We going to the niggi swamp planets at the center of the galaxy.

Me and Molly nailed that samefagging faggot creep to the wall today! It was glorious! Niggi dimensional merge. Hail the White Knights of Bisher.

I Trolled Paedophile Samefag Sneep/Lecherous/Yuumenene/Koolman/Waifulover Into Outing Themselves!

This guy used a bunch of different accounts that he was using to have fake arguments with himself while attacking Molly in the most nasty and non niggi of ways.

He got fully wrecked and exposed in the comments to this video. Molly blocked him to preserve the evidence because otherwise he would delete all his comments like the cowardly shit stained rat he is.

Molly sez Saturn is purple - purp-EL get it?
And Israel has EL in it.
Therefore Israel is purple.
Can't make this shit up!

Luigi Roasts Molly Bisher:
Red Alert 2 Links:
Watch the full Pro RA2 Match I showed:
🔥Marko VS Latof🔥|| Red Alert 2: $400 Tournament (Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge)

Shill Channels that say he was Controlled Op are the Controlled Ops.

They cannot handle any disagreement. Weak.

So cool.

No one, shall dig you up
From the, depth of their thoughts
As the years, will pass you on
And your mortal brains and bones turn stone

Nothing, shall reach your ears
Far from, their clear blue tears
As you lay, in slow decay
But all love, from up above
Still makes your heart just move, enough

No one, shall dare to leave
Fading, my legacy
As the years, will pass me on
I’ll be gone

Clip from
I Think You Should Leave
Season 2 Episode 1

Rebellious Meat Puppet Exposed as a fake tech guy. Narcissist, fraud, liar! Midwit! Piece of shit!

He's not a senior network engineer, he's a fuckin idiot and con artist!

Bitchute's resident narcissist whiner claims that he is a leet hax0r but has never demonstrated any technical knowledge or vocabulary. This fools the dumb people that think he has anything to say, but to someone knowledgeable it is clear this guy is a con artist and not a talented one. But probably a better con artist than a network engineer.

He is a wire puller. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but why represent yourself as something you are not? Senior Network Engineers don't wear work gloves.

Here is his latest deranged rant, comments disabled as per cowardice(note this is different from the one that I show in this video):

You're not too bright just the way I like em!

Chicken lady is a long lost relative of niggi nation

Molly finally comes clean!

NiggiGotz2nut2nite and NiggiShroomPoppa parts released early!

Molly needs to get to the swamp and have some quality Niggi time.

There are three copies of this on Bitchute, none of which will play. Had to go to Odysee to find the film. Let's see how long this one lasts.

Got sunny the day after and took it down.

Molly uses the Biblical bit about emnity between adam's seed and eve's seed to claim proof that Cain was the result of Eve having sex with the serpent aka satan in the garden of eden story.

I am going to show with simple logic that this is impossible... and that Molly's theory is more lazy, ill thought out nonsense borne of her hubris and lack of awareness.

Niggies have repeatedly offered to help her discern reality from crackpot nuttery, but molly in her malignant narcissism has barred the real niggies from her comments and claiming she owns all niggies,

while chatting up a literal admitted activist pedophile and encouraging him to continue his fantasies and create more cp. and advocating genocide against "canaanites", a group she claims to hail from.

"and I will put enmity between thee and the woman,
and between thy seed and her seed;
it shall bruise thy head,
and thou shalt bruise his heel."

sounds more like it is talking about emnity between men and women rather than about the so-called serpent seed...

regardless... the passage cannot possibly be talking about any serpent seed nonsense.

because logically

Any so called "seed" of Eve, is also the seed of Able and Seth and any other children Eve may have had

If Cain is of the "seed" of Eve

Then so are all her other children

you idiot


the passage is not about so called serpent seed

Molly debunked again, simps shamed.

Molly is a low effort low talent dilletante conspiracy theorist, hateful racist, and a false witness blasphemer against all that is holy, as befits her admitted dragon blood, serpent seed, canaanite and nephilim ancestry

Please be careful when viewing molly content.

Typical, the upload function, and adding thumbnail wasn't broken, so bitchute breaks it. Doesn't work in firefox.

Most people are subhumans, I wish they would drop dead.

Molly Bisher Encourages Bitchute Pedo to make Child Porn while Advocating Genocide of "Canaanites"

Seems like Bitchute is turning into a paedophile hangout. Admitted Pedo Stalin lover, admitted Dragon bloodline, Canaanite, Nephilim and Serpent Seed spawn Molly Bisher has gone so deep into mental illness she prefers talking to paedophiles than Niggies, and tells them to create child pornography drawings. Creating child sex exploitation material is illegal to do in Canada and many other countries.

Then advocates genocide of Canaanites, a group she has admitted she belongs to. One of the most disgusting episodes yet!

Her morals have gotten even worse since she became "Christian", and she is pure evil.

Please copy and paste the below into some of the popular/trending channels to help spread this message, thanks:

Molly Bisher advises Bitchute PAEDOPHILE to Produce more CHILDPORN!!

Aug 26


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