trial and others in a look back at Germany. I will take the video down in a day or two but thought it a satirical look at beliefs common in most about why those good people of Germany had war announced against them by Jews right after Adolf Hitler began issuing debt free money.

This is a look at those brave men, women and children who stood so that we may all be free: The Nazi's. Evil won in the end and today we are all ruled by that group of people who want to enslave everyone else. We may look back and remember the lives and dreams and hopes for their own children, these good people of Germany. This video features almost every song of an album I purchased for my mp3 player.

This is like a final chapter wherein I tell my story. As stated in What Right If Not Everyone Equally and again in the videos USP TERRE HAUTE AND USP COLEMAN 1 PART 1 AND PART 2 I am speaking of my life . Simply making a video and telling the story is a learning way to break down events for me myself. What I experienced with the incarceration of 1986 is the thing that made me look for a hero, some shining knight who stood against this sea of corruption and made a good fight of wanting to be free. That is how I have always viewed Adolf Hitler. To me Hitler is not a mass murderer of Jews, not a man bent on race hatreds of blacks or hatreds against anyone but simply a good man who wanted the best for his people. In the prisons my captors always kept records and I myself always kept records. I would fill notebooks with daily occurances like a diary but larger. Of course I have lost everything I once had over the years and am left with only the memories and the want to tell my side of things. I will not ever monetize anything I do online. I do not seek to ever file anything else in the courts. I am tired and just looking back always to all I went through in this life. I think I had the best childhood, the best of family from both parents and always I kept a spot of gold in my heart, to know that when I die I am bound for heaven too. Things go on in this world which are not as our television's portray and official records are many times simply lies.

The title says it all. It is for these reasons we love Adolf Hitler and think of him to this day, the freedom of all of us which he stood for.

This is citizens standing for their right to be free of the controls of our Central Bank. When you think of the ways controls are placed upon your life even now because of the currency law signed in effect by President Woodrow Wilson back in 1913 you will see that its controls extend to every nation using our system of money. The most obvious way the money issued to a nation divides citizens is in our separation into classes of upper and poor. The upper class, those having the most money, have greater rights and privileges than the poor class. The laws of the land are based upon such a system of money so that anyone having the most money are not prosecuted for their crimes while others may purchase their way out of prosecution for crimes; anyone of the poor class can be made to appear guilty of any crime simply because they do not have a lot of money and, there are various departments that profit each year from the business of having prisoners. This gives power to the police to have greater rights than citizens, allowing them to use firearms against the citizens and requiring that all citizens submit always to the orders given by any police officer. No matter what the record reflects in such a world the truth is often something which doesn't get revealed and people suffer as a result. Germany ended these controls over their nation when Adolf Hitler came to office so it was that our bank owners wished to reestablish their controls over the nation of Germany. War was announced against Germany but the citizens stood and fought to be free.

I put this video together thinking of the feeling Adolf Hitler put into his words. In the first speech he is speaking to a nation that has been ravaged with poverty resulting from The Treaty Of Verasailes. Its conditions stripped Germany of their most industrial rich lands and their treasury, leaving millions to face starvation. The misery and loss of so many children and old folk, the first to die in the beginning, are those he spoke up for in the courts beginning back in 1920. As a leader who loved his citizens it was always for want of their freedoms, equality of life and independence that Adolf Hitler stood for. When he bacame Chancellor in January 1933 he refused our Bank's controls over the nation and began issuing debt free money. The Jews of the world revolted in a Declaration of War against Germany at that moment because by refusing the banks controls it removed Jews from the controls of the nation. It is these controls which had so far devastated the lives of the citizens and Hitler knew that to rebuild the nation he needed to give back to them their independence. Ending upper and poor class distinctions the citizens could now focus on all the things towards making Germany stand on her own. Growing their own crops and doing barter with other nations Germany achieved an economic miracle never achieved by any nation.
This Germans wished that other nations could see how happy they were now, so held parades and celebrations every week. Citizens studied to learn to play musical instruments and to march in formation hoping that Americans could see that we too could be free like this if we refused the controls of our Central Bank over the nation but we Americans could not see the truth because the banks control our medias, allowing these to lie to us in so many ways towards aiding the Jews in a War against the good citizens of Germany. Freedom lost after World War Two and all nations having these banks are forever enslaved while this system of money exists. I view Hitler as a hero who stood so that we may all be free.

This is music from albums I purchased of Before the Dawn, one of my most favorite bands featuring an old movie about the Nazi War Hero Rommel. He was Hitlers favorite General. Towards the end as Americas alliance with the Jewish mass murderer Joseph Stalin tightened their efforts against the good citizens of Germany, Hitler thought he could best protect his men by faking their deaths and by other means.

