The second half of my first set.


The last storyarc I collected from the IDW Transformers run

Taking a look at the next soft reboot of the IDW Transformers comics, headed by Mike Costa in an attempt to be as preachy as his predecessor Simon Furman.

Taking a look at transformers comics published by IDW.

Next up we have Shane McCarthy's run known as All Hail Megatron.

Busting open a classic for some fun


Bought a book with the hopes that it would be helpful.

An honest review from a long time fan.


Not much just wanted to let you guys know whats up

Arcade Archives HAUNTED CASTLE!/en-us/tid=CUSA09306_00

Taking a look at retro golden and silver age versions of Superman!

People always say they remember when Mark Waid was a good writer. I'd like to know what alternate universe they are from

was trying to debug my audio situation when a let's play Nioh failed so I made this first impressions video instead, enjoy!

So YouTube blocked my video so fuck 'em. Here's my take on the recent Mortal Kombat censorship controversy.

On today's episode, Zeon agents stumble across an experimental Earth Federation Forces mobile suit that is active! The story of the original Mobile Suit Gundam finally begins in September of UC 0079.

Welcome to the end of the world everyone! This time it's russian! My very first time with this title making for those that like their Let's Plays RAW!!!

We return to the 603rd technical evaluation unit as they test out an experimental battle tank in open warfare!

Turns out Bumblebee underperformed and the film franchise isn't being rebooted after all! Oh no! The Humanity!!!

Live action films continuing:
Bumblebee Sales
IDW comics loosing money badly

Dante fights his way to the basement to stop his brother Vergil from opening the gate to Hell!

Footage captured from DMC3 Dante's Awakening from the Devil May Cry HD Collection on the Sony Playstation 4. Edited and uploaded WITHOUT ADS! Enjoy!

A cinematic series made by splicing scenes from various Devil May Cry games together in chronological order WITH NO ADS! Enjoy!

Quan Chis plan is revealed as the final showdown plays out.


The new generation of the defenders of Earthrealm get tangled up in the Outworld Civil War.


Shinnoks plan comes to fruition as he uses his new soldiers to invade earthrealm.


All the dramatic intros and finishes chronologically



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