I show you how to get started with knitting! Easy to follow instructions and tips

I was trying myself on portraits again and painted my son off a photo...posted it and asked who this was -most everybody recognized him -made me happy!

I tried somehing new with for me unusual bright colors-I hope yall like it :)

I tried to capture the phenomenon of the beautiful Northern Lights on canvas

I painted another portrait with acryl colors on canvas....

Hello! I am faily new to painting with Acrylics, still so much to learn about painting in general...but it is a passion of minebesides other things that I enjoy. Hallo! Mein Versuch ein Gypsy Vanner Pferd zu malen. Ich bin noch ziemlich neu beim malen mit Acrylfarben, beim malen überhaupt. Noch so viel zu lernen, aber das malen ist eine meiner Leidenschaften nebst vieler anderen

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Hi and welcome everyone!
I am German but I lived 13 years in the USA, my sons and grands still live in the USA while I am here in Germany. One day I want to return to the US. I am living here in a very nice city I make videos of our many beautiful old historic buildings and sights to share them with you all. In my spare time I enjoy painting a lot but also various other crafts such as knitting, crochet, sculpting and a little "gardening" on my big balcony. I am accompanied by my little Yorkshire Terrier "Milo" who just turned 4 in October :) Sometimes I will share a mostly easy simple meal that I cook as well. I enjoy so many different things and dont want to imit my channel to just one subject. I love gaming as I love animals and old movies, good music and history....I was on you tube, but quit a while ago, I been on Vid Me and its about to shut down well...hoping BitChute will last...looking forward to make new friends and build a nice community :) Comments, suggestions and helpful advice is always welcome!! You can also find me on Facebook click this link: and on Top Buzz -