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Okay Here We Go. Things By The Sounds Of It, Are Looking Up And Up. Slowly. The Number Of Coronavirus Is Dropping.
People Who Are Recovering From The Coronavirus Are Showing Signs That Canada And Other Parts Of The World Are
Recovering. Now We Are Not Out Of Woods Yet. Stage One Have Begun, But Thing Are Slowly Opening Up Again. After
Three Months Of Semi Isolate. Things Like Parks And Small Business Are Opening Up. Somewhat. I Am Not To Sure Of
It. However Stage One Have Been Declared. So If Stage One Have Been Declared Might Be Stage Two Could Follow. Let's
Hope For The Best. Keep Praying.

Alright!!!. Here's Some One That I Have Not Done. Alex Jones. It's Been Awhile Since I Did A Segment On Alex Jones. Now We All Know
Alex Jones Is A Bit Of A Nut. Always Been. Now Alex Jones Is Claiming That He Going To Eat Your Neighbor. Alright!!! This Is A
Sick And Strange Approach. " I Am Going To Eat Your Neighbor" Says Alex Jones. I Understand You Need Find Ways To Survive, But Wait!!!
Here Comes Alex Jones. I Don't Know What To Think Of This. Again Alex Jones Have And Always Been A Strange And Crazy Person To
Listen To. I Don't Get This "Eat Your Neighbor" Scenario. So If Alex Jones Is Serious About This. Well Then You Better Watch Yourself.
Because Alex Jones Is Coming To Eat You.

A Mass Shooting, In Nova Scotia Of All Places. I Don't Know The Whole Story, But This Is A Shocker. A Mass Shooting
In A Middle Of A Pandemic. I Know It's Been A Couple Of Weeks Since The Mass Shooting Happen, But This Is Un-Real.
Now I Can Hear The Gun Arguments. "You See Gun Control Don't Work". Umm It Does Work, May Not Work All The Time,
But It Does Work. Begs The Question. Is It Right To Maintain Gun Rights In The Hands Of Crazy People, To Get Other
People Killed. I The Gun Crazy Goons Would Want That. I Don't. Canada Is Not America. We Don't Need A Mass Shooting.
Especially In A Middle Of A Pandemic. So I Am Glad That Trudeau Have Decided To Ban Assault Weapons, Like We Really
Need Them. Finally We are Doing Something, That The USA Refuse To Do.

Well I Guess It's Christians Bashing Time Again. Not From Kyle, But From Cenk. Of Course Him And Cenk Are Best Buds. It Doesn't
Win A Argument Here Cenk!!!. Cenk Did Con mend A Pastor For Doing A Right Thing Through This Covid-19. Now The Pastor That
Cenk Talked About Have Died From Covid-19, But That Didn't Stop Cenk To Criticize The Pastor For Now Following The Lockdown. It's
Not The Easy Cenk!!!. Sometimes Christians Do What They Have To Do. I Don't See Atheism Do What That Pastor Did. Of Atheism Fall
Back On That Blind Faith They So Called Science. Science Can Fail, But Don't Tell Anybody Especially Cenk That One. Cenk Don't
Realize That God Can Control Science. However Cenk And People Like Him Are Blind And Faithless. Sorry I Am Not Putting My Faith
In Science. Of Course Cenk Believes In Junk Science Which Is Useless.

Here We Go Again!!!. We Have The Young Turks Once Again Bashing On Christians. It's Re guarding To A Christian Woman
Who Is Going To Church. TYT Still Don't Get How The Christian Faith Works. So Who Do They Turn To. Ah Science. Science
Which Is Fine, But That's The Wrong Faith. Science Can Fail, But TYT Will Never Understand The Faith. Then Again They
Don't Like Christians. They Won't Admit That, But TYT Don't Know The Difference Between A Truth Christian And A False
One. So They Turn To Science. Which Can Fail. With God, It Is A Yes Or No. You Can't Get That Answer From Science.
End Of Story TYT.

American Christians, American Christians Are Protesting Do To The Fact That They To Have To Do Lockdown. Look I Understand
The Situation, But We Christians Have To Be Good Citizens. We Christians Have to Obey The Ruling Government, Even If We
Don't Agree With Them. We Do Have To Obey They. Now We Here, Is American Christians Are Going To Church Or Gathering In Small
Groups. Now This Is Disappointing, Why!!!. Because We Need To Obey, That's The Christian Thing To Do. It Says In The Bible.
All The American Christians Are Do Is Put Others In Risk. Now I Get The Devotional As A Christian. I Get That. However Obeying
The Ruling Government, That's To Is A Devotional Thing As A Christian. Be A Good Citizen.

