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Mask’s Bound,
Game on the High Building

Legendary Fishman

Invisible Enemy:
Attack Under the Sea II

To Defeat God: Ultimate
Eternal Wheel of Life

God of Orisis

Marik’s Action, God’s Creation

Iron Teeth Warrior

Trap of Revenge!
Frantic! Bloodsucker

Joey Wheeler is standing around when he is addressed by a kid who wants his autograph. As he signs it, the kid notices his Duel Disk, the symbol of being such a strong and noteworthy Duelist, and asks if he can hold it. Flattered, Joey complies, but not until he stops bragging does he look up and notice that the kid is running away with his disk. He chases him, but the kid is collared by Tristan, who was with Tea and Solomon Moto and had noticed the chase. The four of them question the kid, and he confesses he wanted to become a strong Duelist, but all of his cards were stolen. When pressed for a description of the thief, he describes Weevil Underwood, and Joey immediately runs off to find Weevil for a little payback.

Once everyone is gone, the kid smirks and sneaks off to an alley. Weevil is waiting there, and when the kid reports that he did everything as planned, Weevil rewards him with a card. It turns out to not be a rare or valuable card (merely a "Gokibore"), but the kid's protests are cut off by a shot from a slime gun Weevil is carrying. Weevil then walks away smiling.

Still searching, Joey catches sight of Weevil and challenges him. Both of them have two locator cards, and each they wager both of them on the Duel. It becomes clear right away that Weevil hasn't lost his taste for Insect-swarming strategies, but Joey brings out his latest prize, "Jinzo". Unfazed, Weevil uses multiple defensive cards to increase his Life Points, and his score rises to 5700 before Joey breaks the combo. It is only now that Weevil announces that his plan goes beyond his cards so far; a parasite is already waiting to ruin Joey's monsters. After getting out "Larvae Moth" and equipping it with "Cocoon of Evolution", Weevil activates "Reckless Parasite" to Special Summon "Parasite Paracide" from Joey's Deck, and this is met with disgust and consternation from Joey and the others, as Joey doesn't keep any Insect-Type monsters in his deck. They quickly realize that the kid from earlier put the parasite card in Joey's Deck under Weevil's orders when he briefly took Joey's Duel Disk.

The situation gets worse when Weevil makes it clear that he is planning to Summon an ace monster to surpass the "Great Moth" he Summoned in Duelist Kingdom. He soon follows up his combo with "Insect Barrier" to seal off all of Joey's attacks and "Leghul" to inflict Battle Damage through direct attacks whenever he wants. Joey can do nothing but buckle down in preparation, and all too soon, the cocoon opens, and Weevil Summons the "Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth". With nothing but low-level monsters and no ability to attack, Joey is in a tight spot, and Weevil only plans to make it worse.

Magician’s Disciple
Black Magician Girl

Soul Black Magician

Pandora Who Uses Black Magician

Kaiba faces off against a Battle City Duelist who was harassing another. He uses "Obelisk the Tormentor".
Marik now knows where "Obelisk The Tormentor" is after Kaiba used it. He remembers how he stole the other two Egyptian God cards from a cave in Egypt and threatened Ishizu for the final one, also revealing in the flashback that he is her brother.
Yami Yugi is told to enter a circus tent by a harlequin whose "master" is wating inside.
Yugi enters a real life Mystic Box and disappears into an underground chamber, which blocks the transmission to the KaibaCorp building.
He meets Arkana, who also has a "Dark Magician" in his deck, but this one looks different to Yugi's. He challenges Yugi to a Duel.
Both Duelists have their ankles locked so they cannot escape. As they lose life points, a buzzsaw will approach them and slice off their legs if they lose (in the dub, the loser will be sent to the Shadow Realm via a Dark Energy Disc). A box holding a key will open for the winner.

Bet on the courage, Swirl Spider.

