Will these puzzles ever end?! Stay tuned to find out! It's no..The answer is no... :P Thanks for watching!! :3

Senua travels along the Shipwreck Shore to find the broken sword, Gramr. Thanks for watching! Please enjoy! :3

We climb our way through the final stages, with everything thrown into the mix! Also, we help some fellow "sheep", so that's pretty rad. Thanks for watching! :3

This just continues to get crazier, but I love it. This time we may be responsible for more than just ourselves... Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed! :3

Vincent's brain explodes as The K/Catherines get catty! Just
Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoy! :3

We go along with Senua as she fights her way across The Bridge to Hel! Thanks for watching, and have an amazing day! :D

Senua travels through Surt's domain to slay him, bringing her one step closer to Hel! Thanks so much for watching! :3

I actually MIGHT be getting the hang of these puzzles..maybe. Yeah, more drama and Vince makes some big decisions! Thanks for watching! :3

These puzzles...ugh! We continue to climb the tower as life gets harder for poor Vince. Thanks for watching, as always! :3

These puzzles are getting pretty hard, lol! Continue the effed-up story of Vince and the C/Katherines with me! Thanks so much for watching! :3

Senua travels the Road to Valravyn, where she will face the God of Illusion. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy! :3

And now we have Ice Blocks. Fantastic. Join me on my journey as I face most hated nemesis, yet. Thanks for watching! :3

Vince continues to make bad life choices. One of those is tangling with a giant baby who obviously has no manners.
Thanks for watching! :3

We begin Senua's journey to reclaim her beloved Dillion from the Goddess, Hela. Want to come with?
Thanks for watching! :3

Well, Vince has done it, now! Join me for more puzzles and drama...sounds exciting, right? :3

Vincent scales more towers and converses with some sheep, who have interesting things to say. Annnd, he makes a pretty big mistake.
Thanks for watching and stay awesome! :3

We begin our adventure with the poor Vince, who just seems to have bad luck. Or does he?
Thank you so much for watching! :3


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