Reverend Simon Sideways

It does not matter to what god you pray or what power you serve, if you abuse kids we are coming for you.
The lid is finally coming off and your days walking free are numbered!

Remember the weapons of mass destruction affair. we went to war with Iraq on a lie.
it seems to me we are going down the same road again with Iran

The government has no trouble with sex pests and wronguns taking a holiday so they can offend without chance of getting caught

What this bent copper said turned out to be more true than we could imagine

Some total twat with a dislike for jews who thought he was a edge lord larping as a far right idiot got prison for planning terrorist attack in uk

Ricky Gervais called out the so called woke wankers in Hollywood for the brain dead fake fools they are and it was beautiful.

Gwyndaf sends out a strong message to the west from the comfort of the flat above the kebab shop

When you have sod all interesting to say and no policy just talk about who you want to sleep with sounds like a winner.

The trials and tribulations of a wannabe Welsh Islamist.

Thoughts for the new year whilst still pissed.

A UK school is asking its UK pupils to do an essay from the perspective of a parent whose child was a victim of the Manchester bombing, saying they forgive the bomber for killing or maiming their children

thank god people saw through labour's BS and voted the only option they could

I talk about why france is crippled with strikes and what it's about ie pension reforms.
france gets 3 times more than the uk .
also I talk about uk terror laws and Nigel Farage's Brexit party falling apart.

I cant trust the followers of Islam because they will not tell the police about know terrorists or rape gangs ect , if you are not grassing them up you are protecting them


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