The duel between Espa Roba and Joey Wheeler continues and things do not look good for Joey because Espa's "Jinzo" has 2400 ATK and prevents Joey from using Trap Cards. All of Joey's attempts to destroy "Jinzo" fail and he is on the brink of giving up. Back in the hospital, Tristan lies to Serenity about the Duel, saying that Joey is winning when in fact, he is not. When a nurse comes in to examine Serenity, Tristan leaves the room and decides to call Tea, who is at the park with Solomon Muto. Tristan returns to Serenity's room, who now knows the real status of the duel. She asked the nurse to look at the laptop and tell her what was going on while Tristan was out. Tristan apologizes for lying to Serenity and the two start cheering for Joey.

Back at the Duel, Espa's "Jinzo" and "Reflect Bounder" destroy two of Joey's "Sheep Tokens", leaving him with just two more before he becomes wide open for a direct attack. Joey doesn't look too good, but Tea and Solomon arrive and tell him that Tristan called from the hospital to say that he and Serenity are watching the duel on the Internet. Tea says they all believe in him, encouraging Joey to fight on.

Joey activates "Roulette Spider" and with sheer luck, he ends up winning the Duel. Everyone cheers, except for Espa, who falls down in defeat. Joey tells him that was a good Duel and tells him to hand over his Locator Card and his "Jinzo" as that's the rules. Espa however acts like a sore loser and pleads him to not to make him do so as his brothers are counting him constantly to protect them. Espa reveals that if the public knows he is a loser, they will be picked on by bullies and he won't be able to help them. Joey tries to help him, but Espa slaps Joey away, revealing the earpiece that he was using to communicate with his brothers.

Just then, the other Roba brothers arrive and they reveal to Espa that they are proud of him for doing his best and almost winning, even without cheating. Espa stands up and gives his brothers a hug. Later Espa hands over his "Jinzo" and Locator Card to Joey and promises he will not cheat again. Joey accepts it, says "Smell you later" to the Roba brothers, and walks off with Tea and Solomon, knowing that he has won his first duel, but there are plenty more challenges ahead of him. However, he knows he will not be alone.

Superman Lushan

It is day two of the Battle City Tournament and Joey Wheeler is still looking for an opponent to fight his first Duel with. Wanting to find a worthy opponent to defeat, he arrives just in time to watch Espa Roba, a Duelist claiming to have psychic powers, defeat Rex Raptor. As per the Battle City Rules, Rex had to give up his "Serpent Night Dragon" to Espa as it was his rarest card. Espa, knowing Joey was the runner-up in Duelist Kingdom, challenges him to a Duel and Joey accepts. In the hospital, Tristan visits Serenity and brings a laptop with him, so he can watch the Duel online and tell Serenity how it is going. However, he has trouble figuring out how to make the computer work and has to get a nurse to help him.

The Duel does not start off very well for Joey, as he still does not know some of the Battle City rules (including Tributes) and is intimidated by Espa's psychic powers.

Yugi is watching the Duel from a rooftop and sees Espa's brothers spying on Joey's cards, revealing that Espa is actually cheating. Yugi decides to just watch and let the Duel take its course.

When Joey draws, Espa's brothers see the card and tells their brother it appears to be another "Graceful Dice". Espa, using his "psychic powers", then claims this to Joey. Joey however sees that something is up as the card he drew was "Skull Dice". Joey decides that this is his chance to turn the Duel around in his favor. Joey sets two cards and summons "Swordsman of Landstar".

Espa, assuming that Joey has two set "Graceful Dice" decides that won't matter for his next move. Espa summons "The Fiend Megacyber" and uses it to attack "Swordsman of Landstar", but Joey activates "Skull Dice" and "Graceful Dice" when Espa thought he had 2 "Graceful Dice" set. This allows Joey to surprise Espa and make a comeback.

At this point, Joey points out to Espa that due to how he held his cards, Espa knew he had two "Dice" cards, but he couldn't tell which ones. Joey then states this means that Espa is cheating and someone is telling him what cards are in his hand. Espa becomes shocked he figured that out. Rex realizes that Espa must have used the same cheating method on him too. Espa's brothers realize they're busted for sure. Yugi congratulates Joey on his efforts as he is now in control of the Duel.

