Behold, one of the BEST designed characters!

a.k.a. Jimmy Lee's Bizarre Adventure

So no Ultraman?!

The true form of all SJWs

Have you ever heard of Candyman?

Just finished a simple circuit in Digital Fabricating Class

Undercover Commie

For Might, For Right...WE ARE DOUBLE DRAGONS!

Such a Sweet Sensation!

Stoopid Magpies!?

HOLY SHIT! ...Alright, can we go home now?!

You da man Francis!

Quick Question, is this show ANY better in it's ORIGINAL context?

My copies of this show is like a 4Kids time capsule, all the bullshit through ONE bad cartoon

A fake Anime built around fetishes...but seriously Enjoy

The Continuing adventures of No Go 13

At what do you realize "She's not into you" ?

One and a Two and a Three little piglets...

The Good idea fairy even visited Tom and Yerry Seinfeld

Move over Sonic, Mario Mario is is here to make Video Game to Movie History!

That SO Gay...

Anyone else thinks this movie needs a Reboot?

Before Leon, this was Your Man with the Plan

GAYMERS rise up!? Also just made it to the 1 year membership Milestone...Yeah not much when we've all been here for about that time.

Well, I wanted to post Three Kings but someone beat me to it. Here's a Classic Eddie Murphy flick before he got Progressive (Read Unfunny)


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