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There's only one way out of whiteness, kids. That's why they teach the CRT before the gender stuff.

I've never heard of these 3 men before, but if what their alleging is true....

I remembered seeing this, and thankfully was able to find it again.
Unsure about the "watch the water" thing, but it's plausible enough. Video by EntertheStars

Simple tools, even disguised as normal protest signs, can prevent injuries like we saw among Australian protestors this year.

Look at those limp dummies flopping around in the air. Fully intact when getting "blown up". Notice all the Holodomor era costumes have just been put on- not worn all day, and not how people dress today. Some actors just aren't feeling it and calmly stroll away. We are in an actor based reality. (movie clip from "wag the dog", 1997. For all we know, this was filmed by Sean Penn:

I think this Canada Convoy (controlled opposition) was intentionally staged in the dead of winter on the notion it would be easy to manage. Instead they ended up surprised to see the organic rallying of people undeterred by the elements. That's why that creepy lady had a meltdown on the news over the hot tub. They didn't foresee that.

Aussie on job site building isolation chambers claims the gas line they're installing is connected to the ventilation, and shows you where the only weak point is, where one could possibly break out.

Listen to how this entity refers to the child of the woman it has taken over.
Please take care of yourselves out there. Much love.

Ready to leave your body, and have your consciousness uploaded into the new world?
I reckon the realm these consciousnesses are getting uploaded into, is the "5D" realm the new agers think they're going to ascend to. More like an AI simulation than another dimension.

This has happened before. It's very clear that the lawlessness was intentionally set in place for a reason.
Listen to these accounts of the frequency causing aggression. A military grade weapon that's been used before.

What's the true death count? It's the anniversary of the Paradise fires where many were disappeared like this. Like Paradise, this concert had a "reunification center". Why if only 8 casualties? Because the reunification centers is where a big part of the coverup happens.

Jab required for entry to this Travis Scott concert. The set looks like the La Palma volcano with CERN in the center! How many youth went into cardiac arrest?

When you have intercourse with someone, you swap genetic material. Always have.

After this stream, David Seaman went on the run, crying from hotel rooms in secret locations, claiming the bad guys were after him.

We won't let you down, man.

Been conversing with someone that's in Montreal, and looking into it. So far the only death that day they have found was a man that was a homicide on the street, that they don't necessarily think is him, but cannot say for sure. From what they explained, it sounds like Montreal is a bit stingier with making info public than I am used to here in the U.S. I think it probably also does not help at all that we're looking for answers during a holiday and weekend. Since I don't believe "officials", I hope we'll hear from a family member that it's true, and perhaps his medical issue was something known to be possibly fatal. That would bring the most positive closure of all the possibilities, but we'd have to wait and see if they offer it. I'm not bugging anybodies family for a damn thing.

Love it! "Have A Merry Christmas Y'all" If you haven't looked into reverse speech analysis, please do. And check out how Obama saying "Yes, We Can!" reverses to "Thank you, satan!"

Warned via loudspeaker prior to the blast, duping delight mayor after the blast.


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