Alright, This Is Have Been A Couple Of Weeks Or Months Since This Coronavirus Poked It's Head. New Cases Are Poping
Up Almost Everyday. So My Hope That God Would Come Through, But For That To Happen Is To Have Faith In Him. For Now
We Should All Try To Follow The Measures That Ontario And The Federal Government That Submitted. The Only Thing To Do
I Wait, Pray, And Hope For The Best. I Don't Know For Say On What's Going To Happen, But We Can Only Hope And Pray.

Okay, Here It Is. Here Is To All Christians Everywhere. It Is Time To Speak Up. Warn The World Of The Ultimate Judgement.
Not Just doers Of Thy Word, But Speakers Of Thy Word. With This Coronavirus On The March And People Are Dying Or Just
Plain Sick. Let's Us As Christians To Warn The World Of Repentance. Especially Canada. As Canada Choice A Sin. It's Time
For Canada To Repent Of It's Sin. If Not Then Their Is Thing Much Worst Then The Coronavirus. Period!!!.

Looking At Past News, The Story Of Jessica Yaniv Have Come To The Surface. This Time Jessica Yaniv Was Facing Charges
On Carrying Some Illegal Weapons. One Is A Stun Gun Which Is Illegal In Canada. Jessica Yaniv Have Pleading Guilty To
One Charge, But That's Not Going To Stop Jessica Yaniv To Get On What's Heeeee Wants. Wait A Minute Now. Rebel Media
Is Taking Jessica Yaniv Court On Other Legel Nuance. I Say Good!!!. It's About Time That Someone Took Jessica Yaniv
To Court. With This Transgender Ideology Rebel Media May Have A Big Fight On Their Hands. Someone Like Jessica Yaniv
Will See This As Attack To Transgender Rights. Let's See What Rebel Media Can Succeed In Their Case Against Jessica Yaniv.

Alright, Here We Go. Here's Something Is Haven't Done. A Segment On That Atheist Propagandist Kyle Kulinski. Well Kyle
Did A Segment Where I Guess A Pastor On Jim Baker Talked About On A Possible Why Covid-19 Is Happen. Well We Can Count
On Good Old Kyle To Rip This One Apart. Well I Am Going To Rip This One Apart On Kyle. Kyle You Are Still A Piece Of
Crap. Your Explanation On Fornication Is So Full Of It. Everything Have Limits, Including Sex, But Hey You And Other
Atheist Have This Dream On "Do What Every You Want, Doesn't Matter If Someone Gets Hurt." Sorry Kyle It Doesn't Work
That Way. If This Covid-19 Is A Punishment From God. All I Have To Say Is. "Oh Well Deal With It".

Goodness Me!!!. Trudeau At It Again. Trudeau Is Trying To Shut Down Rebel Media Canada. Like I Guess Trudeau Have Nothing
Better To Do. Well, Trudeau Have For Awhile Mounted A String Of Lawsuits Or Fines Against Rebel Media. Now I Am Not
Really A Fan Of Rebel Media, But Rebel Media Have Free Speech And Journalistic Rights. I Guess What Every Rebel Media
Challenges Trudeau's Endeavors Rebel Media Is There. Questioning Trudeau's Endeavors. Things Trudeau Doesn't Like Want
To Be Challenged. As Trudeau Turning Canada His Only Sick, Wierd Image. Again Not A Fan Of Rebel Media. I Hope They
Beat This Thing.

This Is Sicken!!! What We Here Is A Father Of A Transgender Daughter Is Going To Jail, Why Because You Have Give A
Interview Talking About His Feels About This Transgender Treatment. Now I Will Say, That This Is Crap. Throw A
Father In Jail. Just Because He Knows What's Best For His Daughter. This Isn't About Rights. It's About Parental
Rights Of A Father. However With Sick Ideology In Control. It Seems Like Parental Rights Are Going Out The Window.
I Think It Is Time For Canada To Take A Long Hard Look At It's Self. Stop Entertaining This Sad, Sick Ideology Of
This Transgender Pronoun Bull Crap And Get Back To Bible. Amen To That!!!.


Just To Keep You Update With My Videos. Because Of Covid-19, But I Hear Things Are Getting Better.
Keep Praying.

