Reverend Simon Sideways

police ran amok this weekend bashing innocent people and showing their true colours, the police are against us.

the parents of a child whos life support was about to be removed were forcibly removed from their daughters side

we should all say not to lock down and no to vaccination.

In a world gone mad to speak the truth takes guts

Black lives matter thought they looked great leading white people around as slaves humiliating them, little did they know they where acting out some middle class fetish.

Black lives matter see Jesus as a sign of white supremacy, all things pertaining Caucasian jesus must go

Simply put if black lives matter then so must white lives? You cant say black do but white dont!

You cant satisfy a ideology bent on taking over, so stop trying to appease these people and say fuck off to their demands.

With MPs and other famous wankers protesting with violent antifa and BLM I assume the lockdown must be over right?

In a message to police, latino gangs said stay away we will take care of black lives matter rioters for you.

This is a song to call out the double standards, and the outright racist attitude towards white people these days

The worst collection of virtue signaling leftie wankers descended on London's icon to display their wokeness

Paid thugs and antifa have been stirring up trouble in a bid to destabilize trumps presidency.

As the title says

Every fucker Is all of a sudden a expert in covid 19, everyone has a theory, the government, media, a dave up the road, truth is no fucker has a clue what's happening.

When the left have got on your tits once too often, play this video , and remember we are winning!

This is a big FU to the lunatic left out there, the ones who want to destroy our society and the traditions and history we hold dear to us.
This it to say we are watching you and we are not going let you do it anymore.

Broken land is a song originally recorded by a group called the Adventures.
I decided to re-write the lyrics to suit the Britain we live in today.

A look back at the last week

Look back at the last week

Ralph is further right than far right, Jay is a liberal , the both debate their political positions in a friendly but opposing position.

The village idiot making threats

Gwyndaf response video (from above the kebab shop) mocks the west and the capitalist dogs for flooding the world with Corona virus.


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