Taking a look at a rare classic!

playing the 8-bit Sonic 2 from start to finish. Where to find the emeralds and how to beat the bosses to unlock the good ending!

A story told by memes, enjoy!

The battle for the 08th MS team wraps up as they take on the massive mobile armor Apsarus II.

Another lost episode, this time part 3 of 4 from 08th MS Team. In this part we take down the Zeon battle fortress Dobday as we move on with the mission!

The white base crew has gotten away from Char in space but they land in the lap of Garma Zabi in North America.

we botched the bonus so after restarting I get quickly caught up and finish the mission.

The battle in orbit to protect the HLVs fleeing Operation Odessa heats up!

While testing the 'new' Zudah unit, the 603rd is called to action to protect Zeon forces fleeing from Odessa from the Federation.

The battle comes to an end as Zeon is forced to flee Odessa despite the hard fighting Midnight Fenrir being successful.

Having taken out the Guntanks, we move on to the Mini Treys as the rear guard protecting them.

Having secured a base to launch from, the Midnight Fenrir take on federation forces head-to-head at Odessa.

Moving form the Federation Delta Team, we reunite with the Midnight Fenrir on the front line of Operation Odessa.

After wiping out the Adzam, we help Delta Team with mop up operations to wrap the stage up.

We split our teams us as we fight our way further into the enemy position, and trigger the bonus with some extra units to capture.

moving on with our mission, we hit a bit of a hiccup against the powerful Adzam so we take another crack at it. This time it's mobile armor vs mobile armor!
note: Sorry it's late for some reason they aren't automatically uploading my Youtube vids here so I have to do it manually.

Sorry for the delay, didn't double upload from YouTube for some reason.

Anyway today we return to the 03rd MS Team of the Lost War Chronicles to launch Operation Odessa. After months of preparations, the federation is finally prepared to launch it's first major counteroffensive against the invading Zeon forces, and we are in the middle of it!

Finally wrapping up the first chapter of 08th MS Team, with the rest of the major threats out of the way, it's time to come face to face with the massive mobile armor Apsarus II.

The battle moves to the jungle as we help the 08th MS Team take out a deeply entrenched Zeon outpost using some ambush tactics (mostly running over them with support chains)

A new prototype Zaku takes out a group of experimental GM units. It's up to rookie pilot Shiro Amada with nothing but a Ball to save the last remaining pilot.

Today we wrap things up between the White Base and Ramba Ral's forces.

After Sayla accidently gets the Gundam shredded in a fight, Amuro decides to take the mobile suit and take off because he over hears Bright criticize him. So the melodrama continues.

The young crew of the white base continue to have mential and social breakdowns as they are hunted by veteran soldier Ramba Ral on their way to join the Federation's Operation Odessa counter strike.

In the finale of Cross Dimension. Boone is finally defeated after his team is wiped out.

The last of Wolf Gar is defeated as a second wave arrives and Henry Boone stands ready for his final battle.


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