Relive B.G. & K'Bella's adventures in Arizona! This is our video submission for the Cyber Link "I Love Travel" video contest. We took parts of our Van Life Adventures videos from the "Adventures of B.G. & K'Bella" in Arizona to put together a brilliant compilation of our travels through Kaibab Forest to Sedona, Arizona. Please Like, Comment, & Subscribe!

It has been three months since our last video and we just wanted to let you all know what has been going on with us during our absence and about what's happening right now. Come and joins us on our adventures. The Adventures of B.G. & K' Bella. Watch, Like, Comment, and Subscribe

B.G. gets emotional talking about the situation with the van and life period. Come and follow us on our adventures---The Adventures of B.G. & K'Bella!

Hooking up the shower at Braunig Park.

K'Bella is cooking up a meal and B.G. hope he does not catch on fire. See what is going on with B.G. & K'Bella on The Adventures of B.G. & K'Bella!

Hey, we're at Braunig Park and guess what this is the first time that AOBK has dry camped. Come and follow us on our adventures---The Adventures of B.G. & K'Bella

When living the van life it sometimes requires you to boon dock. Hear us talk about our 2 experiences boon docking at Wally World aka Wal Mart.

Check out why B.G. is perturbed. Check out the 2nd confessional from AOBK. Subscribe, Comment, Like and share with all!

K'Bella is PO'D from the recent events and needs to blow off some steam. Come and check out the very first confessional from AOBK! Subscribe, Like, Comment, and Share with all!

My wife and I read Proverbs 15:9-33 at Bonita Lakes Park in Meridian, Mississippi. This is our audio & pictorial rendition of that passage. The Bible that we are reading from is The HalleluYah Scriptures. Watch, Comment, Subscribe, Like and Share with All! Birekoth Shalum!

There are so many different denominations in the Hebrew & Christian communities. Can Bible believers whether Hebrew or Christian come together in one mind and spirit to find Biblical truth together in a loving and respectful way?

Hello people. In this video I will be talking to Christians about seeking out the truth and I also will be talking to Hebrews about some of our high mindedness and pushing people away from the truth. Please Watch, Comment, Like, Subscribe and share with all. And check out our website

Many people do not believe in the Messiah but still want to quote from the New Testament. Some people just totally throw the New Testament out the window. Believing in the Messiah is the only way to possess eternal life. In this video I will be discussing what the Bible says about people who do not believe in the Messiah.

Polygyny is the talk around You Tube. We do not advocate the practice and this video will explain why, using Scripture of coarse. Please Watch, Subscribe, Like, Comment, and Share with All!

Man, We're pooped. We in Texas chilling in the Redroof Inn, getting our needed rest. Come and see what is happening with us. Come and follow us on our adventures----The Adventures of B.G. & K'Bella

What's up folks! We're in Copperas Cove, Tx at the park we use to visit almost on a daily basis. Come check us out and follow us on our adventures--The Adventures of B.G. & K'Bella-Van Life Texas

Something went wrong with the recording so we apologize for that. But still check it out it's only 1 min. & 25 sec. long. Well we are back in Waco, TX at our favorite truck stop---Flying J's. We got some rest from the prior events. Come and see what is going on with us.

Dilemma, Dilemma, Dilemma. See what is going on with B.G. & K'Bella while traveling back from Kansas. Come and follow us on our adventures----The Adventures of B.G. & K'Bella!
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Many people that claim to believe in the Bible is constantly trying to prove against what scriptures says about Earth using man's faulty science. The scripture gives us good detail about Earth but man, even Bible believers; rather listen to and promote doctrines of devils.

In this walk with the Most High we must remember to talk about and teach salvation to the people. We must stay on track and not deter people from knowing what true salvation is.

Many people claim that the New Testament supports homosexuality; when in actuality it speaks against homosexuality. There are plenty of New Testament scripture that show the disapproval of homosexuality. In this video I will be showing that New Testament does in fact does speak against homosexuality.

There has been a lot of speculation about the shape of the earth. We are going to let the Bible decide what is the true nature of it is! Please Watch, Subscribe, Like, Comment and Share with All.

We found a lovely place to stay in Kansas while visiting our dear brother. Come hear about it and come follow us on our adventures--The Adventures of B.G. and K'Bella! Subscribe, Comment, And Like!

Yucko. We stopped at the Sooners RV Park in Perry, Oklahoma. Hear the story of nastiness. Come and follow us on our adventures--The Adventures of B.G. & K'Bella!

We made a quick stop at a scenic overview in Oklahoma. See what B.G. & K'Bella is up to in the beautiful rolling hills of Oklahoma. Like, Comment, and Subscribe!


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Repairing the Breach by unveiling the truth about the Word of the Most High Yah, who the true descendants of the Ancient Israelites are, religion, history, government, economics, mainstream media, entertainment, secret societies, as well as bringing people into the full knowledge of the Heavenly Father Yahuah & His Son & Messiah Yahushua, so they may truly receive salvation. We will also be sharing with you all our van-life conversion van travels & adventures, cooking, gardening & other Alternative lifestyles & self-sufficient activities. All praises to the Most High Yahuah & to His Son, the Messiah Yahushua! Birekoth Shalum!