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Michael looks at Mattel's revival of the Masters of the Universe action figure line!

#retroblasting #toylanta #sccomicon
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Michael is back from SC Comicon with a recap and new acquisitions from BOTH Toylanta 2024 and SC Comicon 2024!

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While working on the next Star Wars video, Michael had a realization about The Rise of Skywalker and the depth of the incompetence of J.J. Abrams.

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Let's hang out and discuss everything going on in the toy world these days! Open chat, no topic in pop culture is off limits! And a TON of mystery boxes!

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The greatest video game series adaptation of all time, underappreciated and forgotten, until NOW!

#retroblasting #manchildnews #super7
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The March 2024 edition of Manchild News looks at Super 7, Disney and George Lucas, and Hasbro Ghostbusters.

You know that feeling when you're sitting in the cinema, the movie is awful, and you're appalled? You look over to your friends for comfort and laughs, but alas, they love it! You are alone and scorned. What can you do? Why are you broken? Is there no hope? Join Melinda and Conrad as they discuss beloved movies we hate, and what it means for our immortal souls.

#retroblasting #rascaldoesnotdream #anime
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Special guest, Sal from Two Cents Toys, and Michael have a full series discussion about the supernatural anime series, Rascal Does Not Dream, including the latest films - Sister Venturing Out and Knapsack Kid.

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The latest fan creation from retro-70s sci-fi arrives as a Mego-style toy redemption for Buck Rogers! Hawk's fighter from Season 2!

#retroblasting #marvellegends #blackwidow
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Michael tracks the evolution and devolution of Hasbro's Marvel Cinematic Universe Black Widow figures from start to finish and provide a window into Hasbro's baffling decisions with their action figure lines.

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Check out Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader:
The DVDs made by Warner Bros from 2006-2009 are a pile of rotting garbage, and you might not even know it. Better check your movie collection and THIS VIDEO:

#retroblasting #manchildnews #deadpool3
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The February 2024 edition of Manchild News looks at Deadpool and Wolverine.

This month we each picked a topic based on the theme of *Water*. Melinda takes us through the sexy (?) history of waterbeds, and Conrad takes us back to the late 70s acid trip children's movie: The Water Babies. Bring your arm floaties!

#retroblasting #marvel #madamweb
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With the flop that is Madam Web, ever get the feeling the execs in Hollywood aren't just wanting an audience that's too small, but rather, an audience that isn't there whatsoever?

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We've gotten a lot of questions about Masters of the Air, so Michael runs down the best movies about B-17 Flying Fortresses in World War II to watch if you're enjoying the new miniseries.

#retroblasting #indianajones #dialofdestiny
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In a "breakout" re-edit of a section of the Indiana Jones 5 Mega Review, Michael discussed the devolution of Indiana Jones' famous outfit from Raiders of the Lost Ark across the four sequels ending with Dial of Destiny, and how the costume has over the years gone horribly off the rails.

#retroblasting #gijoe #arah
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Michael is taking a trip back into vintage with a look at some of the more troublesome aspects of collecting G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero figures from Hasbro!

#retroblasting #manchildnews #physicalmedia
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The January 2024 edition of Manchild News looks at new physical media, the film industry, and some toy news.

#retroblasting #xbox #indianajones
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Special Guest Tony Roberts from Analog Toys and Michael give their takes on the reveal of the newly announced XBox and PC game, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle

Melinda goes way down the rabbit hole on Cop Rock, the notorious singing sensation from 1990, while Conrad provides context through sharing a show that shaped it, the very British and very surreal Singing Detective from 1986.

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We can't believe it's been a full decade of Broken Vader! Enjoy (almost) all of the hijinks from 2014 to the present! Take a trip with us down memory lane!
Marty Gots a Plan by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.
Investigations by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

#retroblasting #anime #evangelion
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The recent video about Neon Genesis Evangelion prompted some questions about dubs vs. subtitles. Let's discuss... and bring in a few examples in the process.

#retroblasting #evangelion #anime
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Michael confronts Neon Genesis Evangelion, lauded by many as the greatest anime of all time, but a look at the content juxtaposed with the man who made it is a disturbing set of possibilities.

#retroblasting #wingman #xwing
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The fans are doing the best work, and the latest Star Wars fan film, Wingman: An X-Wing Story, is the epitome of that truth. RetroBlasting celebrates this achievement.

#retroblasting #manchildnews #actionfigures
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The December 2023 edition of Manchild News looks at the toy industry and the film industry.


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