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Event held at Greenville, South Carolina, Shriners Convention Center. Thanks Karen B for all of your hard work! The whole event can be streamed from her Channel here:

I'm already looking forward to the next event. Will it be in Virginia Beach?

The Russian Federation is not as good as NASA or Fakex. Watch for yourself. Thanks DITRH:

Please look into your children's school policy for COVID-1984. If you disagree with it, put them on notice and get some answers. Many Psychologists are coming out and saying, that these measures will cause irreparable, long-term psychological damage to young children. The younger they are, the severity of damage is increased. These are OUR children, not theirs!

In the same line of thought, please don't do these things in your home either. Our children look upon us to provide proper guidance. It's our job to do the research and find the right answers. TV is a very BAD source for good information, mainstream media is the main source for this mess, and many others.

The FRAUD continues on the masses by the few. Wake the FU%K up!

Thanks to the Bloody Truth Bit Chute Channel for this video, Link:

Virginia Beach School COVID Policy and General stuff.

To be able, in law, to make a huge difference for you, your family and loved ones, I recommend using Lena's Notice of Liability and Notice of Default/Dishonor, that I mentioned. I am currently going through this process. See these two websites for more information:

Lena's website:
Lena's Patreon:

Some things are better left to video to show the insanity that we are supposed to beLIEve. Turn off the dumb dumb box in your living room. Be kind to everyone, enjoy the beauty of nature, embrace natural law and by all means, defend yourself with whatever means necessary. This will get worse before it gets better, it will get better! Light always triumphs over darkness, these days will pass.

It's nice to see a beautiful sky for a change. I did not see any evidence what so ever of geo-engineering the entire day. No complaints on my part. Please, leave a comment about your observations of the sky, where you live from Thursday 15 Oct 2020.

Of all the creepy past things like, fondling little girls on stage, plagiarizing college papers, plagiarizing Senate campaign speeches, lying about it all, does it surprise you to know he lied about Barisma? No............ why should it? Joe is a creepy, dishonest lying dude. VOTE JOE 2020!

Video from Greg Reese, I mirrored from FE Overland's BitChute Channel, Link:

David's take on what the hell is going on around the world. Mirrored from his BitChute Channel, Link:

I thought Polio was eradicated in the 1950's. What the hell is going on? Oh......that's right, Kill & Melinda Gates are involved! Them along with their Foundations, need to be held to account for their actions by a public trial of their peers. Public executions if so found. It's time to haul out the trash, and take back OUR humanity!

What is Kill doing wearing a stethoscope? Oh.........that's right, he plays a doctor on TV.

Link to this article:

There are several links imbedded in this article. It's a good read to inform yourself.

Mike Adams, AKA the Health Ranger has the right outlook in my opinion (as well as many many others) that mandatory vaccines are a form of Medical Rape. Therefore, a violent act against one, without one's consent. What do we do when confronting an unlawful violent act against us? We use any force, including lethal force if necessary, in self defense.

This short video is embedded in this interesting article, worth your time to read, link:

Thanks Mike! AKA Health Ranger.

Talking about the Trump/Biden scrap, government in general and our true selves.

James discusses the strategies the "Authorities" (Funded by big Pharma) are using, to deal with people who use critical, independent thinking to decide if they will participate in the huge vaccine drive that is coming. Thanks James! mirrored from is YT channel, video link:
Other particulars:

The WHO has made a handy-dandy guide on how to debate vaccine deniers. Today on #PropagandaWatch, James delves into the document and examines its ideas.

This video was recorded at an Aug 11 health forum in New York. Mirrored from YT channel The Real Truth About Health, link:

YouTube Test.......You Suck!

Great video provided by Academy of Ideas YT Channel. Link:

This is a typical example of how MSM is trying to discourage Men/Woman from finding out who and what we are under the laws of our Nation. Law Enforcement and the media are trying to keep us as stupid as the government school systems have promoted us to be. WAKE UP AMERICA!

I am not going to leave a link for this video. You can find similar videos everywhere, unfortunately. They are promoted, advertised, paid for, distributed and never censored. Does that tell you anything?

Yusef El narrates in great detail, and with graphic clarity what is actually happening in a case that has been, and continues to be sighted today in courtrooms all across this Nation.

High Frequency Radio YT link to video:

Common misconceptions explained in plain English.

Mirrored from:

Explaining what it means, and how to become a State National, thanks Yusef El!

High Frequency Radio YT video link:

Joe says some interesting things, however, is he actually saying them? He don't know, he forgot.

Credit goes again to Sky News Australia YT link:

Things are not always as we're told. Here is my take on what we hear from the "news"

Again from Sky News Australia YT link:

Sleepy Joe, Trump and the Republic.
If Joe wins, we really have some sheeple living among us.

Video taken from YT Sky News Australia, link:

PLEASE MIRROR AND SHARE EVERYWHERE. {Downloaded from"A Warrior Calls"}

Scientists Have Utterly Failed to Prove that the Coronavirus Fulfills Koch’s Postulates:

Dr Birx - HALF of Covid positive tests...are FALSE POSITIVES (and CDC now admits it):


Bulgarian Pathology Association, PCR Tests are scientifically meaningless::

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