Strike Now Stop WWIII! Hereitics are upon us America! Tyranny swarms, and we must strike! Or you'll leave a world controlled by the New World Order! This is not a joke!

*Sarcasm on*
Epstein DID NOT KILL HIMSELF! There is no way someone would do something like that! Now whatever you do, don't demand justice and proceed to revolt and overthrow the government for Tyranny!
*Sarcasm Off*

Shout out to my boy JP this is a backup in case YouTube Burns it:

This video exposes the corruption of this corporate tech giant as a Former Google Employee Seeks Atonement. I don't like the term whistleblower because I think the reference to a girl blowing a rape whistle to not be valiant enough. I feel those that contribute to Google are social parasites that promote communism.

Because Facebook is hiding behind the 230CDA Welcome to the majors, I'm a psychopath let's play! I think it's cute these assholes have been on some god mode retard shit this whole time, but I've cost them so much fucking money and I haven't lost a tempo, its absurd.

Run bitches Run! ūüėą

This movie goes hard AF and the Google Confessions of a Whistleblowerdefinitely unravel the absolute necessity of stripping their 230c so the 1000s wanting to sue their ass can proceed to bash their skulls into oblivion in civil court.

A short opinion and summarization of politics in recent times/media.

Is SEO Dead in 2019? Yeah but Pedophilia and Scum Baggery is alive and well!

@RealDonaldTrump Stop Google ASAP! America calls upon its nations leader to immediately assess this national emergency!

Enough is enough, America isn't going to continue having it's data and good name raped and defiled by some corporate nameless scumbags.

Shut them down immediately!

The bottom line is while Google Russian Collusion is evident, so is the slander campaign and accusation President Trump is colluding with the Russian Federation is lie.

Understandably because politics are completely ridiculous any democratic or just woman concluding the man to be a sexist pig will disagree even with the uttermost clear as day condemning evidence, but none the less here it is.

I am in no way political in the slightest, but I am very much annoyed the FBI isn't kicking in Google Doors and smashing servers with louisville sluggers.

Google is the biggest bunch of scumbag criminal POS dirtbags, and they need to be executed.
I created the most efficient working Free Mugshot Removal Guide because America demands the restoration of privacy!

My ancestors founded this country since the earliest stages and my bloodline originates from the first 13 colonies of the United States of America.

We have shed blood in every major war so that the rights every idiot can't seem to give away quick enough is being ROBBED!

It ends NOW! I refuse to stand idle anymore allowing corporations and governments to the boss and push my people around! We built this country not YOU!

Noone but me belongs in my data! My cell phone conversations should never be pried into and no legitimacy can explain why 23 different major data scraping corporations bully and steal our browser history, criminal records, and social media engagements.

My name is Sean Gugerty, and what shows on any computer that is publically accessible and what the world gets to see in regards to me when they type my name in Google I DECIDE! and if there is some law, some systematic that even tries to get in the way of that which I dictate I'LL CHANGE IT NO MATTER WHAT! In civility or brutality, it WILL HAPPEN!

This country belongs to the American PEOPLE! Not the corporations!

I will not have some conglomerate send our youth to some sweatshop at 12 years old after you have crashed our economy like so many other parts of the world!

If anyone wants to take what my forefathers have KILLED and DIED for I wont allow it EVER! I REFUSE TO DIE BEFORE prior to ensuring that wont happen! FOLD your foolish hand or be FOLDED! Give me LIBERTY or just try your best to give me DEATH!

Bring to me a man alive with the audacity to tell me to my face ANYONE has the right to SLANDER ME and my HONOR I DARE YOU! COWARDS!

A Man or Woman pays in full the consequence of their actions and you think for a second you can justify pushing us around?

I DARE YOU! PUT THE MAN THAT IS THE FACE OF GOOGLE BEFORE ME SPOUTING THE REDICULOUS non-relevant argument of a 1st Amendment as you laughingly attempt to profiteer raping and robbing my 4th Amendment!

None of you Mugshot Removal or Reputation Management cowards have balls so big!

I promise those little imps that hide in the shadows before the boiling of my blood cools, you will NEVER DISRESPECT MY NAME AGAIN!

"Those who have no name, nor integrity are 100% of the time, criminals! You are scum! You disgust me!"

My Reputation Management and Mugshot Removal Guide is Free! and it is the BESt amongst every guide in its class! Free yourself from the defamation of parasites!

Parasites who don't deserve the tongue to which speaks our names!

My suggestion is to start doing some serious damage control because whether I'm a 1 man army, or have a nation behind me, I'm coming! AND HELLS COMING WITH ME!

So the question America is left with, is Wake Mugshots Website Owner Russian?

Or is the individual committing fraud or utilizing an elaborate Power of Attorney dynamic of sorts for the purpose of anonymity?

A brief information gathering session into the matter leads us to this unlikely possibility.

Because I refuse to believe an alleged "Mikhail Serdtsev" of Moscow Russia operates the website from a Subway station on the Asia continent.

As a member of both the Stop Mugshot Extortion and Right to be Forgotten movements, I perform many services to the community.
Our consists of several entities:
Petition runners.
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Hello everyone, my name is Sean Gugerty, and I have been stalked by cyber criminal Jason Watson owner of hundreds of criminal websites. The mainline business of Mr. Watson is the niche market involving the defamation and slandering of individuals with booking photos and arrest records.

Once I made the mistake of speaking out against the individual he has stalking and harassing me ever since. These criminals will stop at no length when they harass you, and they will cause harm to anyone and everyone around you in the process with no qualms whatsoever.

If you or someone you know has been impacted by Mugshot Extortion, My latest Ebook is Free for everyone to obtain and use for safe Reputation Management and search engine suppression. In light of Twitter Holocaust Mugshot Extortion brings you some Fan Mail for the mugshot man! These are real tweets to Jason Watsons slandering accounts! Enjoy America!


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The content on this channel has the goal of educating the public in the criminality of this defamation and slanderous market that was arbitrated by Google, Twitter, and Facebook, and murdering it from existence!

So in addition to spreading awareness, I also provide do it yourself tutorials on effective tactics and techniques for protecting your privacy and online reputation.