Pippin sees a bunch of vultures

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Quick blog to let ya know the channel isnt dead

Taking the backpack and my go pro for a test walk to see how things are working in prep for my new job!

Need TSA approved containers for your next flight? Try these:
Want to keep the TSA from getting a little too friendly?

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Just what the title says, no Amazon links this time!

The other video was supposed to be 7 minutes long, but the dogs decided to jump in and remind me they still wanted supper.
Hope y'all had a merry Christmas and have a happy New Year!

I had a fire going and decided to record it, testing out my phone. Pretty pleased with results so you might see more of these!

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Got into Destiny 2 to play some co-op campaign missions only to find out the limit of players is 3 for that mode... so we played a round in the crucible against a bunch of guys 3 time's our level and 10 times the light level till the more prominent streamer was able to join up. Here's the part of the stream I was a part of!

Destiny 2 Stream Goin' Live tonight at 7! -- Watch live at

Here's everything that's going on and an formal announcement of my patreon!

Speaking of, here's that link!

After three week we finally get to our long awaited exit off this prison island!

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First Gear check in a while, so here's a look at what I carry with me! I also decided to answer a friend's question about making a bedroll pack.

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After many minutes of fighting technical difficulties, I finally join the stream and set to doing the best i can. Throwing down totems and playing cast of fortune.

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We remade our characters we blitzed back to level 3. Next week we escape! -- Watch live at

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I head out to the local woods to find Chantrelles and talk about how to properly forage and ID them!

A quick look at my fishing equipment I carry in my pack.

A pretty pointless video of me frying up some bacon and talking from behind the camera

Short Tutorial in waterproofing a canvas backpack. part of a continuing series Gear Check

I take a look at the Washington Post and PETA to see what "news" stories they're publishing

A video a friend and I shot while in NC for the eclipse

Short video I made on my phone during some burning practice

A spider catches and finishes off a fly.

Just a short clip of a spider.

Here is where I vent my frustrations about the encyclopedic memorization my classes require.


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