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This morning's Barre Ballet drills

Back being a hanging bat [1080p60]

Mad Max Rubber Band work

First Ballet mobile Barre test run. So practical, pt 2

First Ballet mobile Barre test run. So practical,

My ultimate balancing and docility strengthening movement is this.

Complete fold up static squat positioning form while being cute

Choke on it so called manly tough dudes. Double bodyweight sled pulls

Knee over toe type light weight prep squats and split squats

Near absolute full range of motion ATG Zercher Squat 225lbs at 165 lb bodyweight

Twirls, and spins with disco balls. LOL.

Turbo Twirls and Flutter jumps

Barre hip and twirl work

Like me Zercher ATG squats.

Extensive Barre and successful jump work

Early morning Barre, degage, plie, ronde and jump work.

Notice in your life the crucial value of non fatal mistakes, errors, failures you mostly do because of naivety.
For me in this context, trying to jump vertically while maintaining tight, narrow, and graceful ballet like air position is quite a feat to achieve. But watch video of this on how extremely docile I am at mitigating potential fall injury. Fun as heck.

"Have a good day" She says

She says " sure you can Rich. "

Working post work early morning ballet basics

Male ballet work basics

4 am sled pulls

Q&A long morning walk part 2. Neotech, Objectivism, Propertarianism, Psychology is the weapon, business is the battlefield

Q&A long morning walk part 1. Neotech, Objectivism, Propertarianism, Psychology is the weapon

Assistive ATQ squats prior to 500lbs farmers walk, part 3

Assistive ATQ squats prior to 500lbs farmers walk, part 2


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I want to make something perfectly FKing clear for those on my page who's sensibilities are easily offended. I don't give a flying fk about your feelings on what I wear when I'm on MY party workout time period. Super fking clear enough for you?
In the context of my extensive real Cirque Du Soleil / artistic / burlesque / rave underground history experiences, about once a week, I squeeze in tight, shiny, form fitting, and sexy as FK clothing in my preferred way to party at MY home, while multitasking great workouts.
I can easily PISS on your pages all day if I thought it would benefit y'all. I prefer using a toilet. But sure go ahead. Try to piss on mine and find out quickly how I manage y'all.

I seek and do self-knowledge
of my whole person, not just my mind.

I maintain my fit body by doing strength & mobility training.

I do this mostly in a former small dairy farm barn DIY gym witch you can partly see in my photos and videos.

While doing my day job, I use my various online platforms to make the world a better place.
They are optimizations like biohacking, HOT, BHRT, Nootropics, peptides, NIR light therapy, hot and cold exposure, and smart strategic strength training and mobility.

I seek a FELIPINA lady who appreciates the above and wants to join me in spreading and doing life enhancing self optimizing lifestyle.

I'm an extrovert to say the least. You must not mind that.
I'm extremely verbally adroit and competent in the english language. Less so in french, even though it's my native tongue.

I'm a high energy person who knows full well how to use my emotions including anger in a PRODUCTIVE way.

I live in the Alexandria Ontario St Justine de Newton, St Telesphore Quebec area. I moved out of the Montreal area to have much better quality and FREEDOM of life.

I have one major regret. I wasted decades by being a party animal. No more of that ever.
Now, my mindset is completely different. I now do economic, social, political, cultural, personal and freedom protection prepping.

My friends, community and TRIBE say I'm intense, a self leader, never boring, chatterbox, and VALUABLE to be around with.

Please, ask any questions about me, my universe and why and how we could be well enough compatible.

If you like the above well enough, let’s connect and meet.

I will ignore you completely from now on if you try using FB messenger to contact me. It's direct spying by the Cabal of me which increases my chances of being banned again.
Use this one link to reach me from now on, or I ban you with zero regret. https://linktr.ee/optimizationcoachhttps://linktr.ee/optimizationcoach