After this stream, David Seaman went on the run, crying from hotel rooms in secret locations, claiming the bad guys were after him.

We won't let you down, man.

Been conversing with someone that's in Montreal, and looking into it. So far the only death that day they have found was a man that was a homicide on the street, that they don't necessarily think is him, but cannot say for sure. From what they explained, it sounds like Montreal is a bit stingier with making info public than I am used to here in the U.S. I think it probably also does not help at all that we're looking for answers during a holiday and weekend. Since I don't believe "officials", I hope we'll hear from a family member that it's true, and perhaps his medical issue was something known to be possibly fatal. That would bring the most positive closure of all the possibilities, but we'd have to wait and see if they offer it. I'm not bugging anybodies family for a damn thing.

Love it! "Have A Merry Christmas Y'all" If you haven't looked into reverse speech analysis, please do. And check out how Obama saying "Yes, We Can!" reverses to "Thank you, satan!"

Warned via loudspeaker prior to the blast, duping delight mayor after the blast.

TV isn't showing what's happening in NYC.
More info here:

Vid banned by YT. Download it while you can!

I just noticed that YT pulled this video at some point. Backing it up here.

Literally. California 9-11-2020
#Agenda21 #CaliforniaWildfires #CaliforniaWildFire #CaliforniaIsBurning #DEW2020 #DEWs #SmartCities #SmartCity

This is elementary Neuro Linguistic Programming. Very elementary.... like pick up artist level. But it works. See her invoke "imagination" and feeling to hypnotically send the subconscious mind of the average maga-tard on the heroes journey where he/she will be changed/transformed (transhuman), whether they like it or not. Theatrical emphasis to enable safe viewing for educational purposes. NLP only works when you do not know it's subtle ways.

Because of the coming "vaccine". Seeing the shitstorm that's been forced upon us, the Trumptards are realizing what's coming. Well established Q-tard twit accounts are flooding his comments, telling Daddy NO. Of course.... at this point... what difference does it make?

Haven't confirmed this, but certainly don't doubt it.
Clipped from longer original:
I'm on youtube:
Found via: Join the Dots:

Her husband is smiling, because the boys are back in town... to SHUT IT DOWN!
Her entire story was from 8 Am (ish?) – 2 PM? The husband wants a divorce and kicked her out, so she went to a hotel. Went to Target, tried destroying it, and got kicked out. Got an Uber back to her hotel. Immediately went shopping, bought thousands of dollars worth of stuff using daddy’s credit card (literally). Was eventually stopped because she refused to wear a mask. Got kicked out of the hotel, walked around with hats ON HER FEET because she apparently lost her shoes. Got another Uber to her house. When she went into her house, her Range Rover was there (somehow) and she tried to leave. The husband stopped her, took her purse away to keep her there. Called the cops. Told the cops how much of a threat her husband is, told them he had unregistered guns, anything to get HIM arrested Then here we are.
We have IDed the woman as Melissa Rein Lively the CEO of The Brand Consortium

More about her here:

Youtube banned this video as it was processing. Before it even uploaded.
I don't know the woman in the video; I found this featured on Daniel Walkers channel.

The ending if nothing else.
Clipped from Barricade Garage's slightly longer vid here:


Youtube deleted this a week ago, and the bitchute upload just sat there never processing.
Compilation from clips making the rounds on twitter.

Why would we have The Patriot Act, that 2012 NDAA, that "black site" they got caught running in Chicago, & staffed detention centers, etc, if they aren't going to be used for us? "If you follow us, you will be shot." Who are these agents disappearing people in an unmarked car? Those old Seattle WTC protests where Americans were taken to detention centers was mere practice. As much as I'd like to see "antifa" communists shut up, this is not the way, and it won't stop with them. And to think, all those Q followers cheered when The Donald announced spending billions to upgrade and expand Gitmo.....
The snatch and grab footage is allegedly a 20 year old female that was taken to a detention center set up in a stadium in San Diego last week.

Looks like Detroit, but could be one of any number of cities, as they'll all look like Detroit before they can be built back up in the "smart" image our unlawful rulers have in mind.
I know this isn't news as the footage is nearly a week old I think, but I took some time off, returning to find it was already riot season.... and I still have my coronavirus decorations up. Of course that will come back once riot and gay pride parade month is over.
Clips found in twitter comments, the last one probably being Seattle, as it was in Gov Inslee's comments from an angry resident demanding to know why this is being allowed.

Due to bitchute glitches, this is where I've been active lately: reason that justice and rule of law appear dead is due to a multi-generational sleight of hand. IMHO, "Legalese" is the language of demons used to maintain a worldwide Babylonian system that we accidentally "consent" to. Since this "consent" is manufactured, it is illegitimate.
More here:

You feel me?
Vocals: "Break Curfew" by Adam Lawson

“When it comes to contact tracing, how are you guys going to handle people or families who want to refuse to test or to self isolate?

If they want to leave their home to get groceries I know you’ve said they can’t do that; how will you make sure they don’t?“

Below is Jay Inslee’s response:

“We will have attached to the families a family support person who will check in with them to see what they need on a daily basis... and help them. If they can’t get a friend to do their grocery shopping, we will help get them groceries in some fashion. If they need pharmaceuticals to be picked up, we will make sure they get their pharmaceuticals... That’s going to help encourage them to maintain their isolation too.

“As far as refusal, it just shouldn’t come to that, and it really hasn’t. We’ve had really good success when we ask people to isolate, and they’ve done so in really high percentages, so we’re happy about that, and we believe that will continue.”

Therefore, those individuals that refuse to cooperate with contact tracers and/or refuse testing will not be allowed to leave their homes to purchase basic necessities such as groceries and/or prescriptions. He also wants us to know that the National Guard is here to help us for health reasons, and nothing more.

Full conference can be seen here:


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