Mokuba soon finds out about the cheating, dashes in and tackles the wicked accomplice up on the roof. He threatens to expel Espa from Battle City, but the brothers talk him out of it after telling him their sad story about being orphans and having no one but Espa to protect and care for them.

Mokuba, having been in a similar situation, is convinced to let the Duel continue as long as they stop cheating. His decision is also influenced from seeing Yami Yugi watching the Duel from a different roof during his conversation and thinking that Yugi would give them a second chance as well. He stands by to be sure they don't start doing it again.

Joey appears to have regained control of the duel, bringing Espa's Life Points down to 1440. However, Espa activates "Mind Control" to take control of Joey's "Swordsman of Landstar".

He then Tributes it to Summon "Jinzo", which makes all Trap Cards useless, putting Joey in a tight spot.

Turn over the chain destruction.

Yami Yugi discovers the Rare Hunter's strategy to summon "Exodia", and then devises a strategy of his own to counter it.

After winning the Duel, Yami Yugi takes "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" from the Rare Hunter's Deck, and then destroys all of the Rare Hunter's cards after realizing they are all counterfeit (In the dub, the cards were real, but Yugi destroys the cards because they were all marked with invisible ink).

Yami Yugi is later greeted by a man named Marik, who addresses him as "Pharaoh" while he uses his Millennium Rod to possess the Rare Hunter. He declares that the Pharaoh will be destroyed with the help of one of his Egyptian God Cards if Yami Yugi finds him (In the dub, Marik declares to Yami Yugi his plans to become the new Pharaoh by taking the Millennium Puzzle and the three Egyptian God Cards).

When Yami Yugi tries to return "Red-Eyes" to Joey, Joey refuses, saying Yugi won "Red-Eyes" fair and square. Joey intends to use the Battle City Tournament as a chance to strengthen and improve himself as a Duelist. When the time comes, he plans to challenge Yugi to a friendly Duel in an attempt to win "Red-Eyes" from his friend (In the dub, Joey offers his support to Yugi so that together they can defeat Marik with their combined power).

Curtain’s Up, Ready to Play.

As Seto Kaiba announces the start of the Battle City, Yugi and Joey start moving around as everybody else does. Joey then spots the Rare Hunter who then identifies himself as 'Seeker'. Joey then challenges Seeker to an ánte duel so that he will be able to win back his "Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Seeker refuses to duel him, but wants to duel Yugi to get his "Dark Magician".

Yugi agrees to duel him on the condition that should he win, Seeker should hand back Joey's "Red-Eyes Black Dragon". Seeker agrees. As the duel Starts, Joey tries to tell Yugi about Seeker's strategy, but Yugi says him not to say so, as it would be unfair (In the dub, Seeker threatens that he would tear up Joey's "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" if Joey tried to tell Yugi). The Duel then continues.
"Curtain’s Up, Ready to Play."

At Kaiba's Control Center, he watches the duel taking place. He is informed that Yugi's opponent is one of the Rare Hunters and had hacked into Kaiba Corp Mainframe to enlist himself as participants. Hearing this, Mokuba tries to go and stop the duel and disqualify him, but Kaiba refrains him from doing so (as he wants the other Egyptian God Cards from the Rare Hunters).

“The Ghouls Attack They’re After Red Eyes Black Dragon”

Joey learns about the upcoming Battle City tournament from Yugi and Téa. He decides to join in to help Yugi, despite their warning about Seto Kaiba having a grudge against him.

At the registration office, Yugi is well-qualified to enter the tournament, but when Joey tries to sign up, he finds out his ranking is too low. However, the clerk notices Joey's Rarest Card is the "Red-Eyes Black Dragon", something the Rare Hunters would like to get their hands on. The clerk then secretly changes Joey's ranking so that it is high enough to let him enter the Tournament and tells him he is qualified and that Joey's "incorrect" ranking was due to a computer glitch. The clerk then issues Yugi and Joey their Duel Disks. Shortly after Yugi and his friends leave, the shop clerk calls the Rare Hunters to tell them that he found a nice catch.

