Reverend Simon Sideways

the commies in labour want to abolish private education and seize the property for the government, much like any good commie would want.
just like the land grabs in Africa,
like in China where property goes back to the state!
but most of all private education is not full of far left commie but jobs trying to brainwash are kids with marxists doctrine, God forbid we teach kids to think for themselves!!!!!

Danny is Tommys close mate and protector , he is about to be fitted up by the police and really needs a solicitor but as a working man cannot afford it.
please give whatever you can afford to help Danny fight this BS

this confirms what we already know liberals are nuts

James Goddard arrested

Me and the milkshake magnet (Sargon) will be in Torquay tomorrow (Sat) 3pm Abbey Meadows come and join us.

My take on Project Veritas expose

Reverend Simon Sideways meets the Three Stooges

There is a think tank in the UK that wants us to go easier on kiddie fiddlers this makes my shit itch

I went into work and found flags and LGBT banners everywhere, and, well, you can imagine my response

Ladies, Political decisions will affect you personally as well as your children. So you need to take an interest in what is being planned. Your future happiness, and that of your children, depends on you.

When you get woke or red pulled and your friends don't you will fall out mark my words

these two are trying there best to get my attention and smear me as some kind of denier but as with the hard left context means nothing lol. please do not contact these people as they have enough to deal with in day to day life.

Just to clear up I know I read from a piece from Lucy but it's exactly what the left have been saying to are faces over the last 4 days

According to local media the man who threw a milkshake over a MEP candidate said his hand slipped!!!
if you believe that you will believe anything!!
I show you the real truth.


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