Music featuring the artist. This is not an official video but just one I put together.

This video begins discussion of my arrival at USP Terre Haute IN in the year 2004 from a sentence for unlawful possession of a firearm that began in 2002. I served until my release in 2017. It is that each day in prison your captors are keeping records on you and so, it is only fair to keep a record on those who hold you prisoner. As a young man back in June 1982 when I was a month out of 11th grade I went to the county jail where I lived. It set precedent for me into the future for how the police have always treated me and the way I view them. If a person represents for the law they should obey those laws they serve but when you can see them break such laws, committing crimes and going unpunished for their actions then it is time to speak up. I did speak up about it. 40 years of writing newspapers and none ever published anything I said. Higher authorities would not reply. Such is conspiracy and this is a crime. To rob a man of his life with years spent as a slave in their prisons is a crime, especially knowing that they are breaking their own laws to make you appear guilty of crimes you did not commit. Such goings on is a selectivity because police purposely do not prosecute many they know to be guilty of very serious crimes. In the Federal Prisons I could see thousands of new faces each day, prisoner and captor, and it is I wanted to learn of their experiences so I listened always to what others said. In 1984 upon my first release from a sentence I had to experience harassment and getting shot at by police officers even though I wasn't under arrest and had not committed a crime. 14 months later when I was released it wasn't 8 months to pass before I was jailed again, this time because police and the court had made illegal deals to prosecute me for burglary charges they knew others had done. I began forming in my thoughts the beliefs that we citizens are betrayed and that the wrong people came out on top after the second world war. This is not freedom when I can be imprisoned for a majority of my life by people who allow crimes for themselves, who make deals for money for justice and who simply do not prosecute at all those they know to be guilty of crimes.
I had smoked cigarettes from the time I was in 5th grade in school at age 11. Schools then allowed us kids to smoke between classes. All of my life though I have been opposed to drug users though and to alcohol consumption. I can observe what it does to others. In the State Prisons here in Tennessee we prisoners could always purchase cigarettes and other tobacco products from those years of 1982- 1996 that I served there but when I was imprisoned in 2002 for the federal crime of having a gun there were laws against tobacco products. Such a restriction upon my life made every day a raw experience but I used that time to focus upon crimes committed by my captors. Those evidences were taken from me in 2011 at USP Coleman 1 Florida by a Lieutenant of the prison but I still have the memory of much. Here in this video I relate what I think of the way our courts, cities and States operate in the legal arenas.
One thing you do not want to do is to attempt an escape from custody when the police want you to escape, when they are setting up situations in the hopes that you will. Because what it means is they either mean to shoot you or to use that escape as leverage to force you to sign a Plea Bargain. In 1986 a protected man in my county had been caught having an apartment filled with stolen property but instead of being jailed was told to join the Army. The District Attorney called me into his office and said he wants to put that crime on me and I refused to take the Plea's he offered. He then ordered the Sheriffs Department to get me to try to escape and on (17) different occasions they set up elaborate means for this to occur and would sometimes be violent when I would not run. He called me into his office again and began threatening me as to what he could do to me in a Trial. At long last when the Jury was 5 minutes away from being called he Dismissed the charges. This is some of what I experienced in my life which I will relate more about at another time.

I had forgotten what the title for this video actually was. It is simply listed as "output" in my folder. I think it is a great video.

This video looks back to Germany while the narrative is in various people speaking of the times. We know today that Adolf Hitler issued debt free money at a time when America had just come under the controls of its new Central Bank. President Woodrow Wilson sealed Americas fate when signing our Currency Law in 1913 with a group of Jews and so, by 1916 was urging Congress to aid England in their war against Germany at a time when a Peace Treaty was about to be signed. That aid lost for Germany the first World War. The Peace was not signed between Germany and England because our new bank owners made a promise to bring America into that war. They stipulated they wanted Israel as their part of the deal while England, for her part, would get the Oil Fields of the Middle East. Thus Germany was robbed of their entire Treasury and the most industrial rich lands of their nation was given away to France and Poland. This plunged Germany into its darkest depression and hundreds of thousands were made to starve to death. When Adolf Hitler became Chancellor his first action was to refuse our bank owners their controls over Germany and they reacted by announcing War against Germany for World War Two. Since the signing of this Currency Law there have been great changes to our nation of America but also great changes to all nations beneath the controls of these banks. Here are some few speaking of those changes. We can look to England and see what the wealth of those oil fields did for them and, we can look at our bank owners to see what having unlimited access to money did for them but what of us citizens? We can be jailed without verification we did a crime, convicted in trial court without proof of guilt and sentenced to hard years in prison while others profit by our misery. The currency law allows those at the top to simply pass I.O.U.'s to others which when passed, is simply numbers on a check, created from nothing, but when loaned to others with interest has much debt behind every dollar. This caste system is 3-tiered: (1) The King Class at the top; and we citizens are then downgraded into (2) The Upper Class and (3) The Poor Class. There is no equality among people.

