Original Air Date: 30 June 2003

Vanished in a River of Flames

Renkotsu vows to avenge Ginkotsu’s destruction after recovering from Koga's battle, preparing his artillery for an assault. Inuyasha is mentioned to have carried Koga to a cave near a waterfall to recover, much to his dismay. Renkotsu distracts Inuyasha with the Saimyōshō while he ignites the waterfall into flames, later sending him attacks of ammunition. After entering the cave, Renkotsu threatens to light incendiary devices to obtain Koga's shards of the Shikon Jewel, however Inuyasha sends Renkotsu into the river of flames, causing a huge eruption. Luckily, both of them manage to survive, much to a surprise.

Original Air Date: 23 June 2003

The Exposed Face of Truth

Sesshomaru is beguiled into the barrier of the mountain, being forced to combat against Jakotsu. Sesshomaru then manages to pierce his hand into Jakotsu and throw his sword into Suikotsu. However, the two remain alive due to the tainted shards of the Shikon Jewel in each of their throats. Kikyo arrives and interrupts the battle, implanting a Sacred Arrow in Suikotsu, hence purifying his shard of the Shikon Jewel. Suikotsu, finally free of his evil persona, reveals the origins of his conflicting personalities. He explains that his bad persona arose as he first killed someone with his own hands. Suikotsu requests Kikyo to take his Shikon Jewel shard, but Jakotsu kills Suikotsu and seizes it instead.

Original Air Date: 16 June 2003

Lured by the Black Light

When their paths are crossed, Kikyo confronts Bankotsu, who claims he is fearless of the afterlife. Jaken and Rin encounter Suikotsu on a log bridge, but they plummet after the log bridge collapses. Sesshomaru is to fight Jakotsu, but chooses to go search for Rin after finding Jaken. Rin is met with the good persona of Suikotsu in a forest, as he brings her back to his village. However, his evil persona takes over, and Jakotsu takes custody of Rin. It is apparent that Suikotsu struggles with his two personae while attempting to kill the orphaned children of the village.

Original Air Date: 9 June 2003

Koga's Solitary Battle

Koga is attacked by Renkotsu and Ginkotsu from afar. Sango and Miroku are to scout Mount Hakurei from within its barrier, however Miroku struggles to retain his lechery for Sango. Renkotsu and Ginkotsu are lured out of the barrier after bombarding Koga with cannon blasts and flamethrowers, which gives Koga the upper hand. Renkotsu is bruised by Koga, who attempts to remove the shard of the Shikon Jewel from his throat. Ginkotsu destructs the area, sending his shard of the Shikon Jewel to Renkotsu. Inuyasha senses an explosion initiated by Ginkotsu, as he is led to Koga, whose legs are badly wounded.

Original Air Date: 2 June 2003

The Sacred Vajra and the Mystery of the Living Buddha

With the barrier destroyed, Inuyasha and Bankotsu continue their battle, clashing each other with lightning attacks. The altar ornament Saint Hakushin is mystically summoned and has purified the Tetsusaiga. A barrier is formed around Bankotsu, transporting him to a hidden temple. Inuyasha and his companions make their way head towards Mount Hakurei. However, The power of the barrier erected by the spirit of Saint Hakushin cannot be broken nor crossed by any demon. So Miroku and Sango enter the barrier to find Naraku, while Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo and Kirara stay behind.

Original Air Date: 26 May 2003

Afloat on the Lake Surface: The Barrier of Hijiri Island

Shintaro, the young son of the village headman, pleads for help when his father fails to return for two weeks from a shrine on Hijiri Island in the middle of a misty lake. The villagers believe that the village is cursed due to the absence of the headman. Inuyasha and his companions travel with Shintaro to the island, being the source of the same purified scent of the demon puppet. Bankotsu appears to fight Inuyasha yet again. To make matters worse, Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga is rendered powerless against Bankotsu's Banryu. It is explained that Saint Hakushin, the monk of the shrine, is responsible for putting up a barrier surrounding the mountain and the island. Miroku and Shintaro work together to destroy the core of the barrier.

Original Air Date: 19 May 2003

The Big Clash: Banryu vs Wind Scar!

While Inuyasha and Bankotsu face off against each other for the first time, the rest of the group are to handle the remaining members of the Band of Seven. At Mount Hakurei, Rin follows Kohaku to a nearby cave. When the remaining five members are forced to retreat, Kagome Higurashi notices that the demon puppet of Naraku has an unusually purified scent. Within the cave, Kohaku kindly protects Rin from the emerging demons and urges her to escape. Sesshomaru stops holding a grudge towards Kohaku, seeing Rin was protected and uninjured. Unfortunately for Rin, her friendship with Kohaku ends when he reveals to the remaining five members that Sesshomaru is also their enemy.

