Spent a lot of time farming to make things so I'm skipping around a bit in the footage now. I experience the first loss in my tribe as I build up our ranks and search for new useful creatures to tame.
Also plenty of action and more then a few deaths this time around.

On our third day on the Island of Ark Survival Evolved we add not one but new new members to the tribe. I'm sure nothing can go wrong!

In our fourth episode of Let's Play The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword we dive into the Faron Woods to meet one of the ancient tribes of what would come to be known as Hyrule.

Zelda is missing and it's Link's job to head to the surface and find her.

Finally Link recovers his trusty Loftwing and gets to compete in the Wing Ceremony, but something goes terribly wrong...

The beginning of a fresh playthrough of The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword on the Nintendo WiiU.

OUr hero Link awakens to find his crimson Loftwing missing. What nefariousness is afoot?

Wrapping up the first chapter of classic Doom with the first boss battle!

Today we are taking a deep dive into one of the most recognizable gaming franchises in history! Doom!

Doom Guy doesn't get PTSD, he IS the traumatic event!

Taking our first dive into Hitman with Silent Assassin remastered on the Sony Playstation 3! Good times!

In the second episode of the Dragon Ball Saga, Goku fights an epic battle in the world martial arts tournament and meets one of his greatest enemies of all, the Demon King Piccolo!

A quick look at a nifty little arcade game I picked up at Wal mart


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