my review of shaders
the shaders that dont use raytracing are too noisy
most of them are too warm in terms of realistic light and the specular mapping are off
sonic ether needs more work, reshade doesnt work, continuum is outdated and works only with specular mapping, project luma is too noisy but has good pathtracing

Track: Protector 101 - KILLBOTS - 10 Artificial Consent (Street Cleaner Remix)
Footage stolen from a disgusting evil wignat ppgnda documentary

press f to pay respects

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shut up kyle

donald drumpf state of teh union adress

watch me killwhore for 20 mins

isabelle on hiatus, welcome elon musk to the podcast!

watch in 144p for best Yugoslavian quality

heh heh heh

basded and magapilled

Featuring Iconic figures from the Video Game Industry, Isabelle Animal Crossing and Sans Undertale come together in a compelling podcast to talk about memes, history politcs and tech.

tkae that beterson
wash yo bepis

thats how caliphate works

merry christmas from sans

starry night


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