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Iran has officially started attacking Israel. Is this the beginning of WW3? According to Jesus, yes. Israel is going to be FLATTENED. They wanted to turn Palestine into a parking lot? Do they not realise that Israel is an occupation of Palestine and their condemnation includes themselves? This is the beginning of sorrows people, get ready. They are coming

This is the story of Israels first king. And the first condemnation of Israel from then and onward. After the first king was established, Israel slipped down a slope, and was ultimately sacked by the Babylonians (the Chaldeans) who rule over this world to this very day. The synagogue of Satan. Who do you serve, do you serve the Lord in all his might, or do you serve Man in all is satanic ways??

Just picking on a video from RFB, as well as the anti-truth community in general. I tend to flip-flop on whether I believe RFB is a valid truther or not, some months go by and he posts a lot of really good content and I come to believe that he's a good truther, and then crap like this april 8th thing happens and he gets on there and spews a bunch of crap about how he was wrong but not wrong, and he gets this pompous and arrogant attitude about how great and wonderful he is, and he's NOT apologizing, and that's "just the way it is". This video isn't just about RFB though, it's about the community in general selling lies as truth and then having zero accountability when they are called out on their crap.

Just a light hearted take on things. Enjoy

We're looking at the digital virus hitting us soon. Bank accounts will be hacked, they will launch a cyber covid. The AI governance system is going to start taking things over and you will see rolling brownouts in services, they will call it a hack.

Ok the eclipse has come and gone and just as I was saying all last month and part way into this month, April 8th is nothing but false prophecy. So be not fooled any longer, if you bought into the lies of the anti-truth community, come out of it!!!

It's the rapture guys!! At least, that what all the Christian Bible decoders on yewt00b are saying....

Good lord you guys it's SATIRE...

Hey everyone, it's the big reveal! This is the culmination of years of work, collecting gear and putting together a system to haul it out tk the bush, on foot.

Thanks for all the kind words and support!

For the fittings system, go to:


just wanted to put this out there for everyone who tried to watch the CERN video from yesterday. This is an easier pill to swallow, might resonate better with some, as all the talk about computers and how they work is cut out and I get to the point here. I also pick on alllllllll the crazy stuff coming from the anti-truth community regarding april 8th. This war against us is ramping up big time and soon we will be in the middle of a digital nightmare.

RED ALERT! This is the brain behind the AI governance system! This computer is designed to mimick organic life and provides a true random element to the way it processes data! It is going to go live very soon, most likely April 8th. Share this video with as many people as you can! Prepare for majour cyber attacks as this system becomes operational and takes control of the worlds control/enslavement grid!!!

Hey everyone. Going to be uploading some crazy info regarding CERN later tonight. Stay tuned

In this video I talk about the events of the third seal closing and of the 4th seal opening. With this AI governance system going online, they are going to quickly phase out cash and force people into the CBDC digital system. This will cause the 3rd seal to close and the 4th seal to open. Just keep in mind that also they will use starvation to force peoples' hand and push them into the FEMA camps where they will be held against their will, likely indefinitely.

Prepare for the coming war folks. My work on my bugout cart will be done soon, and I will be posting a reveal video, stay tuned!

Just some ideas on what you will need as the ability to cook food will definitely be a thing, and you will need a bit of a spread of tools to accomplish this task.

Hey everyone. Just wanted to quickly talk about the latest trend of my channel. Losers from bitchute who have it all figured out and watch all the Qtard crap and subscribe to their rapture theory prosperity gospel cult channels. They are now here calling me an agent and just plain wrong, when actually I've been right about everything since I got off the bandwagon of "everyone's gonna die in 6 months". Anyway, here are the reasons I ban people from my channel:

1) You hammer my comment sections with piles of scripture that have no context, that are taken from bibles that are illegitimate. If you're going to shit on me, at least use the KJV
2) You come on here and just start throwing personal attacks. Grow up.

In this video I talk about weapon platforms. It's broken down into 2 main categories: Firearms and combat blades. Enjoy

In this video I talk about what kind of electronics you are going to want to have with you when it comes time to leave society. Don't worry too much about EMP attacks. Instead, worry about anything connected to the grid that can be hacked.

EDIT: Screen record for PC, I use OBS (not discord). Screen record for smart phones, it depends on the phone. Some have it, some don't

Hey everyone. I'm pretty sure I know what the April 8th solar eclipse is all about. I think it's going to be the day CERN fires up full time and brings the antichrist into this world. The "man" of perdition. The AI governance super computer. Which is what CERN is. A computer. One that rivals even D-Wave computers. Be ready folks. We are about to see the end of the 3rd seal, and when the 4th opens, we will loose half of humanity.

This video revolves around your food supply. You will want one backpack full of food. I base food upon how heavy it is. The heavier the food, the denser it is, which means you get way more nutritional value per unit of weight.

In this video I discuss your medical system. It's not enough to have just a little med kit with a few bandaids and a tension gauze, maybe a little tiny pair of scissors and some nail clippers. You will have to be your own hospital and be able to deal with trauma as you will most likely experience at least one deep laceration that will require stitching, or you will get sick to the point of being bed ridden and will not be able to get up to pee. Simple things like that can kill you out in the woods if you are in the middle of nowhere and have no one else to rely on.

This video discusses the type of clothing you want to bug out with. The difference between clothing you would wear in the woods vs the clothing you would wear in society are VASTLY different. It's important to get your head wrapped around what it takes to survive in a hostile environment, and clothing is a critical element of all that.

Hey everyone, in this video I talk about defensive gear. More specifically, armor and personal protection. Enjoy

As we inch closer to the closing of the 3rd seal and the opening of the 4th, it's important to dial in your bugout survival situation. This video series is aimed at giving you a checklist of things you will need to include in your setup. "Good luck" is something you say to someone who is not prepared. Don't be the person who needs Luck. Instead, rely on your good senses and get ready!

They're here, just as I predicted. Soon they will start hacking bank accounts!

This is the book of Malachi and the truth about tithing. It's crucial to understand that Jesus Christ is the real tithe, and God will not accept further offerings from man!

This video is an entry into the prophet series. We are looking at the book of Habakkuk, who had visions of the end times. He describes very accurately who is doing what, and what is going on. Enjoy the video!


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