Original Air Date: 12 May 2003

Enter Bankotsu, The Leader of the Band of Seven

Bankotsu, the leader of the Band of Seven, orders Kohaku to send a letter stating that he is to recover his precious halberd guarded at a castle. Meanwhile, Inuyasha and his companions try to figure out how to pass through the barrier surrounding Mount Hakurei. Bankotsu raids the castle, reclaiming his halberd and murdering the warlords of the castle. Inuyasha finally shows up and faces off against Bankotsu.

Original Air Date: 5 May 2003

Hidden in the Mist: Onward to Mt. Hakurei

Suikotsu fights Inuyasha with ease, that is until his doctor persona struggles to emerge again. Inuyasha and his companions tend to Kikyo, taking her to a nearby forest in order for her to regain consciousness. Kikyo discusses Mount Hakurei, a sacred mountain capable of absolving and cleansing criminals. It is explained that the purity of Suikotsu became tainted when nigh the mountain. While Inuyasha and his companions head to Mount Hakurei, the four remaining members of the Band of Seven are finally reunited with their leader.

Original Air Date: 28 April 2003

The Secret of the Pure Light

Kikyo attempts to solve the mystery surrounding the nature of Suikotsu. Renkotsu, Jakotsu, and Ginkotsu attack the town, in search for Suikotsu. Renkotsu traps Inuyasha and his companions on a net of fire, while Jakotsu and Ginkotsu attack Kikyo and Suikotsu. Kikyo discovers that the doctor possesses not only a frightening alter ego, but is another member of the resurrected Band of Seven.

Original Air Date: 21 April 2003

Inuyasha Shows His Tears For the First Time

Inuyasha is devastated that his friends almost died because of his weakness. Koga appears to Inuyasha in order to rebuke him for not protecting his friends. Myoga saves Kagome, Miroku, and Sango by sucking the poison from their blood. Meanwhile, Kikyo has found a kind doctor caring for local children named Suikotsu, who possesses an unusually pure shard of the Shikon Jewel and a strange anxiety around blood.

Original Air Date: 14 April 2003

Kagome, Miroku, and Sango: A Desperate Situation

Inuyasha arrives at the temple, of where his friends are bewitchingly bedridden, sensing the scent of graveyard dirt. While the supposedly destroyed Ginkotsu soon returns to distract Inuyasha, Renkotsu later sets the temple afire before announcing that he is a member of the Band of Seven. Shippo tries to alarm the others of the fire surrounding them, but to no avail. By the time Inuyasha finds his friends, Shippo sadly informs him that they have all stopped breathing.

Original Air Date: 17 March 2003

The Ghastly Steel Machine

The mechanical Ginkotsu, another member of the Band of Seven, appears and wreaks havoc. Inuyasha orders Shippo to take Kagome, Miroku and Sango away from the area, while he is to battle Ginkotsu. Shippo ultimately takes them to a nearby temple. When Kagome awakes from her comatose state, she discovers that the monk Renkotsu has a shard of the Shikon Jewel in his throat, hinting that he is a member of the Band of Seven. Inuyasha rushes to the temple after momentarily defeating Ginkotsu.

Original Air Date: 10 March 2003

The Stealthy Poison User, Mukotsu

The fight between Inuyasha and Jakotsu ends abuptly when Mukotsu releases a stinging poison. Mukotsu soon paralyzes Kagome with poison, seeking for her shards of the Shikon Jewel. While Shippo retrieves Inuyasha from Jakotsu, Miroku and Sango are intoxicated by Mukotsu. An immune Sesshomaru enters to splice Mukotsu in half, removing the shard of the Shikon from his throat. Inuyasha and Shippo later arrive to carry Kagome, Miroku, and Sango to a safe place.

Original Air Date: 3 March 2003

The Band of Seven, Resurrected

The Band of Seven are foretold as mercenaries who slaughtered the warlords in the plains ten years past. However, the mercenaries were later beheaded by the soldiers in the mountains. Sango senses Kohaku in a forest nearby, only to recede, as the presence of Mukotsu, another member of the Band of Seven, is sensed. Meanwhile, Inuyasha, is to fight another newly resurrected member of the Band of Seven, the unpredictable and deadly Jakotsu.

Original Air Date: 24 February 2003

Assault on the Wolf-Demon Tribe

The northern wolf yōkai tribe is attacked by the monstrous Kyokotsu, the first of the Band of Seven. It is revealed that Kohaku is responsible for resurrecting Kyokotsu, using one of seven shards of the Shikon Jewel. Kohaku then assigns Kyokotsu to find more shards of the Shikon Jewel, in which he finds the perfect opportunity when he runs into Koga, who has returned to save the eastern wolf yōkai tribe. Koga is able to remove the shard of the Shikon Jewel from Kyokotsu's forehead.

