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Anti-Jab & Anti-War Prime Minister GUNNED DOWN: Populist Slovakia Prime Minister Expected To Survive

Black Principal ATTACKS Defenseless Child: Dontay Prophet Previously Accused Of MOLESTING Child

Israel Moves Genocidal Campaign To Rafah: Palestinian Women & Children BOMBED In Middle Of Night

Bill Gates & Pfizer CEO Bourla Brag About Deadly Covid Shots & Upcoming Cancer Jabs - What Could Go Wrong?

Rick Wiles Runs For Congress In FL: Can America Survive 3rd World Invasion Force?

Fauci Admits Vaxx Causes Myocarditis: Anthony Fauci Will Face Extreme Accountability At Nuremberg 2

Pastor Steve Wohlberg DEBUNKS Israel First Eschatology: Israel’s Red Heifer Sacrifice ABOMINATION . Rena::: Red Heifer DNA Is Not Right More Like In A Lab 4 Kind of Breeds (Guernsey cattle?) In Them DNA . Guernsey cattle Best Milk Cows On Earth

Israel MURDERS Food Relief Workers: IDF Commits WAR CRIME As Airstrike KILLS 7

Americans Flee Cities Amidst Migrant PLAGUE: Third World Invaders CONQUER Urbanites

This week on The Dot Connector, David & Jaymie Icke are back as they uncover a series of seemingly unrelated stories, all tied to a singular agenda. From the Netherlands' glimpse into global Satanic networks to Netanyahu's unchecked actions in Israel, they connect the dots. Michael Gove's extremism redefinition, Orwellian free speech bills in Canada and Scotland, and staggering US debt are all pieces of the puzzle.

Narco-Terrorist MASSACRE In Mexico: Rival Gangs MUTILATE & Murder 17

House Impeaches Traitor Mayorkas: Millions Of Illegals Have Invaded America During Biden Rule. Michael Yon & Ann Vandersteel are here to talk about the impeachment of the traitor Alejandro Mayorkas and the continued invasion at the southern border.

Nikki Haley Desperate To Save Political Career: Trump Set To Trounce Warmonger Nimarata

Special Counsel Says Joe Biden Is Demented: Dementia Patient Is Leader Of Free World

Tucker Carlson Interviews Putin NATO Dominated World Order Coming To An End

Taylor Swift Performs Satanic Rituals Music Industry & NFL Partner To Keep America Distracted & Brainwashed.

Media-Government Complex Frames Father: Media Mind Control Kicked Into High Gear During Covid Hysteria

Human Smugglers Caught On Video Drugging Children: Human Trafficking Rampant At Border

Iran's Possession Of Nuclear Weapons Escalates Threats Of WWIII After Attack On U.S. Troops


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