Reverend Simon Sideways

Reverend Simon Sideways

This man is a good man a peaceful man yet YouTube are bullying him for doing the same as everyone else has done

this is the 3rd video from this visit to london the other two are on my other channel (Reverend Simon Sideways family friendly)

This is not my video and all credit goes to Eddie is ok and Brian Harvey, I have been told by Eddie is ok to post this on my channel

I have a few thoughts on this

Emily insults trump as you would expect and I give her a load i call her and her group out.

i have decided to offer people who slag myself off and red pill Phil and Brit Girl calling us all number of things that are untrue a platform to call us out to are face via a live stream i challenge these people to come on and TALK reasonably with each of us and see what comes from it ? i have offered you a platform its over to you.

where you donations are spent

your kind donations to my channel have definitely not been wasted this is what it has been spent on not forgetting fuel and parking experiences thus far to date I outline where the money will be going on in the short term and that's my overnight stay in various places .

this bloke is cancer to Britain's values and traditions he is a liar and plays the victim card all the time .
politics is worse off because of owen jones and the sooner he moves on the better

As Theresa May carrying on on her total mess on Brexit I put the case to making a change and voting differently because if you don't do something new how do you ever expect change?

Mays betrayal of the people made me turn a corner last night in my video I spell it out

i have never felt such bad feeling for another human being as i do for this woman foul language from the off

Some advice to people pushing their religious ire at myself and my subscriber's

a second case of porton down fever has been alleged and farage says he's is coming back to front line politics.
Iraq judge hangs Isis members to protect Britain.

A mix bag today advice on a puppy . A huge thank you to all are service people they don't get near enough thanks. And another Cathy Newman winner

A bit about how and why I do what I do

Danny Dyer just showed his limited understanding of brexit on TV.
Danny ffs lay off the politics mate

I have to go on a diet and need your advice please.

A few giggles at the beginning but a fair bit of hostility at the end of the video I don't debate I video others and let you make your minds up

This video is a collection of different things and the brexit march on Saturday in london

Just a little upload from the joint channel Craig and Si.

There was a lot of issues with the bandwidth probably to do with everyone live streaming the football. Sorry


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