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This is a video from over 4 years ago, which lays out the ongoing program for White genocide, but which unfortunately does not mention the obvious jewish role in masterminding the plan.

Based Putin, saviour of the White race!

Everything we have been told about the "Nazis" is a lie.

#ThanksJews for being such great humanitarians.

We have one large salvia plant that is always filled with bees. They absolutely cannot get enough, every single day. Make sure you get safe plants that do not contain neonicotinoids, which are often present in plants from Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart, etc. as the pesticides will kill the bees. Also, turn off your wifi for your sake and the sake of the bees. Use "ethernet over power" instead.

The Public Space? More like the Pedo Space...

I am not sure who originally made this video.

We need you, Goyim! We'll never let a good crisis actor go to waste.

Kyle Hunt speaks with legendary artist David Dees about his career, controversial recent revelations, his vision for the future, and much more.


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