fun romp through how ridiculous some accusations and rumbles can get among truthers, kooksters, and unhinged gingers in this Marky-Mark Doggy-Dog Chi-Com-dot-com world .

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My new digs include freebies!

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Cartoonish freakouts and disingenuous outrage about two accurate Ilhan Omar Tweets—obscure much darker issues regarding the Israel Lobby, Jewish power, and inculcated insanity throughout ZOG America.

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Dives deep between one-note "No more borders!" lefties and one-note "Build the wall!" righties.

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Hardcore Postpunk:

Israel gets lovelier by the day.

Time for doggie intervention!

three TRN episodes edited into one production

Tribute to Grant Hart.

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Robert Inlakesh dunks on Dershowitz

It was an honor that Daniel Walker invited me to join. Even though I barely knew a couple folks, didn’t know a couple others, methinks things went well. That first avatar shocked you too?

Beware the Israel octopus: its eight legs have nine lives each.

Beware the bundled lip balms you buy at discount prices.

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We like music:

My title—but Aaron Kasparov’s badass video. Mirrored from his main YouTube channel which ThemTube recently terminated. Freedom and diversity in the house!

Daniel Walker from Activist-News joins Pastor Oilfield to discuss censorship, activism, Bolshevism, Christianity, Palestine, courageous journalists by day who Aren’t nazi arsonists by night, elitists with the private-jet outlet option, Yemen, 9/11, the War on Terror, Zionism, and West Papua.

Pastor Oilfield's also gathering evidence to expose the millions this maniac’s been making from selling blingy tiki torches worldwide.

And P-O's also making music with some bros:

four Waleed Higgins' films combined into one. YouTube and some nations have limited some works here or blocked them entirely. Waleed explores Hollywood, 9/11, Zionism, Trump, and more.

YouTube deleted the first upload for this after it reached 200,000 views. It regularly censors productions that expose the narrative which claims that Germany alone was responsible for World Wars 1 and 2, that Germany alone committed the war crimes in both wars, that Germans are victimizers but never victims.

The Jews who dominate YouTube and other “Western” media are fine with folks sharing facts or even fiction about Germans, Europeans, and Christians. But they actively suppress people who report professionally and accurately about Jewish criminality against non-Jews, about non-European crimes against Europeans. Such information control, double standards, and lacking empathy push the horizon of healing for humanity to a depressing distance.

News, GOV, and more have slandered Germany, attacked Her with their shock troops, called Germanics racists for mobilizing to honor victims and defend their homeland. But Germans have risen again in inspiring ways to remember the dead and defend the living.

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Props to Vlad Tepesblog

from Israel Is The Real Enemy’s channel

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props to all creators and compilers here

from Israel Is The Real Enemy's channel

Lauren Rose footage

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Let's rock:

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Vital Organ Auction:

Or does he? Who wins round one, round two, overall?

Special acknowledgment to the people who participated in the successful fundraiser to buy a giant bear for Bolton. Unfortunately the NSA, Sears, and Facebook wouldn't let JohnBoy's new company complete its trip to DC. But at least John knows we care and my name's landed on another list. :D

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Dig these tunes:

“Trusted” YouTube flagger the SPLC also writes hit-pieces. Including one on Owen Shroyer and Adam Green. Know More News and RTR Truth Media did a collaboration response. Which unsurprisingly has been Limited on YouTube.

Pastor Oilfield edit from a TruNews production that YouTube banned from its self-declared free and diverse community because there’s no way it’s unethically covering for Israel.


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