Animaniacs, WHAT!?

Could it be as great as the Secret of Shinobi?

Mazes and Monsters is a far out game but D&D is life!

Classic stories with psudo Anime art style, must be a cash-in

...Or misguided GI Joe knockoff

Halfway through Season 1, how is everyone liking the show?

I got a treat for you, it cost me a bit to do but here's a Classic from the Tech TV era.

Re upload, a fun show from the bygone era of Cartoon Network with characters you can stand and plots with stakes...comedy stakes



More of my old animations, the first book (only book) failed but Amazons loss.

Some Gameplay from My PS4, kinda short

I do like Italian knockoffs...what don't see it?

You want to know why I couldn't stay in the Street Fighting game? THIS...



Almost fully dubbed?!

Still disappointed with the Batwoman TV series? Try this Batwoman, she's not much better but she has a better plan

Anyone in the mood for snow? How about snow wielding Teacher...


I shit post, but not every post has to make sense

A strange movie that shows us what the Power Rangers would be like if America came up with the idea


Back in the 90's this show somehow caught on despite being regulated to a 6:30 AM slot later in it's run. I like this version because unlike the redub put out decades after anyone cared to help the boring remake, the DIC dub while dated gave it more punch than one would have expected from a shojo Anime.

Growing up, growing down, either way it's not an easy thing to do


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