Alliance makes mostly sense, you help us we help you. Then people are creating discord in society (obviously because they are pissed).

And there you go. Nobody gets food.


Edit update: I will not upload more videos of this audiobook, but i will share more of my audio on this website
I am not stopping the tafsir audiobook. But merely archiving this channel. So just because there isnt more videos, it doesnt mean it isnt more interms of the audio. So hope it helped everyone!


The last audiobook video i will make for awhile. I am not ending my reading, its just this is where i left of when i started doing audiobook, to do away with the things that takes time which is the beginning basically. Since i plan on going college next year so thought it would make it easier in the long run. So i wouldnt have to have the long ones by then in a sense. So i will be sure to upload 30 tafsir one and the rest of them after i have done reading them all.

Painter: Ludwig Deutsch

These are the types of questions i like thinking about.

Context is deciding what people should enjoy? Questioning your sanity for what you like in entertainment world, such people i mean interms of Gatekeeping, not to be confused by being upset if the director or producer of certain series/movies removes something that makes a series iconic


edit: Guess one more thing i forgot to say. Being needy is often characterized as unattractive. (exception may be roleplaying games with people close... but just interms of livelihood philosophy and such)

But dont hook up with a hipster, their low energy sucks.
Overall, there is a distinction between demanding and "unsure" i think so bossyness i guess is natural form of earning that trust, although its considered unattractive behavior but its rules for some, depends how well one adapts or care that much.

And then there is cliches, fat bearded stupid guy with a wife, boring TV dramas or sitcoms on "oooh geeeh lets save our marriage" i hate that stuff on TV

But feel free to discuss!

In a sense i think George Lucas has a overall good philosophy of "Joy vs Pleasure" so be sure to look it up if you wish to, may not be a Star Wars fan, but it is good aspect of "Legit joy that lasts over time, vs pleasure that vanishes the moment you do it"

Movie i watched "Matrix Reloaded 2003"

A great classic beaten

(obviously Final Fantasy 4: The After Years on PC is exception, that one is cool) Simpsons is fun at times! I dont care what people say, i think Bart`s Nightmare on Super Nintendo was fun when i was younger! Music:

Good timewaster.

I am done. I even went through all the places in Chaos Temple on second time just to be sure here. Yeah i doubt Square made any secrets, wasted time but i am glad to have been done with this game. I will upload video here, just to do a final scratch on the surface. But yeah this game basically has no hidden secrets outside bestiary stuff, from what i found atleast there just isnt any.

Essentially, just showing my end results. And i think the music seem fitting. And now... i am actually finished. But yeah i guess i wanted to see if there actually was hidden secrets in this game, so i beat it that much time to see... can confirm. Not any, unless anybody wanna check themselves.

Also the song i use. Because "How do you kill that which has no life?"

Honestly the only one who seems real among the fake acting in the industry.

Sure low energized hipsters ruined it from 2013-2016, with the ugly undercut hair and toiletbeards. But its just gay in general if you care that much about face makeup.

I just had to share it, had me dying of laughter.
Original video:

You know, there isnt a crime using one word.


If you want people to even go easy on the roleplaying terminology of the 99% of Normal people... try to atleast not pick a word that sounds like "Sissy". Just saying.


For how to remove the Autobattle icon modification


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