That evening, Joey separates from everyone else to go to the hospital to visit Serenity, who is about to get her eye operation. He is confronted by three Rare Hunters. One of them forces Joey into a Duel. The Rare Hunter states to Joey if he loses the duel, he must give up his "Red-Eyes Black Dragon". All the Rare Hunter does is Draw Cards and Set 'Wall' Monsters. Joey continuously Destroys his Monsters, but the Rare Hunter eventually Draws all five pieces of "Exodia" and wins. Joey questions the Rare Hunter how he was able to do all that. The Rare Hunter then reveals to Joey that the pieces of "Exodia" are very rare, but he has three complete sets of "Exodia" to insure him of his victories. The group of Rare Hunters then beat Joey up and take away his Red-Eyes as per the stakes of the duel, claiming that there's no Card they can't replicate.

The next morning, Joey's mother calls Yugi, to say that he never showed up at the hospital. Yugi, Tristan, and Téa search for him. Tristan, riding his cool motorcycle, finds him at a beach. After some words and blows are exchanged between the two, Tristan takes Joey to the hospital. Apparently after getting beat-up, Joey was angry with having lost his Card and thought he couldn't face his younger sister. He helps Serenity get the confidence she needs to go through with her operation. Joey is determined to get his "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" back from the Rare Hunters.

“This City Will Become Battle City!”

That evening, Yami Yugi and Téa visit the Domino Museum, where they find a stone tablet depicting between a battle between a Pharaoh and a high-ranking Priest. One looks like Yugi while the other looks like Kaiba. They are then greeted by Ishizu Ishtar, holder of the Millennium Necklace. She introduces herself as one of the tribe which, along 3,000 years, have been protecting the Pharaoh's memories. She explains about the power of her Millennium Necklace and that she can see the beginning of a new battle. She tells Yami that, he came to the Museum of his own will and, in doing so, chose the Fate of fighting. If he wants to get his memories back, there's no other choice but to gather the 7 Millennium Items. Yami, suspicious, questions on which side she is on. Ishizu calmly replies that she isn't Yami's foe, but that she can see a man wielding a new Item who will show up soon enough in front of Yami. She adds that Yami's battle is for the sake of gaining his memories back and that his Fate will be set in motion soon enough. The rest is for Yami to confirm with his own eyes.

Meanwhile, Seto is at the KaibaCorp headquarters testing out his new Duel Disks. He faces a Duel Computer that is using the same Deck he used at Duelist Kingdom. Although the machine manages to Summon all three copies of "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and fuse them to form "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon", Seto Tributes three of his monsters to Summon his Egyptian God Card, "Obelisk the Tormentor", then Tribute his other two monsters to use its effect, destroying all of the Duel Machine's monsters and wiping out the rest of its Life Points (and overloading the system as well).

On the streets, Yami and Téa encounter Mai Valentine, who has shown up for the announcement for the upcoming tournament. They spot old rivals including Rex Raptor, Weevil Underwood and Mako Tsunami, as well as new Duelists such as Espa Roba, a boy claiming to have psychic powers. Just then, Seto appears on every television screen in the city, announcing his new Battle City tournament, which will start in one week. Duelists must have the new Duel Disks to enter it. In each Duel, the winner will receive the loser's Rarest Card. Meanwhile, the holder of the Millennium Rod becomes aware of the tournament and sends his Rare Hunters out to Duel and win Rare Cards for him.

“The Fiery Dance Battle”

The spirit of the Millennium Puzzle realizes that his memories of ancient Egypt have faded, but Téa is going to help him uncover the mysteries of his past. However, their search is interrupted by the dancing duelist Johnny Steps.

"The Lost Memory of the Pharaoh"

After reassembling the Millennium Puzzle, Yugi re-establishes the bond with the spirit of the Puzzle.

