Don't let them bite you because you will become infected. Head shots.

A real survival truck....God Bless.

Windy day at the beach.....God Bless.

God Bless us.

Thank you Wil Paranormal.

God Bless us.

God Bless us.

Port Orford Oregon.

I don't know if this is real or not, it looks good to me. Thank you Razergamers.

Anvil Fire, Curry County near Port Orford. Zombies, FEMA, Fake Alien Invasion or Meteors. Blackout of the internet. Winter, colds and flu....God Bless us.

FEMA, Zombies, Aliens, it's going to to be a hell of a party.

No zombie blood in me. FEMA homes for the homeless. Storms on the east coast. Some of the vaxxed around here.....God Bless.

And for today's fun.....God Bless us.

Twilight Zone.

And mRNA is going into everything that has to do with your health.

Storms are being used in this depopulation agenda.....God Bless us all.

A lesion for blue states.

The West Coast of Oregon.....God Bless.

God Bless us all.

World wide storm. Destroying 70 million acres of forest trees. Burning Man. The storm we will be hit with on a physical, mental and spiritual, like a tear in the Matrix. Plasma fires, microwave and laser weapons. Zombies? New vaccines, kill shots. Warlords in the next years. Religions......God Bless us all.

Think survival gardens for next year....God Bless.

God Bless us.

Twilight Zone.

Stand up for our Constitution and The Bill of Rights. Disclosurehub.


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