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Watch in utter disbelief as the Retro King completes Friday the 13th for the NES. Plenty of time to share some of his thoughts and advice on life, as well as some theories about the LJN classic NES game.
You will also receive some tips and tricks that may help you beat the game.

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Behold! An XBOX original controller! Not the Duke...
Gaze in wonderment as this controller is thoroughly cleaned out. In doing so the controllers' functionality is boosted to astronomical levels! (not really but kinda) I can now control the world! Muhwahahaha!... (not really but kinda)

In this video I show you how I tried to help someone on YouTube. The video is quick so you will have to pause it in order to read what was actually communicated. Terrible I know...
The noises here are created by the manual disc eject mechanism. Usually its the spring that is caught up in the gears. If the spring is gone the spindle gear rests on the intake gears and will inappropriately rub on them as they turn to intake/ eject a disc. Eventually teeth will break off.

Although we solved the issue of crunching noises, due to the complicated nature of working on PS4 disc drives Tyler received more issues for his efforts. Now his games won't read.
I still have an open invitation for Tyler to try and get his games to read again. Although his console is "about done" - I feel he still has some time with it and I am optimistic that we can get it reading again.
Let this be a lesson for all. Before diving into something, make sure you have done enough research so you are familiar with how the thing works. Even so, It is still possible to break things beyond repair.

video game repair - playstation 4 disc drive grinding crunching noises when inserting and ejecting a disc

The video is fast so here is a check list if you need it.
If you know a better way of doing this please share in the comments section.

*Log onto YouTube and click on videos once you're in YouTube Studio
*Here you can copy descriptions and titles for BitChute
*Copy Title and paste it into Google
*Thumbnail: If your video has been around long enough or got enough clicks,
Google Image has a JPEG file of it, Click on it for larger file, right click on
large pic, select save image as
*Save image in your desired folder
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*Upload MP4 to BitChute
*Click Finish when done


Total Ebay purchase of $35 (probably after tax) *non working ps2 *new laser lens
30 minutes of work
1 video *several hours of editing
going to try and flip it for $90 *Console only

Laser pvr-802w
Always open your ps2 to see what laser model is inside. You will want to order the right model. Slims have several different variants which require different lasers.

video game repair - playstation 2 slim games not reading fix

PS4 Slim CUH-2015a disassembly video with special guest, The Flash!

All music is labeled copyright free by their creators (no purchase necessary) at the time of editing this video. Musicians are given credits within the video.

video game repair - PlayStation 4 Slim disassembly

Uncut video of a disassembly on a PS3 Slim. You wont believe what I find in there!

Video game repair

This process took about an hour and a half from start to finish. I did not film the reassembly. You only get the roach fun.

Music is credited at the end of the video.

See my other video on how to get roaches back in your PS4.

video game repair - PS4 won't power on - PlayStation 4 wont turn on -

WARNING: Attempt repairs at your own risk! Due diligence is required before attempts are made. I am not a one stop shop for the whole process. Due your research!
ISSUE FIXED: PlayStation 4 running loud all the time.
If your PS4 came from Game Stop or has been opened before, you might have this problem.
This PlayStation 4 (CUH-1115a) was running super loud. It had Game Stop tags on it. what will I find inside?
Thermal paste I use: Arctic Silver 5
*Don't bend the processor clamp as much as I did. That can push off thermal paste.

Watch in amazement as I noob my way through this procedure. All I got is cheap tools but they seem to do the trick.
Feel free to ask any questions.
All equipment was purchased from Ebay.
Total cost for all the tools I used was about $140 - $150
If I factor in the iFixit screw set then it goes up to $200

video game repair - Switch won't charge -

Got one of these? (I thought mine was the 8470p but it's actually the 8460p... Same laptop except the GPU is intergrated with the processor.)
Good news! Its easy to maintain! Well, cleaning out the fan and changing the thermal paste is - also changing HDD, Ram and Wi-Fi card are easy too. Removing the motherboard on the other hand is quite time consuming.
Hope this helps you.
This tutorial will also work with the Hp 8470p as well.

