Resistance worldwide

Fox News' Will Cain and Dr. Nicle Saphier make the case that it is time for the handlers of President Joe Biden to be concerned about his ability to govern.

It's looking like the Democrats woke nonsense and open border policies are starting to backfire!

check out the facebook page for the original video credit goes to BINARY

check out the facebook page for the original video credit goes to BINARY

what you tube have just done is they have proven what millions of people have been saying for more then two years in this video as you clearly see its bill gates and members of the WEF and videos of people who gotten side effects from the jab each and every time they remove a video it reinforces what millions of people know to be true thank you you tube for waking up the world.

Youtube just made there biggest mistake yet deleting this video from youtube for medical misinformation

How your content violated the policy

YouTube doesn't allow content that disputes local health authority or World Health Organization (WHO) information by explicitly denying the existence of COVID-19 or its severity.
and you mean to tell me that no one controls the world and big tech the msm and big pharma and the the cabal are not in cohutes with each other this is proof of the censorship that goes in black and white it can't be much clearer



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