Original Air Date: 20 October 2012

Dedicated to a Muse, I LOVE YOU

Team C consisting of Mia, So Min and Chae Kyoung have no problem doing lyrics. However, choosing a name for their unit soon turns out to be a problem. So Mia asks both Sho and Yunsu to draw an image that best support the lyrics in three days. On the other hand, Aira is suffering and heartpounding about making a decision to show her feelings to Sho. Jun talks to Yunsu about his reason for being a designer and her mother's depression after leaving the Prism Shows.

Original Air Date: 13 October 2012

Words of Love, Confession of Rizumu..

Team B consisting of Karin, Hye In and Shi Yoon have a problem making lyrics. After overhearing from MARs that Rizumu and Hibiki are going to reveal their marriage at the next show, Team B is given the task of telling Hibiki's sister, Kanon about the situation which won't be easy since she is always attached to Hibiki. Team B manages to finish their lyrics and completes their new Prism Act called "Daisuki! A Lovely Thank You", thanks to Kanon. Team B chooses the team name "Pure & Pure (P&P)" as a sign of Prizmmy☆'s and Puretty's unbreakable bonds after being split and shuffled.

Original Air Date: 6 October 2012

Shall We Dance with the New Team?

Taking Don Bombie's advice into account, Kyōko splits and shuffles Prizmmy☆ and Puretty into 3 trio groups to compete in "Road to Symphonia". Team A consisting of Reina, Ayami and Jae Un has their new decor and completes their new Prism Act called "Shall We Dance?". Team A chooses the team name "Sprouts".

Original Air Date: 29 September 2012

Black and White Wedding

As Pretty Top's Festival Prism Show is coming up, Kyōko helps Prizmmy☆ and Puretty to steer in the right direction while dealing with other issues. Later, Jun starts to worry about Kyōko.

22 September 2012

The Most Cheerful! Prism-Cooking

After overworking to her peak, Kyōko succumbs to a sudden illness. Prizmmy☆ and Puretty do their best to make her comfortable and take care of her by making some delicious dishes, with the MC Don Bombie also helping. Meanwhile, Kei pays her daughter a visit to reveal a shocking truth.

15 September 2012

Treasure Found! Charms' Great Adventure!

Prizmmy☆ and Puretty go on a Prism Hunt to find a rare Prism Stone. After escaping captivity from some soldiers with the help of their pair friends, they confront the king who then morphs into a giant, grotesque monster, surprising them. Using their Prism Jumps as weapons, they manage to defeat the monster. They later find the treasure chest and obtain the rare stone containing the Symphonia Skirt.

8 September 2012

Silver Screen Celebrity Story

Prizmmy☆ and Puretty are subjected to a movie actress audition. Chae Kyoung reveals her childhood and her mother who is known as a genius actress.

Original Air Date: 1 September 2012

The Big Love Heart Shuffle

Prizmmy☆ meets Prism Star Idol, Yong Hwa who works with the same company as Puretty. Meanwhile Reina is still in love with her prince Itsuki, but finds out that he spends a lot of time with Aira (unaware of the fact that he is her brother). In the end, they discover that Itsuki and Aira are siblings which shocks them completely.

Original Air Date: 25 August 2012

Heart Flutter, Awakening of Symphonia

The last stage is in Nagoya which they must perform a pure Prism Show with their competing techniques. The winner of the last stage will receive the Symphonia Top and the MVP will receive the Symphonia Dress. However, Hye In starts to have doubts of winning the competition ever since the second stage. As her best friend, Mia comes to cheer her up. The last stage of the Symphonia Selection Prism Summer Festival is about to start. Will Prizmmy☆ or Puretty emerge victorious?

Original Air Date: 18 August 2012

Last Note is the Scent of Passion

The second stage of the Symphonia Selection is at the port of Yokohama on a luxurious cruise liner. The objective is to find the most Prism Stones hidden on the ship. However, some of the rooms turn out to be traps. Meanwhile, Yunsu's sudden feelings for Aira may cost Puretty's competition and Sho decides to give his Prism Perfume to Prizmmy☆ regardless of his doubts.

Original Air Date: 11 August 2012

PURETTY Go! Go! Go for Summer Festival Season!

The Symphonia Selection Prism Summer Festival starts. Starting in Kobe, Prizmmy☆ and Puretty must race in giant robotic machines (which Serena made for them) to the finish line while completing obstacles on the way.

Original Air Date: 4 August 2012

Summer Vacation! Summer-colored Mermaid

Prizmmy☆ and Puretty go to an island resort to perform a show. But it is revealed that Jae Un, Hye In and Shi Yoon can't swim so Prizmmy☆ give them lessons. But when So Min reveals her fear of the sea it looks like PURETTY will have to cancel their concert. But with encouragement from Yunsu and the rest of PURETTY, So Min overcomes her fear and performs their Prism Show.

Original Air Date: 28 July 2012

Champion in the Zoo, Shi Yoon

Prizmmy☆ and Puretty are asked to work part-time at a local zoo for the day.

Original Air Date: 21 July 2012

Independent research in Magical Mion!

In order to complete their summer homework, Prizmmy☆ and Puretty go to a studio to watch a live broadcast of Magical Mion, starring MARs member Mion Takamine. But when the actors' bus breaks down, the girls are forced to perform in the show. Hye In meets Yunsu at the studio and asks him about the Symphonia series.