Disc tray doesn't open? just makes a noise? I'll show you how to fix that! AND YOU DON'T NEED TO OPEN UP THE CONSOLE!
If this method doesn't show results then the part will need to be replaced.

video game repair - xbox 360 disc drive wont open -

Does your Xbox One make clicking sounds when you insert a disc? Is it not reading discs?
Well I got a possible solution for you.

video game repair

Here is a short and sweet video guide on how to remove a motherboard from a Nintendo Switch.
I had already removed the black plastic piece that goes over the headphone jack before I started recording. Two tiny silver screws hold that down.
This was my first time removing a Switch Motherboard but it went really well. Took about 10 minutes to do. Now I can do it in 5 minutes. wow.

I apologize for the lame voice. I am too lazy to type it out. Way too lazy. In fact, I am far too lazy to even finish this senten

WARNING: Attempt repairs at your own risk! Due diligence is required before attempts. I am not a one stop shop for how to tutorials. Do your research first!

Does your Playstation 4 make a terrible grinding noise? Well I got a possible solution for you.
Update: Space was made on the hard drive and the game disc was read. All is good.
Sometimes consoles get too dirty to operate. I suspect there was an air mister or humidifier sitting near the PS4. That is a no no.

video game repair

Attempt repairs at your own risk.
If you, the viewer, have any questions feel free to ask.

video game repair

WARNING: Attempt repairs at your own risk. Due diligence is required before attempts made. I am not a one stop shop for repairs. Do your research before going in!

Video is for entertainment purposes.

Does your Xbox One S give you a notification about insufficient ventilation and then shuts itself down?
I have a possible solution for you.

The reason it was shutting down was because the fan had suffered an impact which pushed the fan down onto the heat sink. I carefully pulled the fan upwards, off of the heat sink while also holding down on the heat sink as to not pull everything off of the board. This freed the fan. The machine worked fine for about 3 months then the fan failed completely. I ended up buying a replacement fan. They clip onto the heat sink so its not very difficult to replace.

WARNING: Attempt repairs at your own risk! Due diligence is required before attempts are made. I am not a one stop shop for how to videos. Do your research!

This PlayStation 4 is one of the early models to be released. I got this PS4 in and was told it didn't take in games and would run very loud when playing a downloaded game (fan inside).
As with everything, I clean out the machine and inspect.
The disc became stuck inside in a way that, if you didn't know it was in there, you'd never know because it was held in a levitated position that enabled you to slide more games in. No motor action obviously because of the disc inside blocking the sensors. Once I cleaned the monumental amount of dust out and resurfaced the lens, all worked great.
The fan ran loud do to the heavy build up of dust and dirt.
Hope this helps others diagnose issues they may be having.

Feel free to leave questions and I will do my best to answer.

video game repair - PlayStation not taking discs disks

Join me won't you? On this wondrous adventure.
The thermal paste was dried out and in need of replacement. It is still running at the same temperature but better off with having new paste in there. 134 - 140 degrees Fahrenheit in game play.
140 F - 60 C is not abnormal for the 360 models. They get hot. Help them last by replacing that thermal paste. I used Arctic Silver 5 for the compound.

video game repair

This game lives again!

Music credit:
Gee- Even Freakier Bits
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video game repair

This video shows you one way to get past the dust cover in order to clean the pins.

Enjoyed the music? Check it out at the links below!

Royalty Free Music - 8 Bit Adventure! by HeatleyBros
YouTube channel:

Atari game cartridge fix - video game repair

Nintendo cartridge's are old and need cleanings. If your cart was well taken care of, you will only need to do this process I show you in the video. If the cart has had a rough life there will be more that needs to be done.
Enjoyed the music? Check out these links below!

SONG: 8 bit dub step button masher

INSTAGRAM! : (rossbugden)

TWITTER! : (@rossbugden)

video game repair - Nintendo game cartridge cleaning

When you screw up your Nintendo game and think your cartridge is toast... Think again, those ROM chips inside can be inserted into a matching board. A transplant if you will.
Mega Man works on a UN ROM board.
I probably hav miss spelled worbs in the video. I aporowgize.
*Edit. Wow.... Reto fix... Really?

video game repair

Back from the dead. This video will show you the process of sanding the "pin fingers" of cartridge based games. Do not resort to this technique until you try all non abrasive strategies.

Music by
Digital math
Infinite cosmos:

And also a song by
Something new:

video game repair

If you ever wondered what the inside of an Ultra 64 Game Pak looks like... Here you go!

Music by:
Teknoake –chiptune – Hero’s day off
Download Music:
**This track is Royalty Free and is free for anyone to use in YouTube videos or other projects, whether monetized or not.**

Hero's day off:

video game repair - N64 game cartridge


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