Original Air Date: 17 February 2003

The Snow from Seven Years Past

Miroku recalls being saved in his youth by a beautiful woman named Koyuki during a blizzard seven years ago. It is reported that male villagers have been allured by a snow maiden. Miroku comes across Koyuki, who claims to have bore his children as she guides him to a secluded house. Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippo find Sango deep within the snowy plains, where she tells of Miroku's disappearance. They are encountered by Koyuki, as she summons and merges with a snow demon, by which is eventually defeated.

Original Air Date: 10 February 2003

Truth Behind the Nightmare: Battle in the Forest of Sorrow

Garamaru, the brother of the moth demon Gatenmaru, appears to seek revenge on Inuyasha by encasing all his friends within cocoons. This would transform them into moth demons as they are plagued by their worst fears. Meanwhile, Inuyasha is to prevent Garamaru from devouring the souls of his friends. He is able to reach into the dreams of his friends, urging them to overcomes their anxieties.

Original Air Date: 3 February 2003

Koga and Sesshomaru, A Dangerous Encounte

Ginta and Hakkaku, the left-hand and right-hand men of Koga, encounter Sesshomaru, Jaken and Rin, unaware that Koga was responsible for Rin's traumatic experience with wolves. While Inuyasha and Koga quarrel over Kagome's food, Ginta and Hakkaku ask Kagome about Sesshomaru. Ginta and Hakkaku attempt with little success to prevent Koga and Sesshomaru from meeting. When the two run upon each other, they mutually team up to save Rin from some demons.

Note: This is the first episode for digital animation.

Original Air Date: 27 January 2003

Kikyo and Kagome: Alone in a Cave

Soon Kikyo and later Kagome wind up ensnared in the belly of a demon cloaked as a cavern that devours the spiritual energy of priestesses. With her knowledge and experience, Kikyo leads Kagome to the heart of the demon, and later uses her last depleted ounce of energy to merge Kagome's shards of the Shikon Jewel into one. With her latent potential, Kagome successfully shoots a Sacred Arrow into the eye of the heart, dissolving the body of the demon.

Note: This is the last episode for hand-drawn cel animation.

Original Air Date: 20 January 2003

Kirara, Come Home!

Kirara mysteriously disappears one night, causing Inuyasha's group to worry. Shippo unpleasantly examines that the others are to blame for using Kirara for their personal interests. They all encounter a baboon demon in a nearby forest, suspecting that he consumed Kirara. Sango recalls to when Kirara was first introduced into her life. This motivates her in defeating the baboon demon. It is later found out that Kirara was with Myoga, who was asked to carry back a whetstone for the Tetsusaiga.

Original Air Date: 13 January 2003

Jaken Falls Ill

Inuyasha and his companions are on their way to visit Jinenji. Meanwhile, Jaken is attacked and poisoned by the Saimyōshō. He advises Rin to find a medicinal herb at Jinenji's village before sunset that would sooner or later cure his illness. Sesshomaru is also lead to the village by a weakened Saimyōshō, in hopes of locating the whereabouts of Naraku. Rin finds the herb atop a mountain cliff, and Sesshomaru later catches up to her. As dusk arrives, Jaken is given the herb and is restored back to health.

Original Air Date: 9 December 2002

The Sacred Jewel Maker Part II

Inuyasha and his companions become scattered due to a fierce attack from the group of demons. Kagome startlingly discovers that Izumo becomes a hanyō named Gyu-oh at nightfall, who intends to create a true Shikon Jewel by using Kagome's spiritual abilities and the souls of her friends. When dawn approaches, Gyu-oh reverts back to human form as Izumo, passing away due to the toxin of the fake Shikon Jewels.

Original Air Date: 2 December 2002

The Sacred Jewel Maker Part I

A young male scholar named Izumo explains to Inuyasha and his companions that a snake demon called Orochidayu has created false Shikon Jewels to share with many demons. They discuss about the origins of the fours souls that constructs the Shikon Jewel. When arriving to an abandoned town, an adolescent boy unravels that a group of demon captured his parents the night before. Orochidayu later shows up with the group of demons implanted with false Shikon Jewels, as Inuyasha and his companions strive in trying to conquer them.

Original Air Date: 25 November 2002

The Mysterious, Lecherous Monk

Inuyasha's group see that Miroku innocently stirs up trouble with the villagers within each village they travel across, as he has been framed for being a fake and a flirter with the girls. Apparently a monk named Miroku, being described as mysterious and perverted, is seen wandering the countryside. They figure out that Hachi, Miroku's racoon dog slave, is the culprit, as they all are faced with a weasel demon. He is the one who has been imitating Miroku all this time. Upon defeating the weasel demon, Miroku makes sure Hachi never repeats his actions.


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