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Update to include previous missing information. Happy Freedom seeking!

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How To Win Without a Lawyer:

This Is A Brief Study Of My Grandfather's Sophomore, High School Book From 1932. This Deception Has Been Around for a While. No Wonder We Are All Running Around Confused About Where We Live.

Win without a lawyer:

We don't know when this video was recorded. We don't know how it was recorded. We do know why it was recorded.

To Keep You A Slave To Their Agenda. Wake up!

Win without a lawyer:

I believe this was recorded around 2016, sign up below for all his great stuff.

Crrow can be heard at

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Not much else to say. Be yourself.

Win without a lawyer:

Life Is Too Short To Worry About Things That Are NOT Important. Be Yourself, Go Forth And Prosper.

Win without a lawyer:

Quick update on now and in the future. I love you all.

Win without a lawyer:

Loving what I do, having a great time and wishing all would learn their own freedom. It is not free.

Win without a lawyer:

Win without a lawyer:

Texas U.S. Representative Chip Roy, Exposes the Fraudulent Fauci. Way to go Chip, God Speed!

A Little Getting Off My Chest Time. Enjoy Your Family, Don't Forget The Egg Nog!

Win without a lawyer:

Good Luck Virginia Beach, Still Ain't Gonna Happen!

When you stop to think about how ridiculous property tax actually is, and how much it effects your livelihood, you will start paying attention. Win without a lawyer:

Enjoy your Christmas however you can and spread truth to your family members, they deserve it.

Win without a lawyer:

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Say Hello To Chip Roy. He Just Gave It To The Stooges Of The House of Representatives! I Wish For This Mans Continued Safety.

Win without a lawyer:

His Website:

Tell him how much you like his determination for all of us.

Take A Look At This And Ask Yourself The Question.............Hmmm.

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Win without a lawyer:

This ground breaking video will demonstrate to all those "sleeping" sheeple that we have a mission to do. We are just getting started, shake off the slumber and put your big-boy pants on! Share this video far and wide.

Managing Stress For Deprogrammed People Can Be Difficult That Is Okay, Enjoy Your Time With Normal People, Drop Them Some Bread Crumbs.

Win without a lawyer:

Basic Understanding of Our Realm. Be Fooled No Longer, Energize Your Soul With Truth.

Win without a lawyer:

Original video from his YT Channel, link:

One of the Most Informative Speeches I Have Ever Heard.

Win without a lawyer:

Mirrored from, Link to video: Visit This Site if You Are a Like Minded Truth Seeker. Peace be to all.

I thought it was all taken care of, I was wrong. The tyrants are deaf, blind and unwilling to speak. "Real Estate" tax applied to Private Property UNLAWFULLY. Look at your State Constitutions, it is forbidden for ANY government to do this. FIGHT BACK!

Win without a lawyer:

Go out and enjoy your life. Most problems are manufactured distractions to keep us from rejoicing the harmony of life. Take your power back! Audio rendered low, turn up the volume.

Win without a lawyer:

Taking another drive around Virginia Beach and discussing what's on my mind. (Corrected audio)

Win without a lawyer:

This is a personal account of my correspondence with my State Senator. It is very telling as to the process of initiating "Law" No [email protected]#$in thank you! I'm out.

Win without a lawyer:

Win without a lawyer:

Conspiracy Music Guru, a.k.a Alex Michael. These are all mirrored from his YT Channel, with all links. Visit his channel for much, much more and links to his merchandise. Thank you Alex for all you do! Get your butt on BitChute my friend.

(Latest Smash Hit) Big Pharma:

I Told You So:

Television Watching News Believer:

Don't Let Them Take Your Mind:

Flat Earth Man, Nasa Faking Everything:

I Don't Want To Talk About Nasa:

No Photographs Of Earth:

Look Up (Preview):

Spread for the Holidays (promo):

True Solfeggio Promo Highlight:

Win without a lawyer:

This video was posted to a telegram group, I have no link to it. It was created by "Celebrate Truth" and is an excellent video to show to our falsely indoctrinated children. Thank you to Celebrate Truth for this video.

Win without a lawyer:

I just could not help myself this morning. This is so obvious to me, trying to get the word out to all my world wide brothers and sisters. Now it is our turn, to take back our freedoms.


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