This is video I shot with my camcorder of the river near my home and the local park, Stonebridge Memorial, with music by Atomic Pulse, one of my favorite bands which is why I have a lot of home videos using that music. The river is where I go to relax and spend the day most days. The park looked nice at Christmastime with its many decorations. I go through most of life as an observor usually and find greatest peace with rivers and creeks near. This is just a video to be enjoyed for the sights.

I found the following clips when investigating news sources in other countries. There is much News that we American citizens are not allowed to be told in the News because Jews own the veto power over what we can be told. Adding in some of what Germany was saying about this organized group of people 100 years ago we see that today many of the same crimes are still going on and with a few arrests made, while others, because they have more money than everyone else, are not prosecuted. It was interesting News to find so am sharing what I put together.

Descriptive evidence of what was done once our currency law was signed by President Woodrow Wilson in 1913 which affected the lives of Russians and, why they then became the ally of America in World War Two. Heart Of A Coward.

I have a few hundred regular videos I made for YT at a time in the past featuring artist's music performances and this is one by a group called Agalloch. I put the video together using desktop images and then added the words to the song in one of the photos.

I am of the mind that all nations had a chance to be free when Adolf Hitler came to power. He was the man who recognized the corruption with our Currency Law and ended it's controls in Germany. Those opposed wanted to reestablish the Bank's controls over the nation and felt that announcing War against Germany was the only way to do that. They needed a story to get American citizens into the fight and came up with a doozy but it has never been proven to be true, the story. No, much has been shown to prove it was a complete fabrication. Everyone should listen to both sides of a story and examine what was to gain by announcing this war against Germany. The citizens there were much happier now that they weren't paying money to a privately owned bank, and they became wealthy, their nation prospered. Utilizing a debt free system of money and Germany's own natural resources Hitler was able to bring the nation out of poverty. With the banks having reestablished their controls of Germany the citizens native to the land are no longer alive, and have been replaced with immigrants for the most part. But that is my own thoughts of that time. Our News Sources and television programs and, various leaders, are famous for lying to us citizens for their own gains so it is my belief Germany fought to be free.

The following describes injustice and police corruption I experienced back in the 1980's. I saw much but could not get any newspaper publications nor investigations begun by higher authorities. As I looked to other prsoners around me then, it seemed a conspiracy was going on against the white race to me because though police corruption went on with them also they always got newspaper publications. At that time in my life is when I began my own investigations into the leaders lives of this nation I was born into because it is by their actions only that I can be sent to prison for crimes I didn't commit.

These are various Historians speaking of the corruption of the greed of leaders, people who think they can just go into another nation and take what they have. The problems resulting from such supremacist thinking are never ending. Once having the wealth of these oil fields what do these leaders want next but for more lands and to keep taking until citizens have lost everything. It is the actions of leaders 100 years ago that a poor class citizen like myself has to look at because I was born into a society that says I must submit to the authority of another group of people having guns who profit from having prisoners. This submission which is required of the citizen, then to see that there are laws created allowing people to be convicted in trial without proof of guilt, laws allowing people to be jailed without verification they committed a crime and laws allowing hundreds of billions of dollars to be profitted annually by various legal departments simply from having prisoners. In the courts everything is about the money you have. You will need lots of money simply to be released pretrial. You will need many tens of thousands of dollars simply to access your rights which everyone is afforded only if they have the money to pay for them. There in the courts you will see many not get prosecuted for their crimes simply bec ause they are wealthy or had the money to hire the attorneys needed to access those laws that cleared them of the charge. Anyone not having the money can be made to appear guilty of any crime also and the want of such a nation as America is to have prisoners when you review everyone involved who maintain their lives this way. Often money goes under the table in deals and others are given sentence reductions and reward money for accusations which can aid towards sending someone to prison wrongfully. Such corruption cannot be tolerated and has to be focused upon. When looking at leaders 100 years ago we see they had a want to obtain the oil fields of the Middle East and that many people died in wars and conflicts and that we all suffer today still by an institution of world economy that is corrupt.


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I discuss issues about the lack of freedom given to us citizens which are entirely based upon our Currency Law, an event which divides the rights and powers of citizens into upper and poor while enabling those who issue the money to be a King class.