Original Air Date: 14 July 2012

Secret Crush♥Prince of Roses

Mia meets a boy after losing her smartphone. The boy turns out to be Itsuki, Aira Harune's younger brother, who Reina develops a crush on. Mia convinces Itsuki to perform with Prizmmy☆ in their upcoming Prism Show.

Original Air Date: 7 July 2012

P-nation of Turbulent PURETTY

Callings and 'Serenon with K' visit Aira, Rizumu, and Mion to help with the new girls.

Original Air Date: 30 June 2012

The Perfume that Holds the Day of Future!

Michelle lets Hye In, Shi Yoon, Jae Un, Chae Kyoung and So Min debut with Yunsu's designs and a special Prism Perfume as a Prism Unit called 'PURETTY'.

Original Air Date: 23 June 2012

Stand Up! My Girls' Soul!

The Stand Up Girls tournament has come and Reina, Karin and Ayami wonders why the students from Korea aren't cheering for them. Mia declares to the public that Prizmmy☆ will certainly perform a Prism Act. Reina, Karin and Ayami starts to panic because they can't be sure if they can perform one, so Mia decides to teach them a lesson.

Original Air Date: 16 June 2012

Heart Pounding Hot Spring Training Camp with MARs

The President wins tickets to a hot spring from a lottery and decides to hold a training camp for Prizmmy☆, the students from Korea and MARs. Hye In wants to debut with the other students, but they had already given up with no idea on how to improve. Without thinking about the other girls' feelings, Hye In states that the students from Korea should perform in the stage given, and they should also join the Stand Up Girls tournament. Rizumu suggests that Prizmmy☆'S Mia and the students from Korea's Hye In should settle this in a table tennis match. Hye In takes the lead with 10 points, but then MARs (except Aira) suggested that they should do a team battle. So Min boasts that they could win even if it's a team battle. But Prizmmy☆ was able to catch up and they earn 10 points. President Michelle of Dear Princess suddenly appears and Hye In realizes that they are lacking something that Prizmmy☆ possesses, so they cannot debut. Rizumu encourages Hye In that there are some things that you can't do alone, so that's why you have friends. MARs and Prizmmy☆ face off against each other in a match, to which they win and perform onstage. Rizumu performs her Prism Act, the Aurora Memorial after which Hye In apologizes to Mia. After hearing the word ‘Symphonia’, Chae Kyoung gets a déjà vu feeling saying that she heard Yunsu say those words, but she forgot it already.

Original Air Date: 9 June 2012

Withdrawal Mia!? Hardball with Aira

Mia and Aira are in a scuffle and the animal coaches have a plan to bring them back together. When the plan fails, Prizmmy challenges Aira to a Prism Show battle. If Mia wins, she must leave "Pretty Top". Aira performs a Prism Act, Happy Smile Girls, making her win. It is revealed that Mia got mad at Aira because she ate her melon bread. But she forgives Aira as she has bought another melon bread which later gets eaten by Kyoko, rekindling her anger.

Original Air Date: 2 June 2012

Trembling Heart! Handsome Designers Showdown

"Prism Stone" and "Dear Crown" are currently the biggest fashion brands, therefore, Kyoko decides to have a designer showdown between Sho and Yunsu with Aira as the judge. Prizmmy☆ and the five girls from Korea will also be joining in as models for their designs, but Sho can't settle with Aira visiting "Dear Crown" while he is busy. But in the end she chooses Sho's design because it made her heart pound. But she also told Yunsu that she likes his design as well but it didn't make the audience but only herself. She wanted to make everyone happy.

Original Air Date: 26 May 2012

A Last Member Hates Your Waste!

A girl runs on stage interrupting one of Prizmmy☆'s performances. Mia believes it to be a battle but learns that she is the final student from Korea studying abroad, So Min, and was lost on her way to "Pretty Top". The president signs Prizmmy☆ up for the Stand Up Girls tournament. However, So Min can't put her faith in them to win.

Original Air Date: 19 May 2012

General Election! Prizmmy☆ Capture Leaders

Prizmmy☆'s teamwork is too out of place to perform a Prism Act. Therefore, they organise a competition which will decide the leader. All the members are determined to gather as many Fan Calls as they could by filming their practices, but none of them seem to get their eyes off the camera during their private moments.

Original Air Date: 12 May 2012

Note Note is Prohibited Trouble!

The fact about Ayami writing too many notes is getting on Mia's nerves. As a result, she bars her from writing any more notes. But this proves to be hard for her as it is a big part of her life and she's always relies on them whenever necessary. Prizmmy☆ then meets Chae Kyoung, the newest student from Korea, who soon takes an interest in Ayami's notes and tells her that she thinks her notes are amazing.

Original Air Date: 5 May 2012

First Love!? ☆ My Prince

While walking to school, Reina comes across a boy with a fragrant rose-like perfume and falls in love with him at first sight. After school, she meets a girl lying on the grass saying "Paku-paku" repeatedly and is soon to be revealed as the third student studying abroad from Korea, Jae Un. Reina and Jae Un quickly become friends. Later however, she asks Reina to help her write a love letter to her "prince" who also turns out to be the boy Reina walked past at school.


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