Ishizu Ishtar (who possesses the Millennium Necklace) arrives at Domino City. She invites Seto Kaiba to the museum and introduces him to an interesting tablet which surprises him. This is the first time Kaiba hears about the God Cards. After explaining what the stone tablet represents, Ishizu gives Kaiba one of the Egyptian Gods: "Obelisk the Tormentor". She states to Kaiba that he needs to create a tournament, so that the other two Egyptian Gods can be found. She also states she will let Kaiba use "Obelisk" for the tournament, but she will want it back when the tournament is over. Kaiba refuses to give it back after that is done, believing he will keep it when that happens, but Ishizu sternly states Kaiba will give it back to her. Kaiba leaves, believing he now has what it takes to defeat Yugi and become the number one duelist again.

“The Broken Millennium Puzzle”

Yami Bakura arrives and severs the connection that bonded Keith and Marik Ishtar together, freeing Keith from the Ishtar hold. He then alters a piece he picked up so that he can ensure his control over the Millennium Puzzle. Yami Bakura thinks up the plan for his take over of all Millennium Items. Ishtar/Keith shatters the puzzle. Yami Bakura leaves, and Bandit Keith starts a fire and leaves, too. Yugi struggles to put the puzzle back together fast. He rathers the spirit survive than himself. Joey, Tristan, and Téa arrive outside the now inflamed building. Joey and Tristan break into the burning building. Yugi who got dizzy from the heat and smoke refuses to leave without the puzzle, his hands attached to it. They then struggle to get Yugi to leave and then figure that the only way to save Yugi is to get the puzzle. They finally figure out a way and free the puzzle from the wall and the trio then arrive safely outside with the now weak, unconscious Yugi, in Tristan's arms.

Yugi is then at the hospital and thanks everyone for their help. He know he has a journey to undertake. But who wants the puzzle now? What's next?

“Challenge From the Past The Terrifying Zera”

Yugi Muto now has exchanged the brown rope for a chain in order to keep his Millennium Puzzle as safe as possible. Yami Yugi explains that this change is vital since the Millennium Puzzle connects the two, and he also senses that fate has more in store.

Then Yugi and Téa Gardner are heading to the soccer game at school when they come across a fortune teller who Yugi believes can help him see what is in the future for him. The fortune teller asks for a personal item and suggest the Millennium Puzzle which, once in hand, he steals it.

Téa runs into Yami Bakura, who wants the Millennium Puzzle, and uses his Millennium Ring to find the Millennium Puzzle. The fortune teller then alarms Yugi by saying that the only way to get the puzzle is to win it in a Duel. But the catch is, since the Millennium Puzzle isn’t close or on Yugi, then he would have to do this Duel without Yami Yugi's help.

During the Duel, Yugi realizes that only one person has a lot of machine cards, and that is Bandit Keith. His guess is right, but it is not truly Keith since he is now the host of someone else — Marik Ishtar.

Meanwhile, Téa, Joey Wheeler, and Tristan Taylor search for Yugi.

“The Miracle Dimension The Black Magician is Summoned”

Yami Yugi is in far worse shape than before. If he loses this game of Dungeon Dice Monsters against Duke Devlin, he will lose his chance at freeing Joey from being Duke's humiliated servant for the next week, and he will have to give up playing Duel Monsters and losing his "King of Games" title to Duke. The pressure is definitely on him, but there is very little he can do. With his previous moves, Duke built out a dungeon path that cut Yami off from building his any further. Yami has already had to make a few precious summons, leaving his remaining territory all but covered. Duke's words remind him that, with no space left, he can't summon more monsters, so if all his monsters get destroyed, there will be nothing to stop Duke from striking directly at Yami's Heart Points. And even though Yami has two Heart Points left against Duke's one, Duke has now summoned "Orgoth the Relentless", which carries a permanent power-boost effect that has already destroyed the only monster Yami had in Duke's territory.


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