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Hi and welcome everyone!
I am German but I lived 13 years in the USA, my sons and grands still live in the USA while I am here in Germany. One day I want to return to the US. I am living here in a very nice city I make videos of our many beautiful old historic buildings and sights to share them with you all. In my spare time I enjoy painting a lot but also various other crafts such as knitting, crochet, sculpting and a little "gardening" on my big balcony. I am accompanied by my little Yorkshire Terrier "Milo" who just turned 4 in October :) Sometimes I will share a mostly easy simple meal that I cook as well. I enjoy so many different things and dont want to imit my channel to just one subject. I love gaming as I love animals and old movies, good music and history....I was on you tube, but quit a while ago, I been on Vid Me and its about to shut down well...hoping BitChute will last...looking forward to make new friends and build a nice community :) Comments, suggestions and helpful advice is always welcome!! You can also find me on Facebook click this link: and on Top Buzz -