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New Cases Are Popin'Up Each Day. I Feel That It Is Not Slowing Down Any Time Soon, But I Want To Look At The Front Line
Workers. Doctors, Nurses, Health Workers And PSWs. Their Are The Frontline Workers That Have To Deal With This Everyday.
I Think We Should Support Those Workers. Why!!! Because I Think It's The Right Thing To Do. So Say A Prayer For Those
Frontline Workers. They Needed It. Now On The Other Issue, Is That Some People I Guess Don't Want To Listen. Look This
Is A Very Serious Virus Here. So I Ask!!!. Is To Stay Home. Your Life Depends On It. Period!!!. Things Are Getting Better I Hear.
Keep Praying.

With This Covid-19 On The Run Around The World. Many Countries Have Start Taking Step To Battle Covid-19. However
Let's Be Real. This Virus Hit The Us All Very Hard. New Cases Keep Popin'Up Every Day, But Many Countries Have
Started Relief Efforts To Battle This Coronavirus. The Relief Efforts Is To Ensure A Country That Help Is On The
Way. Trudeau Have Announce That A Aid Package Well Be In Effect. Well That's Good. Because Their Are Many People
Who Have Lost Their Jobs Because On This Coronavirus. So Let's Pray That God Well End This Pandemic. After All It's
In His Hand. Amen. Their Are Good News That I Hear. Keep Praying.

Now This Is Going To Be A Hard One To Cover, But With This Coronavirus On The Loose, The World Health Organation Have Declared This
Coronavirus A Pandemic. Wow!!!. There Have Not Been A Pandemic Since World War One. I Think We Are All In A Cross hairs. With This
Coronavirus Now Going Out Of Control. People Are Praising The Worst. Well I Could Say Is Believe In God. Only God Can Stop This
Pandemic. Now My Hope Is In God. So All I Can Say I Pray To God. That Is All I Can Say.

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This Update Announcement Is To Keep You On What's Up Ahead.

My Veoh Channel:

I Haven't Touch This One Yet, But It's About Hong Kong's Survival. Right Now The Violence Against Hong Kong Is Getting
Worst. As Hong Kong Try's To Fight To Stay Alive, Some In The Western World Are Trying To Support Hong Kong. By Any
Means Necessary. Hey Let's Face It China Will Crash Any And All Form Of Democracy In Hong Kong. Now I Hear That Trudeau
Is Shaking Hand With China On It's Corporate Deals. If True Then Trudeau Have Betrayed Canada To The Chinese. While
Hong Kong Is Fighting It's Life, Trudeau Is Opening The Doors To Chinese Spies. Make No Mistake Folks. The Chinese Are
Going To Spy On Us Canadians. The Reason Is That If Some One Supports Hong Kong Or Speaks Against The Chinese. They
Can Put You Down. Now If You Are Smart I Would Put My Trust In Huawei. Why You Could Be Spied On. We Should Say No
To The Chinese And We Should Say No To Huawei. Finally We Say No To Trudeau.

Jessica Yaniv Is At It Again. I Think Heeee, Just Couldn't Anything Go Bye. So Heeee Is Taking A Gynecologist To The
Canadian Kangaroo Courts "Human Rights Court" Yes It's The Same. Jessica Or Himmmm Is Trying To Take Some One Else
Through This Tap Dance. It Didn't Take Long Before Jessica Strikes Again. In Hissss Mind It's A Transgender Right. I
Say This Is Extortion. Trying To Force A Gynecologist To Do Hissss Junk. This Is Getting Stupid Here. I Hope That This
Canadian Human Rights Court Won't Rule For Jessica Yaniv. I Am Sorry For Saying, But Like Everything Else Have Limits.
Not According To Jessica Yaniv, To Himmmmm There Is No Limits. Heeee Is Push The Limits Here. All Because Of This
Pronoun Law That Trudeau Locked Canada Into. This Madness Will Never!!!.

Well Well Well, What Do We Here. Trump Is Being Impeached. This Is A News Of All News. Now I Thought For A Minute There
That Trump Would Be Not Be Impeached. Now The Voting Is Over, But The Impeachment Trial Have Not Yet Begun. So What Do
This Mean. Does Mean Trump Could Be Gone For Good. Well Let's Not Hold Our Breath Here. Their Is Still Some Things Are
Still At Play Here. Their The Corruption That Plaques The US Senate. Their Is The NRA And Other Corporations, Finally
Thier Is The Crazy Trump Supporters That Will Threaten Violence If Trump Gets Impeached. The Question Remains Will Trump
Be Finally Be Impeached Or Is Trump Going To Beat This. Only Time Will Tell. For Me I Hope So, Why. Because Of The Damage
That Trump Did Over His Presidency. If He Beat This Thing. Then God Help Us All.

