Reverend Simon Sideways

Reverend Simon Sideways

Frankly this Q sh*t is getting on my nerves most of it it total BS and good people are being taken in with it.
As also Theresa Mays speech, farage, and more

The DFLA are celebrating the first anniversary of the march I'm London that gathered 70,000 British patriots.
They are meeting at speakers corner and marching to Whitehall.
More details are yet to follow so visit their websites for more details.

i let rip on my latest video and call it as it is no more being nice thing is its to much for youtube so you will need to go to my bitchute channel to watch it

if you are the kind of leftie cunt who spends all their time defending the rape culture in Islam and calling the rest of us racist far right you are the problem and i wish a plague of a thousand locust infest your arsehole

Alexia Abnett founder of Southern African Fight for Rhinos: SAFFR

the situation in south Africa regarding farming and the economy will obviously impact the conservation of wild life.

A fine example of common purpose and deluded insanity trying to solve crime with complete incompetence.

this should be alarming to any one with a brain.
do you want to live like this? some one decides you have "wrong think" and you will be reported and watched!

this makes the Orwellian fantasy world look amateurish.
people you know may have a bit of a grudge or envy are they going to report you!
in a atmosphere where being seen standing about at a free speech event can loose you your lively hood, this should be alarming.

Levi Strauss has sunk a million dollars into a plan to encroach on the second amendment, he says it not an attack on the second amendment but I say it DEFINITELY IS.
also join myself and other patriots on my discord server where you will be in good company.
how to join discord instructions

I'm off to Ireland this weekend to support the launch of the new party in southern Ireland that is your equivalent of UKIP but with a lot more policies.
IREXIT freedom party is the best thing that can happen to Ireland and to the rest of the people in the UK!

French fishermen declare war on British fishing over as they see it over fishing and unfair quotas but these are quotas set by their own government.
they have armed fishing vessels and now fire bombed them

Yet again Trump has pointed out the fake news coming from South Africa.

In a time when the main stream news is controlled by the globalists with a narrative to push and even pry-ministers dance to their biding (sharia may)
Yes white conservative Christians are being systematical attacked and murdered by people acting with the blessing of the government.
we get eye witness accounts and real information from people living through the news war.
we hear what the fake news is covering up, what they will not let you hear.

A chat live with those most at threat in South Africa right now

pathological altruism has its limits, when it becomes obvious things have gone drastically wrong.

we must start the debate again, do not let thugs from the likes of momentum and union backed ANTIFA prevent it as this is very dangerous.

this will permit extremists at both ends of the political spectrum oxygen to grow and that path leads to to violence.

political correctness is stopping the debate.

whipping up different ethnicity's in to hate and victim hood, has become a cottage industry and very lucrative, MPs in the British Parliament have made a full time job out f it.
the only people who can be legally discriminated against are the ethnically British in housing, jobs, education, policing and sentencing to name but a few.

openly in the media we are constantly bombarded with negative stereotypes, this is deliberate and is raising tensions.
recognize the race biters point this out at every opportunity make it clear what they are doing and shame them as they have blood on their hands.

the people of former east Germany know what a totalitarian state is like.
using all the buzzwords to try and discredit the upstanding sensible populace is dangerous.

exactly who are the government representing?
when the average person can not voice legitimate concerns without being vilified!

the retrial of political activist and journalist Tommy Robinson, has moved as the CPS despite three months and a full video of the alleged infringement of what ever law he was arrested for, fails to come up with a charge!

the unheard of five hour from arrest, conviction, sentencing and incarceration, was over turned by the court of appeal, with grave concerns expressed about the speed and breaches of the legal process.

Tommy is out on bail recovering from the ordeal of his political imprisonment and miss treatment.

a show of support would help him and show the MSM that average people have seen what can happen to people that speak the truth.

there is a vast difference between the income of pensioners and the income if immigrants.

also a vast difference in the attitude shown to the two.
remember "progresives" you are one day going to get old, think how would you like to be treated?

all the remoners who cry the old have stolen our future, look at the youth unemployment figures across Europe, yet again older wiser heads saving you from yourself.

the van will not have flock wall paper and a disco ball this is a rumour with no truth what so ever.

The political establishment of the UK are delighted to endorse the butchering of numerous animals in a crewel blood bath.
Unstunned slaughter is barbaric enough but this frenzy of cruelty is beyond the pale.
why are the animal rights activists silent?

The elephant in the room that the liberal progressive left do not want to talk about it the increase in white slavery. I come with a few other facts to upset the Champaign socialists .

Yet again another honest journalist, Liz MacKean, 52.

Who worked at the BBC until she decided to quit in 2013 after executives banned her ground breaking and brave investigation into paedophile Jimmy Savile in order to protect him and other high level paedophiles from exposure.

Not jumping to conclusions given the almost scripted discrediting of numerous whistle-blowers we have witnessed over recent decades is hard.

make your own mind up about this specific case but in future when you hear about some one flagging up this kind of thing remember it.

Big brother is watching you!

overly dramatic? perhaps not, with face book and google mining all your dater, you carrying the best severance device ever invented with you at all times (the mobile phone).
arm chair quarterbacking is not a option, with the purge of "wrong think" voices you can do your bit.

as simple as going on social media and share post, look for subject associated with the latest video of any one pointing out truth.
look for threads and posts about this subject and drop in a link to the video, you can do this.
you can be the resistance, you can be the link that wakes up a person, this is how we will take back freedom.

rev vent his spleen about the ruling elites covering up of rape gangs and terrorism.
why are paedophile hunters being shut down ?
admitting what the problem is the first step if you cant even speak about it how can we begin to solve it.


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