Arthur's adventures in the old west conitnue as he hunts a bear, ambushes a rival gang, and gets drunk!

Robbing trains, hunting for food, moving a settlement, brawling at the bar, another good time in the old west!

footage from both Red Dead Redemption games set to Johnny Cash makes for a damn good combo!

Introducing a new cinematic series of the Red Dead Redemption video games! Will be presented in chronological order, starting with the new prequel! Enjoy!

Finally tracked down Lydie but naturally things go from bad to worse.

Bring on the bones in today's episode!

The Finale!

In this episode Death has a rekoning!

Continuing our mad run to the end of the game, we fight our way through an army of skeletons and a zombie version of a previous boss!

Launching the binge to the end, I rush to complete Harmony in time to play requiem!

Picking up from the last episode we hit another warp gate and climb the clock tower to discover the secret of this iterations of Dracula's Castle!

Dark Souls vs Castlevania! Today we explore the cave of illusion and enter the next warp point.

Plunging ourselves deeper into Dracula's Castle we encounter another retro boss and a warp room!

Using our new Double Jump ability we climb a tower! This can't possibly go wrong!

Had to start over, original playthrough got real ugly but we are back and much better than before!

Simon fights his way ever deeper into Dracula's castle as the stakes continue to get higher!

We begin our journey through Dracula's castle as Simon Belmont in this remake of a remake of the original NES game!

Fifty years after Simon Belmont defeats Dracula, his grandson Juste visits and old castle looking for his childhood friend. What new darkness awaits this young Belmont?

Harmony of Dissonance was originally released for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance in 2002. Here I play it on the WiiU Virtual Console. Always good to start a brand new Castlevania adventure!

The Finale! Simon challenges Dracula's strongest monsters before facing the dark lord himself!

Taking a look at both versions of Sonic Chaos (Master System and Game Gear) Early upload for Bitchute!

My playthrough of the original version of Sonic CD, with some footage from the opening and ending edited in from the Taxman updated version (the original disk no longer plays those scenes, plus I didn't unlock the good ending with the original)

Played the master system version of the game as Sonic. Wound up being a shorter trip then I expected, but I did enjoy myself.

Playing the next title in the 8-bit Sonic line, Sonic Chaos (also known as Sonic & Tails) on the Game Gear. Will be doing a playthrough of the Master System version as Sonic as well in preperation for the review.

Full playthrough of remade Sonic CD as Miles "Tails" Prower.

Wrapping up the story from the games I've played and reviewed thus far with some music. Enjoy


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