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I have totally changed my family Friendly channel, it's now called it's all gone Sideways and it will be rants and swearing aplenty, it's going to be more raw than this channel.

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Terry Christian a rabid leftie remainer has wished any OAPs who voted to remain to die of the flu .

Boris Johnson has asked the queen to suspend parliament so he can push through a no deal Brexit.
There are tantrums from the undemocratic remainers and many tears from the snowflakes.

what is the definition of a traitor? and who in politics could fall under that description? we know lord hwa-haw was tried as a traitor after the 2WW but under those same laws who know is in violation of those laws?

the people who have allegedly silenced Jeffrey Epstein can do what they like and will never be held to account.
the real rulers the 1% are above the law that governs the little people.
the video footage playing behind me shows you some of the most high ranking and devious men and women in recent history.

12 noon oxford circus join other Patriots and be aware there maybe the smellies out to great you

People are asking me what side am I on it's simple I'm independent.

This is an horrific crash and my thoughts are with the people affected. In this video I talk about whether car meetings should or shouldn’t be banned, and how best to police them.

the commies in labour want to abolish private education and seize the property for the government, much like any good commie would want.
just like the land grabs in Africa,
like in China where property goes back to the state!
but most of all private education is not full of far left commie but jobs trying to brainwash are kids with marxists doctrine, God forbid we teach kids to think for themselves!!!!!

Danny is Tommys close mate and protector , he is about to be fitted up by the police and really needs a solicitor but as a working man cannot afford it.
please give whatever you can afford to help Danny fight this BS


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