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Some videos were sandboxed by; a few showed steep drop in hits. As a test, I'm reposting them here, on bitchute. As far as I can tell, targets are [1] Videos on the nuke myth - probably because of the fantasies about North Korea; [2] Videos exposing the Holohoax, presumably because of continued Jew promotion of 'holocaustianity'; [3] Videos exposing race replacement; [4] Videos on Second World War and other Jew wars; [5] Videos on race violence, such as Colin Flaherty's. [6] Another rather submerged issue is US war crimes and violence and assassinations, but many white activists don't want to know in any case.

The longest video here is LORDS OF THE NUKES, and I really encourage people who still believe in nuclear weapons to to watch it -- there's an immense amount of material, so that half-remembered things (Bikini Atoll? Cuba? Neutron bomb? Doomsday Bomb? Rainbow Bomb? Jews in USSR? Cold War? West and East Berlin? 'Nuclear Spies'? Lyndon Johnson? NASA? Japanese fishing boats? James Bond films? Supposed unexpected 'collapse' of so-called Communism? Nuclear Power Stations supposed accidents?...) will I hope jog memories and make people understand how they have been lied to by the Jew-controlled media).
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*** My 2017 TOP TEN VIDEOS by VIEW TIME ***
[1] HIMMLER by David Irving in Manchester, UK. 101 min |
[2] JEW SHOCK: Discover Jews: Your Life May Depend On It. 52 min |
[3] LORDS OF THE NUKES. Nuclear fakes history 3hr 26m |
[4] HIROSHIMA: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED? with John Friend 1 hr 38min |
[5] WORLD WAR 2 -- 25 Questions, Answered by David Irving. 42 min |
[6] DEEP REVISIONISM 2016 (Faked news. Hoaxes & frauds) 1 hr 45 min |
[7] JEWS, GENES, NUKES, LIES, WHITES - Genes 1 hr 36 min |
[8] REAL SHAKESPEARE: Edward de Vere 49 mins |
[9] "NO NUCLEAR BOMBS ???" OPINIONS 2014 UK 7 min |
[9a] "Was the "HOLOCAUST" a fraud?" -Street opinions in UK
[10] DO NUCLEAR BOMBS (& NUCLEAR POWER) EXIST? with Deanna Spingola 1hr 32 min |