Reverend Simon Sideways

Reverend Simon Sideways

Molly a 96 year old pensioner and war hero was the victim of burglary, the robber stole 100,000 pounds worth of jewellery from her house.
The burglar put a flash light in her face before she chased the person out.

The blind vet that was asked to leave the Knight's Templar bar in central London was asked to leave as he was a Tommy Robinson supporter.
Tommy was not impressed when he found out and went back to the temple bar to ask them a few questions.

live stream later with the DFLA - and I need some (confidential) info from you teachers as to whether Cultural Marxism is taking over in some schools as well as anything else you would like to talk about.

I changed this video slightly to a more realistic commentary ie REV style.

the media used every trick in the book to try and paint a picture of thugs support Tommy.
this irresponsible hate mongering is legitimising extremist left-wing thugs to become increasingly violent.
a third of the speakers are Jewish "Nazi scum" this is antisemitic hopefully the police will investigate this!

We thought we would trigger the Loony NPC left who attended the people's march.

It was bloody fun, with much gnashing of teeth, frothing at the mouth, remainers are potty mouths.

Femanazi, political idiocy, ignorance of fact was prevalent! the myths some of them believe is astonishing every thing from all aircraft will be grounded to Cornwall will flood because of brexit!

this Saturday we will be joining the vets at midday. they are marching to raise awareness about ex military suffering from PTSD . these ex service people have been let down by the powers that be.

a chat to justice for are boys on why they are camped out opposite downing street.

I have proof that there was NO VIOLENCE from the DFLA but plenty from the POLICE!!!!!

leftie muppets really boil are piss

The European union are trying to push a rule/law that any vehicle that moves must be insured even if it never goes on the road this means it will effect so many people. and they are meddling in things that do not concern them!

Ezra Levant of the Rebel media group interviews Ricardo McFarlane a Muslim convert ( revert) on a street in London.
Ezra asks Ricardo McFarlane some frank and open questions in a off the cuff interview.
Ricardo wants sharia law to rule Great Britain and infact the world.
after a difficult interview because of people shouting I got to ask Ricardo McFarlane what would happen to the Christian people in Britain under his sharia law?.
in a brief chat with me he said he would debate Mufassil Islam on the merits of Islam and sharia law so this could be a very interesting interview.
my web page address you can find links to all my other social media platforms there.

Frankly this Q sh*t is getting on my nerves most of it it total BS and good people are being taken in with it.
As also Theresa Mays speech, farage, and more

The DFLA are celebrating the first anniversary of the march I'm London that gathered 70,000 British patriots.
They are meeting at speakers corner and marching to Whitehall.
More details are yet to follow so visit their websites for more details.

i let rip on my latest video and call it as it is no more being nice thing is its to much for youtube so you will need to go to my bitchute channel to watch it


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