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Bendy and the Ink Machine is a survival horror game developed by Joey Drew Studios and released in October 2018.

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Super Hydorah is a shooter developed by Locomalito and released in 2017.

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The Paris Catacombs are a twisting maze filled with dangers, but JC finds his way to his goal.

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Mega Man X is a spin-off of the classic series developed by Capcom and released for the SNES in 1993. While this game features many of the elements of the original series it also includes new mechanics, such as special upgrades.

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Monsieur Denton takes a trip to France and shoots some fools.

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Kirby's Adventure was developed by HAL Laboratories for the NES and released in 1993.

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Denton completes his mission and sinks the ship and its payload of Grey Death along with it.

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Pitfall! is a platformer developed and released by Activision in 1982.

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Deus Ex is an FPS RPG that was developed by Ion Storm and released in 2000.

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Azure Dreams is a Japanese style Roguelike for the Sony Playstation that was released by Konami in 1998.

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Denton must infiltrate the naval yard to stop the shipment of Grey Death from reaching its destination.

We travel back to Hell's kitchen to find Stanton Dowd. Things have changed for the worse here and JC will have to watch his step. Also, sorry for all the fumbling at the end, which I kept in for the sake of comedy. That friggin' ladder always gave me trouble.

JC has to return to Versalife after ending the war between the Triads.

Our hero explores Mez's Temple. Also sorry for the lack of commentary, I've been very busy.

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In this episode we explore Versalife and its dark secrets.

Due to time constraints, I'm going to move forward with this let's play without commentary. Sorry if this disappoints anyone. Let me know if youy like the new format or prefer the old one.

Denton visits the Lucky Money club and is attacked by horrible crab monster cyborgs.

Hong Kong proves to be a place of mystery and intrigue as JC finds out not everything is what it seems.

Sweet Home is an survival horror RPG made for the NES by Capcom and released in 1989 exclusively in Japan.

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JC escapes from the secret Majestic 12 base only to find himself on the mean streets of Hong Kong.

Flare: Empyrean Campaign is an open source action RPG developed by the Flare Team for Windows, MAC OS, and Linux.

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Our hero wanders around in some more caves (not for the last time!) and accomplishes nothing of note.

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I buy some new armor and do some more exploring.

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Silent Hill is a survival Horror game that was released for the PlayStation by Konami in 1999.

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JC settles a few scores with his friends at Unatco and sets out to meet Tracer Tong in Hong Kong.

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