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Desperate times desperate measures how to put off a terrorist that is not a suicide bomber this is how to deal with the ones we catch alive we need to get across to them they are never going to see their virgins i have a good idea!

Tony blair has done no end of harm to great Britain and Europe come to think of it the middle East to, his policy on mass immigration has ruined the future for a children and made the UK a much worse place to live. Because of his illegal war on so called terror has made us hated by many countries. His latest is a change of policy about immigration but all the while trying to scupper brexit. He has no regard for the wishes of the British people or democracy. He has lied to us about so many things and should be up on war crimes. He should also be investigated to see if there are any links to the mysterious death of Robin Cook and Dr David Kelly both men where vocal about the legality of the war in Iraq and the fact there where no weapons of mass destruction

By watching tv and believing everything it tell you you are one of the useful idiots. When you trust what you are told you can be swayed or manipulated into voting or thinking in a certain way the powers that be have doing their bidding. Anything from political correctness to believing a war is justified or a leader is bad. This video shows you a tiny clip of the media pushing a harmless line but it shows you that a narrative can be easily pushed without being noticed

BILL C-16 orwellian nightmare is here its not so much they have taken away free speech but more over telling you what you must say.
the looney left and their mad ideas of being progressive have stepped well over the line!
if Canada wants a totalitarian state they are well on the way with this little gem.
In this blog i rip apart the insanity that is bill c-16 i must warn you i use strong language .

16 year old girl who went to fight for Isis looks to be facing a death sentence for being a Christian. The female in the video is clearly in pain as they mock her and leed her on a walk of shame shouting the blonde Christian can't take it she wants to go home. She is in a lot of trouble but what did she expect that they would all treat her with the values we hold dear in the west!? not likely they are a pack of savages!!!!!

a warning to all wannabe terrorists you are going to fail in your overall objectives. you are going to make the good people of this country turn on you and you twisted ideology.

22,000 people linked to isis free to roam the streets of the uk!
security services have confirmed that at least 22,000 isis members/supporters are on the streets an free to do as they wish at the date of this video 27/5/2017.
the uk simple does not have the resources to track this amount of people as i have said before it 60 security people to tract one suspect that means we would need 1320000 people working for the security services to track isis in the uk alone !

this video is aimed at the little self proclaimed intellectuals that live at home with mummy and or daddy, you know the ones that tell us all how to run are lives or others how to run the country but probably couldn't run a bath without supervision. You know the ones that can't cook or look after themselves and are totally lost if mum goes out for the day. they want to school us on how run a government and economy but can they a job let alone balance there own finances . worst still they have learned just enough to believe that they are superior to all others but have no life skills or experience. some of these people want to write a book! on What? how to throw a tantrum when mummy turns the internet off! now this is not aimed at all that live at home with parents just a set few who need a real case of reality in their lives.

To the nutter throwing missiles around stop it before you get taken out you know you are in the wrong even Putin thinks you are out of order, so for the love of god stow your tits! i dont blame you for being a touch paranoid I would be Sat on all of those precious metals and minerals not to mention the total lack of a Rothschild bank in your country oh and the US military industrial complex getting peckish but you can't win so write a will if you wish to carry on! found regards the west

UK to trail semi-autonomous heavy goods vehicles called platoon convoys the eat the media led us to believe is that there would be driverless heavy goods vehicles using the British roads but this is not true.

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