A new prototype Zaku takes out a group of experimental GM units. It's up to rookie pilot Shiro Amada with nothing but a Ball to save the last remaining pilot.

Today we wrap things up between the White Base and Ramba Ral's forces.

After Sayla accidently gets the Gundam shredded in a fight, Amuro decides to take the mobile suit and take off because he over hears Bright criticize him. So the melodrama continues.

The young crew of the white base continue to have mential and social breakdowns as they are hunted by veteran soldier Ramba Ral on their way to join the Federation's Operation Odessa counter strike.

In the finale of Cross Dimension. Boone is finally defeated after his team is wiped out.

The last of Wolf Gar is defeated as a second wave arrives and Henry Boone stands ready for his final battle.

The battle in the desert continues as we smarted up to get out of a tight spot!

It's the start of the end for the Cross Dimension chapter of the One Year War. The Wolf Gar team rebounds at night to take another shot at securing or destroying the new model Gundam developed by the Federation. It's all or nothing now.

The end of the original confrontation between the Wolf Gar squad of Zeon and the Albatross team of the Federation!

When another zeon detachment attacks the federation albatross base, the Wolf Gar team sits back to watch as one feddy pilot goes rogue and takes control of the experimental new unit to fend off the attack.

Starting off another new chapter, this one sourced from an old video game. The Wolf Gar team is seperated from their main unit in a desert where they stumble across a brand new RX Project prototype.

In this episode the Machosias squad comes face to face with an early prototype of the federations first mass production mobile suit, the GM Ground type!

Moving on to the next part of the opening chapter, here we meet the Marchosias, a group of pilots deemed too violent or insubordinate to work in other elite units. Here they have a mission to take out a unit of Guntanks!

Today we start a brand new chapter. Meet the federation squad known as the Slave Wraths!

The Foreign Legion joins the battle as Matt and the rest of the 3rd MS Team struggle against the invading Zeon forces.

Starting a new chapter, this time we play as the 3rd MS division in the Federation, Also known as the Test Corps.

Continuing our mission we have to defend a federation base from Zeon incursion including new deadly mobile suits like the close range Gouf and highly mobile Dom!

The battle against Garma wraps up as we confront the giant Gaw carrier face to face.

Bright has to smack some sense into Amuro before everybody dies!

The struggle is real for the White Base as Garma seeks to overpower it through sheer numbers.

Looking to escape the colony, the White Base is confronted by none other than Zeon Ace Pilot Char Aznable and a fateful encounter ensues.

Finally catching up to the original series proper, nine months into the one year war, Zeon agents discover Project V, a top secret federation mobile suit development project. Denim and Gene come face to face with the RX 78-2 Gundam!

The battle continues as we struggle to tactically take down superior units with superior numbers while running low on ammunition.

The struggle in the desert comes to an end as another rejected experiment fires it's last shot in front of the 603 Technical Evaluation Unit.

The battle in the desert continues as we clean house with the Zudah!


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