"The Battle Royal"

"The Fighting Place, Alucataurus"


"The Great Priest, Nakurosu"

"Kaibas' Inn"

"LP 10000 VS 100!!"

"Save Mokuba!"
"The Seventh Round Of Destiny"

"The Succeeding Cards"
"Mutou VS. Neia"

The Invincible Chief Of Card Sets"
"The Miracle Ark"

Neia VS. Seto"
"The Destined Duel"

"Beat Dragon Of 5 Heads Down!"

"Jounouchi Targeted"
"Working Together For Victory"

"Big 5 Fight Back"

"A Myth: The True Color Of Neia"

"Attack From The Universe"
"Satellite Cannon"

"Captured Mokuba"
"Seto VS Artifical Man, Robot"

"Heroine Jannu"
"The 3-In-1 Attack"

"The Last Vibrance Of Macho-man"
"Death Of Taylor"

"Towards To The Victory"

"Chief Card"
"The Judge's Adjudication"

"Shine! The Wiseman's Jewel"

"The Duel On The Ice"
"Tea Gardner Picked On"

"Counterattacking Rainbow Bridge"

"The Terrible Rebirth Chain"

"Deck Master - Deep Sea Warrior"


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