Reverend Simon Sideways

Reverend Simon Sideways

To the despicable individual who is defacing our war memorials know this karma is on its way !

John Bercow is definitely not impartial when it comes to BREXIT as the video footage shows!
Should he be in his position, given his bias?

Oh the irony! 3rd generation Pakistani Muslim man laments the lack of white faces in his community. It's not about skin colour, it's about assimilation, or lack of it - mass immigration isn't working!

AFD Chairman has been attacked in what is being reported as a botched assassination attempt. It's interesting to note this comes days after the AFD announce that if they were in power they would push to leave the EU.

John Barnes talking total shit about islam

do you think this attitude is left behind when the  cult members come to Europe.

you think girls are not being killed in the UK for honour? you think girls born in the uk are not exported and forced to marry (become slaves), this is happening now.

the feminazie are not saying a word about it.

We are doing a pub stream 18+ chat with my mates to talk about what's going on in the world right now. It will be on my main channel Reverend Simon Sideways, guests are Richard Inman, Red Cuffs, Wry Thoughts and myself.

I want to hear what you have to say, I want to hear your thoughts ideas etc, so come and talk to me on discord it's so easy and very friendly and a huge laugh.
We talk about almost anything on there.
But for real news you can't beat discord!
click on this link to join discord

So for the benefit of the left who believe Owen Jones tells the truth here is a small video to prove the man is a complete liar.
People on the left are being sucked in by Owen Jones and others like him in the Labour Party. Many on the Left have the best intentions, like we do, but are being taken for fools by these lying Marxist/socialists traitors. Just watch this video then comment - what do you think?

1950's Egypt was a lively cosmopolitan swinging place to be before the ideology of happiness took over. Fast forward to the present day and Labour MP Shahid Malik explains his blueprint for Great Britain's capitulation through the democratic process.

9th December - Brexit means Exit - plus a short rant about Farage

Looking back over his record since the referendum result, I have my doubts about Farage, who seems not to want a Patriotic UKIP leader who will tackle the many problems the UK now faces

Looking back over his record since the referendum I am wondering what the H*LL Nigel Farage has been playing at! He seems not to want a Patriotic Leader who will tackle the many problems the UK faces.

NGO'S or non government organisation's are training migrants to lie and how to act to beat the system and gain access to Europe.
there plan is to flood Europe with migrants that have no reason to be here they give them acting and role play lessons.

So the ANC have finally come out and said they are going ahead with a land grab programme in South Africa after saying they where not .
At a speech given to the EU Ramphosa states clearly he will be taking land from hard working land owner!

The marrakesh declaration the plan to flood Europe with Africans from the 3rd world.


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