GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords film

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Super Robot Wars MX Portable video game.

This is a compilation of all the Machine Robo Gandora attack moves.

Machine Robo episode 1 - "Rising Storm! The Fighting Style of Justice!" English subtitles

These are the official English DVD subtitles

Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos 11

I am currently working on the subtitles for this episode.

Steel Jeeg 1x01

Shiba Hiroshi who participated in the All Japan Kanto Grand Prix. However, in the middle of the race (self-named), a catastrophe that was slipped by the banana peel released by rival Don and his child's pancho, was thrown away from the machine, and was bounced twice. If I think that, then I will pin and resume the race. Although he won the victory, he couldn't hide his surprise.
 At that time, the queen of the disturbing kingdom was resurrected. Started invasion of Japan to restore the kingdom that was destroyed in ancient times. Archaeologist, Shijiro Shiba, who felt it thinly, headed to him in an attempt to reveal Steel Jig in the air, but on the way was surrounded by the members of Himika's executives, Ikima and Haniwa soldiers , Threaten to tell the hidden place of the copper spear. Seijiro refused to do so, but after repeated torture, he fell from the cliff, and when Miwa discovered it was already severely injured.
 The Sima family, who was preparing to hold the championship party, was struck by violent turmoil as his father returned. And at the same time my father died, a glove and a mysterious pendant were entrusted to the air.
 The air that I can't convince my father's selfish death. His father's voice just headed in the direction of his father's voice. There is a father on the computer room monitor. Father Jijiro had transplanted consciousness and memory to a giant computer machine father before his life. And the mystery of the great imperial empire told in the air. The result of elucidating the copper jar found in Kyushu. In the past, there was a distracting kingdom ruled by dictator Himica, who made full use of different dimension science in Japan. A build base built in preparation for the battle with them, and a trump card that protects Japan with a steel jig. And the steel jig is in the air. In cooperation with Miwa, he is on a mission to confront the Great Kingdom as a steel jig.
 And now the air battle has begun. Suddenly to face up to the revived Haniwa phantom, Lugon, he was thrown out by Lugon's attack. However, according to my father's words, wearing gloves and screaming with steel jig, the air turns into a jig head. Steel Jeeg is completed by combining the parts ejected from Miwa's big shooter that rushes to the scene.
 The battle between Zieg and Lugon begins, but the air that remains impatient because of the first team is forced to struggle. He becomes a pinch in front of Lugon's monster power and trap, but escapes the crisis with the help of a big shooter. In response to my father's advice, Zieg Bleecker tears. Zieg Bleecker won the first victory with Lugon as the end.
 Somewhere fresh after the battle. According to his father's will he decided to break the ambition of the Great Kingdom.

Transforming robot toy fire honor soldier

Ultraman Vehicle Combiner Toy Commercial

Centurions 1x59 - The Better Half Part 2

Centurions 1x58 - The Better Half Part 1

First aired July 29th, 1987. The Garsack group who visited the reconnaissance to the Duster district encounter a Glendos army and is forced to fight a disadvantageous situation. Akira shoots out the restraint of Garzak, trying to call Mach Blaster.

Centurions 1x02 - Battle Beneath the Sea

Centurions 1x01 - The Sky Is On Fire

Never seen before outside China, Junkion Blacksmith actually produced a promo commercial for their Matrix of Leader cosplay accessory!

Because the GoBots toy line was called Machine Men in Australia, Challenge of the GoBots aired with a different opening!

The Saga of Battlestar Galactica from the LP

First aired July 15th, 1987

Plot: The Good Luck is hijacked by the Glendos and treated as their fortress. Meanwhile, Akira 's Battle Hackers' enlistment is officially decided, but there is a discrepancy between Luke and Mia' s opinion.

The French dub of the Revenge of Cronos episode 35, "The Secret of the Jewel People".

The French title translates as "In Search of Eternal Life".

First aired on July 8th, 1987 Original title "ジェットライザー全弾発射" Plot: Akira wants to join Battle Hackers. However, Garzak is strongly opposed and can not hide his discontent. Meanwhile, Drill Crusher and Wheelman troops go into certain actions as Proto Track Racers are released.

Third-party Transformer commercial!

First aired July 1st, 1987. Episode title is "クリスタル盗聴作戦"

Synopsis: The soldiers defeat Silver Wolf's surprise attack strategy three consecutive times. RIM analyzes this result, the probability that the strategy will fail so far is only 2%, it seems that there is a possibility that someone is eavesdropping on the strategy.

Originally aired June 24th, 1987. Episode title is "最強戦士アールジェタン"

Originally aired June 17th, 1987. Episode title is "烈風マッハプラスター"

Japanese title of this episode is "ジェットライザー緊急発進"

First aired June 10th, 1987.


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