Here's A Catch For You. Huawei Is Suspected Of Spying For China, Well That's Not Really New. It Is A Chinese Company.
It Is Not The First Time A Corporation Would Spy For The Chinese. In Matter Of Fact China Have Used Corporation To
Spy On Other Nations. Canada Is No Exception. While China Spies On It's Own Citizens, I Wonder If China Is Spy On Canadians
Citizens. If So Then You Can Certain That The Chinese Would Try To Silents A Canadian Voice. Now I My Self The Raise
Opinion That China Is Not Known For Human Rights. With This Hong Kong Possible Going Under You Bet That The Chinese
Will Watch If There Is Support For Hong Kong And This Where Chinese Corporate Spies Come In. My Advice! Never Buy
Huawei, Why You Might Be Spied On.!!!!

Alright!!!. Here's The News About Youtube. Youtube Have Announce That It Is Changing It's Term Of Service. Okay In One Way
I Understand On Why, The Other Way I Don't. For Me I Think It's Something Else. Youtube Claims That It Needs To Protect Children.
Okay, I Get That For Say, But I Think It's Much More Then Just Changing The Terms Of Service. I Think Youtube Is Trying To
Weed Out To The Low Youtubers From The Ones Who Makes Google Money. Now It's Just Me, But When It Comes To Corporations And Their
Ways. They Can Do It As Such. My Time On Youtube Is A Bit Uncertain. Google Is Using This Children Protect Act To Weed Out On
Who Is Making Money And Who Is Not. I Suppose We Are Going To Have To Wait And See What's Going To Go Down On December The 10th.
If Google Make A Purge Of Youtube Or Not. One Thing Is Clear. Google Can Do What Ever They Want. I Can Only Hope For The Best.

It's Christmas Time, Yes It's Christmas. Now Just To Reflect On 2019. Remembering My Past Episodes, Things That Is
Tackle Like Trump, Mass Shootings, Trudeau And Many More. Also To Give Some More Christmas Memories. Now I Hear
That Their Is A War On Christmas. Now I Don't Know Why Is That is, But For Me. I The Birth Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
It Is What Jesus Christ What Bring To The Christmas. Then Again Going To War Against The Christian Faith On Christmas.
Now That Is Dump, But With A Scrooge Attitude It Makes Me Unhappy. I Might Not Know On Why, However It's Not Going
To Stop Me To Enjoy Christmas And That's That!!!.

What!!!. Cenk Running For Congress. What The Hell. Well I Guess Cenk Feels That The Time Is Right For Some Change. Now
I Agree To Some Changes, But I Am Not A American. Gun Control I Know One Thing That Cenk Will Want To Fight For. A Worthy
Goal To Fight For. Let's Be Clear Here. Cenk Is A Atheist Who Wants To Fight For The Wrong Things. One Is This Gender Pronoun.
Another Is For Abortion, Where Women Are Encourage To Screw Around And Now Have To Pay For It. Now California Is Already
Screwed Up, Where Cenk Might Screw It Up Some More. If Cenk Fights For Religion Or For The Faith. Now Okay. In Least There
Are some Saving Graces To Cenk. If Not. Well It Will Show You On How Atheistic Cenk Is. Kyle Would Certainly Kiss Cenk's Ass
On It If Banning Religion Or The Faith. So We Will See If Cenk Gets Elected To The Position Of Congressman Or Not. So
California Get Ready For Cenk. If He Going To Screw With You.

Well Happy New Year To You All. I Am Still Reflecting The 2019. Looking At My Past Episodes For 2019. It Could Make The
New Year 2020. Now I Don't Know What 2020 Will Bring. I Hear It Could Be The Worst Year Of The New Decade. So What
Ever The Out Come I Hope The Year 2020 Would Not Be The Year That All Hell Breaks Loose. We Are Living On The End Times
Here And The Year 2020 Could Be Beginning Of The Worst Case Situation Could Be Image. I Only Hope That Things Would Get
Better, But I Don't Think So. You Might Want To Cross Your Fingers Here. 2020 Could Be Worst Then 2019. So Here Hoping
For The Best In The Year 2020. So See You In 2020.


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